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Observations with the Mini Neutron Monitor at Sierra Negra, Mexico

A. Lara, R.A. Caballero-Lopez

in 35th International Cosmic Ray Conference

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In this study we analyze the observations with the Mini Neutron Monitor (miniNM) located at Sierra Negra, Mexico. This relatively new cosmic-ray detector is the mobile version of the standard NM64. There are about seven of these instruments around the world. The miniNM at Sierra Negra is the highest located miniNM (≈ 626 mb, 4100 m a.s.l.), and with the cutoff rigidity of approximately 7.9 GV. It is in the same place as the HAWC observatory, and has been in operation since September 2014. In this work we applied recently published analysis of the yield function and barometric coefficient for the minNM ([1]; [2]), to model the high altitude cosmic-ray observations at Sierra Negra.