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Topical Workshop on Electronics for Particle Physics

TWEPP-17 - (other twepp conferences)
11 - 14 September 2017
Santa Cruz, California
published March 20, 2018
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The workshop will cover all aspects of electronics for particle physics experiments, and accelerator instrumentation of general interest to users.

LHC experiments (and their operational experience) will remain a focus of the meeting but a strong emphasis on R&D for future experimentation will be maintained, such as SLHC, CLIC, ILC, neutrino facilities as well as other particle and astroparticle physics experiments.

The purpose of the workshop is :

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Optoelectronics and Links
Packaging and Interconnects
Power Grounding and Shielding
Production Testing and Reliability
Programmable Logic Design Tools and Methods
Radiation Tolerant Components and Systems
Systems Planning Installation Commissioning and Running Experience
CBC3: a CMS microstrip readout ASIC with logic for track-trigger modules at HL-LHC
PoS(TWEPP-17)001 pdf M. Prydderch, S. Bell, D. Braga, L. Jones, M. Key-Charriere, G. Auzinger, J. Borg, G. Hall, M. Pesaresi, M. Raymond, K. Uchida, J. Goldstein and S.S.E. Nasr
A 2.56 GHz Radiation Hard Phase Locked Loop ASIC for High Speed Serial Communication Links
PoS(TWEPP-17)002 pdf J. Prinzie, M. Steyaert, P. Moreira and P. Leroux
Characterization of a 9-Decade Femtoampere ASIC Front-End for Radiation Monitoring
PoS(TWEPP-17)003 pdf E. Voulgari, M. Noy, F. Anghinolfi, D. Perrin, F. Krummenacher and M. Kayal
An 8-Channel ASD in 130 nm CMOS for ATLAS Muon Drift Tube Readout at the HL-LHC
PoS(TWEPP-17)004 pdf M. Fras, S. Abovyan, V. Danielyan, H. Kroha, S. Nowak, R. Richter, B. Weber, Y. Zhao, A. Baschirotto, M. De Matteis and F. Resta
Development of a Large Pixel Chip Demonstrator in RD53 for ATLAS and CMS Upgrades
PoS(TWEPP-17)005 pdf
E. Conti,  on behalf of the RD53 Collaboration, M. Barbero, D. Fougeron, S. Godiot, M. Menouni, P. Pangaud, R. Alexandre, P. Breugnon, M. Bomben, G. Calderini, F. Crescioli, O. Le Dortz, G. Marchiori, D. Dzahini, F.E. Rarbi, R. Gaglione, T. Hemperek, F. Huegging, H. Krueger, P. Rymaszewski, M. Vogt, T. Wang, N. Wermes, M. Karagounis, F. Ciciriello, F. Corsi, C. Marzocca, G. De Robertis, F. Loddo, F. Licciulli, A. Andreazza, V. Liberali, A. Stabile, L. Frontini, M. Bagatin, D. Bisello, S. Gerardin, S. Mattiazzo, A. Paccagnella, D. Vogrig, S. Bonaldo, N. Bacchetta, F. De Canio, L. Gaioni, M. Manghisoni, V. Re, E. Riceputi, G. Traversi, L. Ratti, C. Vacchi, K. Androsov, R. Beccherle, G. Magazzu, M. Minuti, F. Morsani, F. Palla, S. Poulios, G.M. Bilei, M. Menichelli, P. Placidi, S. Marconi, G. Dellacasa, N. Demaria, G. Mazza, E. Monteil, L. Pacher, A. Rivetti, M.D. Da Rocha Rolo, A. Paternò, D. Gajanna, V. Gromov, B. Van