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The secular variations of cosmic ray cutoff rigidities, caused by century variations in geomagnetic field, and cosmic ray variations

L. Dorman, B. Gvozdevsky, A. Belov, R. Gushchina, E. Eroshenko, M. Preobrazhensky, V. Yanke

in 35th International Cosmic Ray Conference

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Vertical rigidities of geomagnetic cutoff are obtained for world neutron monitor network with annual resolution for the period of 1950-2020 by the method of trajectory calculations with the model International Geomagnetic Reference Field. Results of the computations show the total decrease of the cut off rigidities in the majority points which is caused by a decrease of the total geomagnetic field during this period. The prognosis of planetary distribution of the cut off rigidities is made up to 2050.