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Galactic Cosmic Ray Energy Spectrum for Fe from ~0.8 to ~10 GeV/nuc with the SuperTIGER Instrument

A. Labrador, B. Robert, B. Richard, B. Terri, D. Paul, H. Thomas, I. Martin, L. Jason, M. Richard, M. John, M. Ryan, R. Brian, S. Kenichi, S. Makoto, S. Edward, W. Jake, W. John, W. Mark

in 35th International Cosmic Ray Conference

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SuperTIGER (Trans-Iron Galactic Element Recorder) is a large-area balloon-borne instrument built to measure the galactic cosmic-ray abundances of elements from Z=10 (Ne) through Z=56 (Ba) at energies from 0.8 to ~10 GeV/nuc. SuperTIGER successfully flew around Antarctica for a record-breaking 55 days, from December 8, 2012 to February 1, 2013. In this paper, we present results of an analysis of the data taken during the flight for Fe (Z=26). We report on energy calibrations and instrumental and atmospheric corrections to obtain cosmic ray intensities vs. energy, and we will compare selected SuperTIGER galactic cosmic ray Fe spectrum with those from ACE/SIS during the time of the SuperTIGER flight.