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Geant4 simulation of sFLASH experiment

J. Huang, for sFLASH collaboration

in 35th International Cosmic Ray Conference

Contribution: pdf


The goal of Super Fluorescence Air SHower (sFLASH) is to reduce the current fluo-rescence yield systematic uncertainty to improve energy measurement of ultra-high en-ergy cosmic rays. The experiment was performed at SLAC National Accelerator Labora-tory to measure the air fluorescence yield from extensive air showers. A set of alumina bricks as the target is placed in front of the beam pipe to generate a cascade in the bricks. When the charged particles of cascade escape from the target, they excite the air atoms and emit the fluorescence. Several photon multipliers collect the fluorescence in the dark room to estimate the fluorescence yield. In this simulation, the proper geometry of this experiment is built with Geant4 which, which is the simulation toolkit for high energy particle interaction. We extract the fluorescence yield by giving the real geometry of the experiment with the simulation output of energy deposition of a cascade.