Eijk, R. Kluit, A. Vitkovskiy, T. Benka, M. Havranek, Z. Janoska, M. Marcisovsky, G. Neue, L. Tomasek, V. Kafka, V. Vrba, E. Lopez-Morillo, F.R. Palomo, F. Munoz, I. Vila, E. Jiménez, D. Abbaneo, J. Christiansen, S. Orfanelli, L.M. Jara Casas, S.J.M. Bell, M. Prydderch, S. Thomas, D.C. Christian, G. Deptuch, F. Fahim, J. Hoff, T. Zimmerman, S. Miryala, M. Garcia-Sciveres, D. Gnani, A. Krieger, K. Papadopoulou, T. Heim, R. Carney, B. Nachman, C. Renteira, V. Wallangen, M.R. Hoeferkamp and S. Seidel
“ALTIROC0, a 20 pico-second time resolution ASIC for the ATLAS High Granularity Timing Detector (HGTD)”
PoS(TWEPP-17)006 pdf C. De La Taille, S. Callier, S. Conforti Di Lorenzo, N. Seguin-Moreau, P. Dinaucourt, G. Martin-Chassard, C. Agapopoulou, N. Makovec, L. Serin and S. Simion
A 2 Gsps Waveform Digitizer ASIC in CMOS 180 nm Technology
PoS(TWEPP-17)007 pdf J. Qin, L. Zhao, Y. Guo, B. Cheng, Y. Lu, H. Chen, S. Liu and Q. An
Characterization Measurement Results of MuTRiG - A Silicon Photomultiplier Readout ASIC with High Timing Precision and High Event Rate Capability
PoS(TWEPP-17)008 pdf H. Chen, W. Shen, K. Briggl, V. Stankova, Y. Munwes, D. Schimansky and H.C. Schultz-Coulon
ALICE SAMPA-ASIC Second-Prototype Qualification Studies for LHC Run 3 and Beyond
PoS(TWEPP-17)010 pdf G.J. Tambave and  on behalf of the ALICE collaboration
Characterization of SLVS Driver and Receiver in a 65 nm CMOS Technology for High Energy Physics Applications
PoS(TWEPP-17)014 pdf F. De Canio, L. Gaioni, M. Manghisoni, L. Ratti, V. Re and G. Traversi
MATISSE: a Low Power Front-End Electronics for MAPS Characterization
PoS(TWEPP-17)016 pdf E.J. Olave, S. Mattiazzo, S. Panati, F. Cossio, A. Rivetti, D. Pantano, N. Demaria, L. Pancheri, P. Giubilato and M.D. Da Rocha Rolo
A Digital Processing Unit of a Highly Integrated Receiver Chip for PMTs in JUNO
PoS(TWEPP-17)019 pdf P. Muralidharan, V. Christ, C. Grewing, M. Karagounis, A. Kruth, D. Liebau, D. Nielinger, N. Parkalian, M. Robens, C. Roth, J. Steinmann, S. van Waasen, U. Yegin and A. Zambanini
Design and Test of a 65nm CMOS Front-End with Zero Dead Time for Next Generation Pixel Detectors
PoS(TWEPP-17)021 pdf L. Gaioni, D. Braga, D.C. Christian, G. Deptuch, F. Fahim, B. Nodari, L. Ratti, V. Re and T.N. Zimmerman
CAcT$\mu$S: High-Voltage CMOS Monolithic Active Pixel Sensor for Tracking and Time Tagging of Charged Particles
PoS(TWEPP-17)023 pdf F. Guilloux, F. Balli, Y. Degerli, M. Elhosni, C. Guyot, T. Hemperek, M. Lachkar, J.P. Meyer, A. Ouraou, P. Schwemling and M. Vandenbroucke
Results from CHIPIX-FE0, a Small-Scale Prototype of a New Generation Pixel Readout ASIC in 65 nm CMOS for HL-LHC
PoS(TWEPP-17)024 pdf
L. Pacher, E. Monteil, A. Paternò, S. Panati, N. Demaria, A. Rivetti, M.D. Da Rocha Rolo, G. Dellacasa, G. Mazza, F. Rotondo, R. Wheadon, F. Loddo, F. Licciulli, F. Ciciriello, C. Marzocca, L. Gaioni, G. Traversi, V. Re, F. De Canio, L. Ratti, S. Marconi, P. Placidi, G. Magazzu', A. Stabile and S. Mattiazzo
