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Hyperons Interaction Mediated by Strange Mesons and the Structure of Massive ProtoNeutron Stars

X. Mu, H. Jia, X. Zhou

in 35th International Cosmic Ray Conference

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Cosmic ray particles can be accelerated in the supernova. A protoneutron star is formed in a few seconds after the supernova explosion of a massive star. Neutron stars may be one of cosmic ray sources. Therefore, the study of structure of protoneutron stars is significant to investigating the origin and acceleration of cosmic rays. The hyperons interaction mediated by strange mesons and the structure of massive protoneutron stars are studied in the framework of the relativistic mean field theory. It is found that the strange mesons and suppress the generation of hyperons in the protoneutron star matter. The temperature of the protoneutron star matter with and mesons shows to be higher than that without them, and the equation of state is stiffer. The structure of the protoneutron star corresponding to the mass of PSR J0348+0432 are also presented.