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Galactic cosmic nuclei and leptons with USINE

M. Boudaud, D.A. Maurin

in 35th International Cosmic Ray Conference

Contribution: pdf


USINE is a C++ toolbox for the propagation of Galactic cosmic rays (GCRs). Starting from CR properties (list of nuclei and their properties, interaction cross-sections) and Galactic ingredients (source spectra, interstellar medium, radiation field, etc.), several semi-analytical propagation models are available (1D and 2D). Non-public versions of USINE were used during the last decade to determine the transport parameters, to study radioactive nuclei, and to test a possible dark matter contribution in antinuclei. This poster illustrates USINE usefulness both as a pedagogic and as a research tool. While preparing for an overdue public release, we are also implementing the recently developed `pinching method' to have electrons and positrons in USINE.