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Theoretical Advanced Study Institute Summer School 2017 "Physics at the Fundamental Frontier"

4 June - 1 July 2017
Boulder, Colorado
published September 13, 2018
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The school "Physics at the Fundamental Frontier" included comprehensive series of lectures at the cutting edge of formal high-energy theory.The lectures provided in-depth coverage of quantum field theory, string theory and quantum gravity, and of the relations between these subjects. Additional lectures presented overviews of the recent advances in particle and collider physics, as well as gravitational physics and cosmology. The lectures, which were given over a period of four weeks, were attended primarily by the advanced graduate students specializing in theoretical high-energy physics at major universities in the US and abroad. The students also made research presentations and participated actively in the organized discussion sessions.

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Weeks 1-4
Introduction to Gauge/Gravity Duality
PoS(TASI2017)001 pdf J. Erdmenger
TASI Lectures on the Emergence of Bulk Physics in AdS/CFT
PoS(TASI2017)002 pdf D. Harlow
Aspects of Two-Dimensional Conformal Field Theories
PoS(TASI2017)003 pdf X. Yin
TASI Lectures on Large $N$ Tensor Models
PoS(TASI2017)004 pdf I.R. Klebanov, F. Popov and G. Tarnopolsky
What Have We Learned From the LHC?
PoS(TASI2017)005 pdf T. LeCompte
Lectures on non-equilibrium effective field theories and fluctuating hydrodynamics
PoS(TASI2017)008 pdf H. Liu and P. Glorioso
Primordial Cosmology
PoS(TASI2017)009 pdf D. Baumann
TASI Lectures on Moonshine
PoS(TASI2017)010 pdf M. Cheng and V. Anagiannis
Entanglement in Field Theory and Holography
PoS(TASI2017)012 pdf M. Headrick
TASI Lectures on Geometric Tools for String Compactifications
PoS(TASI2017)013 pdf L. Anderson and M. Karkheiran
TASI Lectures on Applications of Gauge/Gravity Duality
PoS(TASI2017)014 pdf O. DeWolfe
The String Landscape, the Swampland, and the Missing Corner
PoS(TASI2017)015 pdf C. Vafa, T.D. Brennan and F. Carta
PoS(TASI2017)016 pdf T. Weigand
A Brief Introduction to Particle Physics
PoS(TASI2017)018 pdf L. Wang
TASI Lectures on Remnants from the String Landscape
PoS(TASI2017)019 pdf J. Halverson and P. Langacker
TASI Lectures on Abelian and Discrete Symmetries in F-theory
PoS(TASI2017)020 pdf M. Cvetic and L. Lin