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The Characteristics of Global Shallow-Source Seismicities Associated with Solar Activities in Different Time Scales

X.X. Yu, C.L. Jin, Z.H. An

in 35th International Cosmic Ray Conference

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Here we report the characteristics of global shallow-source seismicities associated with solar activities in different time scales during the past 10 solar cycle periods (1902-2008). By using Lomb-Scargle spectrum analyses, about 11 years period exists in the number of earthquakes (4≤M<5, about 190,000 earthquakes). In decadal time scale, higher number and released energy from earthquakes occurred around descending phases than ascending phases of solar cycle. Furthermore, higher number and more energy from earthquakes occurred around one year before and after minimum year (m±1) and max-imum year (M±1) of sunspots number.