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Performance of the ISS-CREAM Calorimeter

N. Picot Clemente

in 35th International Cosmic Ray Conference

Contribution: pdf


The Cosmic Ray Energetics And Mass experiment for the International Space Station (ISS-
CREAM) is scheduled for launch in 2017. It is designed to directly measure and identify the
elemental composition of incident Galactic cosmic rays from a few hundred GeV to PeV energies.
Such large energy range sensitivity is reached by using an electromagnetic sampling calorimeter
(CAL) which measures the energy deposit of particle-induced showers. The CAL is composed
of twenty layers of tungsten plates interleaved with scintillating fibers, and glued together using
epoxy-coated fiberglass to comply with space launch requirements. In August 2015, beam test
measurements were performed at CERN to verify the performance of the CAL using layers of
epoxy-coated fiberglass placed between tungsten plates. The CAL response to electron and pion
beams and its performance are reported and compared with previous beam test configurations.