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Neutron flux measurement using fast-neutron activation of $^{12}B$ and $^{12}N$ isotopes in hydrocarbonate scintillators

M. Boliev, M. Kochkarov, Y. Novoseltsev, R. Novoseltseva, V. Petkov

in 35th International Cosmic Ray Conference

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We measured the production of $^{12}B$ and $^{12}N$ in the organic liquid scintillator. The delayed coincidence method has been used to determine the production of unstable isotopes. These isotopes are critical in understanding background in underground detectors used for rare events search. They are produced by cosmogenic-neutron interactions in the detectors. The production rates were measured at Baksan Underground Scintillation Telescope (BUST). Then we use the measured isotope production rate to estimate the cosmogenic neutron flux. Some preliminary results and comparisons with the Monte-Carlo simulations are presented.