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Cosmogenic isotopes Be-7, Be-10, C-14, Na-22 and Cl-36 in the atmosphere: Altitudinal profiles of yield functions

S. Poluianov, G. Kovaltsov, A. Mishev, I. Usoskin

in 35th International Cosmic Ray Conference

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Production of isotopes by cosmic rays in the Earth’s atmosphere plays a key role in many studies in solar physics, geophysics, archeology and other fields. For those purposes, precise quantitative modeling of their production is crucial, and high-resolution altitudinal profiles of production rates are in high demand. Here we present detailed and consistent yield functions of isotopes Be-7, Be-10, C-14, Na-22 and Cl-36 produced by energetic particles in the atmosphere. Comparison
of reconstructions of the Be-10 deposition flux in 1951-2013 and around 775 AD with ice core measurements is shown for illustration of application of our yield functions.