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Spatial and energy distributions of high energy electron bursts caused by precipitations from the inner radiation belt

S. Aleksandrin, A. Galper, S. Koldashov, V. Mikhailov, T. Zharaspayev

in 35th International Cosmic Ray Conference

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This work is devoted to the analysis of experimental data of high-energy electron flux in the near-Earth space. The data were obtained during the ARINA and VSPLESK satellite experiments. The ARINA and VSPLESK spectrometers measured the fluxes of electrons and protons with energies of 3-30 MeV and 30-100 MeV respectively. The ARINA was carried out since 2006 till 2016 on board the Resurs-DK1 satellite. The VSPLESK was carried out since 2008 till 2013 on board the International Space Station. The goal of these experiments was to study the physics origin of high-energy charged particle variations and bursts (short term increases of fluxes). Spatial distributions and energy spectra of high-energy electron busts caused by various local geophysical phenomena were analyzed.