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Volume 312 - 7th International Fermi Symposium (IFS2017) - Session Other Transients
Fast Radio Bursts - implications for Fermi and future prospects
M. Caleb
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Published on: 2017 December 12
The recent development of sensitive, high time resolution instruments at radio telescopes has enabled the discovery of millisecond duration fast radio bursts (FRBs). The FRB class encompasses a number of single pulses, many unique in their own way, so far hindering the development of a consensus for their origin. The key to demystifying FRBs lies in discovering many of them in realtime in order to localise them and identity commonalities. Despite rigorous follow-up, only one FRB has been seen to repeat suggesting the possibility of there being two independent classes of FRBs and thus two classes of possible progenitors. This paper discusses recent developments in the field, the FRB-GRB connection, some of the open questions in FRB astronomy and how the next generation telescopes are vital in the quest to understand this enigmatic population.
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