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Search for dark forces in flavor experiments

T. Czank, On behalf of the BELLE Collaboration

in The 15th International Conference on Flavor Physics & CP Violation

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The search for dark forces in flavor experiments is motivated by the lack of direct detection results, that were initially fueled by astronomical observations, such as gravitational lensing and CMB oscillations involving the Galaxy rotation problem, in which visible elements farther from the Galaxy center rotate with the same speed or faster than those close to the center. Besides the direct detection attempts, the long proposed model of WIMP (Weakly Interacting Massive Particle) as a dark matter candidate has not been fruitful yet. These shortcomings have allowed for new trial models such as portal interactions through new mediators that mix with SM ones, the dark photon, the right handed neutrino or the axiom, to be probed in the range of flavor experiments.