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Volume 312 - 7th International Fermi Symposium (IFS2017) - Session The Sun and the Neutrino-Gamma Connection
Search for GeV neutrinos associated with solar flares with IceCube
G. De Wasseige* on behalf of the IceCube Collaboration
*corresponding author
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Published on: 2017 December 12
Solar flare neutrinos from the decay of mesons produced in collisions of accelerated ions from the
solar atmosphere are expected with energies of O(MeV-GeV). The study of such neutrinos, combined
with existing gamma-ray observations by the Fermi Large Area Telescope (LAT), would
provide a novel window to the underlying physics of the acceleration process. The IceCube Neutrino
Observatory may be sensitive to solar flare neutrinos and therefore provides a possibility to
measure the signal or establish more stringent upper limits on the solar flare neutrino flux. A new
approach dedicated to low energy neutrinos coming from transient events will be presented. It
combines a time profile analysis and an optimized selection of solar flare events based on Fermi-
LAT observations, significantly lowering the energy threshold of IceCube, which was initially
designed to detect neutrinos with energies O(100 GeV) and above.
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