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Solar-Heliospheric Physics

D. Ruffolo

in 35th International Cosmic Ray Conference

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This rapporteur paper summarizes the 99 presentations on solar-heliospheric physics at the 35th International Cosmic Ray Conference. These spanned a dizzying array of physical phenomena, especially time-dependent phenomena associated with solar storms, the 27-day solar rotation, the $\sim$11-year sunspot cycle, and the $\sim$22-year solar magnetic cycle. There was also work on composition-dependent effects and cosmic ray anisotropy involving transport effects. Topics included ground- and space-based instrumentation, solar energetic particles from solar storms (ranging from keV-range seed particles to GeV-range accelerated particles), interplanetary transport of energetic particles, Earth's radiation environment (including space weather and other effects of cosmic rays at Earth), the sun shadow in TeV-range Galactic cosmic rays (GCRs), and solar modulation of GCRs with the sunspot cycle and solar magnetic cycle.