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Volume 306 - XII Multifrequency Behaviour of High Energy Cosmic Sources Workshop (MULTIF2017) - Astrophysics of High Energy Cosmic Sources
Evolutions of Neutron Stars and their Magnetic Fields
G. Bisnovatyi-Kogan
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Pre-published on: 2018 April 19
Published on: 2018 May 30
Estimations of magnetic fields of neutron stars, observed as radio and X-ray pulsars, are discussed. It is shown, that theoretical and observational values for different types of radio pulsars are in good correspondence. Radio pulsars in close binaries and millisecond pulsars, which have passed the stage of disk accretion (recycled radio pulsars), have magnetic fields 2-4 orders of magnitude smaller than ordinary single pulsars. Most probably, the magnetic field of the neutron star was screened by the infalling material. Several screening models are considered. Formation of single recycled pulsars loosing its companion is discussed. Magnetic fields of some X-ray pulsars are estimated from the cyclotron line energy. In the case of Her X-1 this estimation exceeds considerably the value of its magnetic field obtained from long term observational data related to the beam structure evolution. Another interpretation of the cyclotron feature, based on the relativistic dipole radiation mechanism, could remove this discrepancy. Observational data about soft gamma repeaters and their interpretation as magnetars are critically analyzed.
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