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Overview on pentaquarks

B. Dey, on behalf of the LHCb collaboration

in The 15th International Conference on Flavor Physics & CP Violation

Contribution: pdf


An overview of the exotic pentaquark states is provided, from early searches in $KN$ scattering experiments in the 1970's to the now-debunked $\Theta^+(1540)$ in the early 2000's, to the discovery two resonances consistent with pentaquark states by LHCb in 2015. We review the full angular analysis of $\Lambda^0_b\to J/\psi K^-p$ that led to affirmation of the resonant nature of the $P_c^+(4450)$ and $P_c^+(4380)$ pentaquark candidates. We summarize the latest results, ongoing work and future prospects for other pentaquark searches at LHCb.