ASICs and Readout System for a multi Mpixel single photon UV imaging detector capable of space applications
PoS(TWEPP-17)025 pdf A. Seljak, G. Varner, J. Vallerga, R. Raffanti, C. Ertley and V. Virta
Prototype Chip for a Control System in a Serial Powered Pixel Detector at the ATLAS Phase II Upgrade
PoS(TWEPP-17)026 pdf N. Lehmann, R. Ahmad, P. Bergmann, T. Fröse, M. Karagounis, S. Kersten, P. Kind, Y. Narbutt, J. Schick and C. Zeitnitz
Laboratory and Beam Test Results of TOFFEE ASIC and Ultra Fast Silicon Detectors
PoS(TWEPP-17)028 pdf R. Arcidiacono, N. Cartiglia, F. Cenna, M.D. Da Rocha Rolo, A. Di Francesco, F. Fausti, M. Mignone, E. Olave, J.C. Rastreiro Da Silva, A. Rivetti, R. Silva and J. Varela
Design and characterization of the monolithic matrices of the H35DEMO chip
PoS(TWEPP-17)029 pdf R. Casanova Mohr, E. Cavallaro, F. Föster, S. Grinstein, I. Peric, C. Puigdengoles, S. Terzo and E. Vilella
KLauS4: A Multi-Channel SiPM Charge Readout ASIC in 0.18µm UMC CMOS Technology
PoS(TWEPP-17)030 pdf K. Briggl, Z. Yuan, H. Chen, Y. Munwes, W. Shen, V. Stankova and H.C. Schultz-Coulon
Short-Strip ASIC (SSA): A 65nm Silicon-Strip Readout ASIC for the Pixel-Strip (PS) Module of the CMS Outer Tracker Detector Upgrade at HL-LHC
PoS(TWEPP-17)031 pdf A. Caratelli, D. Ceresa, J. Kaplon, K. Kloukinas, Y. Leblebici, J. Murdzek and S. Scarfi
Design and simulation of a 65 nm Macro-Pixel Readout ASIC (MPA) for the Pixel-Strip (PS) Module of the CMS Outer Tracker Detector at the HL-LHC
PoS(TWEPP-17)032 pdf D. Ceresa, A. Caratelli, J. Kaplon, K. Kloukinas, J. Murdzek and S. Scarfi
Development of a Front-End ASIC for 1D Detectors with 12 MHz Frame-Rate
PoS(TWEPP-17)033 pdf L. Rota, C. Michele, M. Norbert Balzer, M. Weber, A. Mozzanica and B. Schmitt
Performance of CATIA ASIC, the APD readout chip foreseen for CMS Barrel ECAL electronics upgrade at HL-LHC
PoS(TWEPP-17)036 pdf P. Baron, M. Dejardin, O. Gevin, F. Guilloux and  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
Developments of Two High-speed Dual-channel VCSEL Driver ASICs
PoS(TWEPP-17)037 pdf W. Zhou, X. Sun, L. Xiao, D. Guo, Q. Sun, D. Gong, G. Huang, T. Liu, C. Liu and J. Ye
LAPA, a 5 Gb/s modular pseudo-LVDS driver in 180 nm CMOS with capacitively coupled pre-emphasis
PoS(TWEPP-17)038 pdf R. Cardella, I. Berdalović, N. Egidos Plaja, T. Kugathasan, C.A. Marin Tobon, H. Pernegger, P. Riedler and W. Snoeys
A Monolithic HV/HR-MAPS Detector with a Small Pixel Size of 50 µm x 50 µm for the ATLAS Inner Tracker Upgrade
PoS(TWEPP-17)039 pdf R. Casanova Mohr, G. Casse, S. Grinstein, E. Vilella and J. Voosebeld
A Low-Noise CMOS Pixel Direct Charge Sensor Topmetal-IIa for Low Background and Low Rate- Density Experiments
PoS(TWEPP-17)041 pdf M. An, C. Gao, G. Huang, J. Liu, Y. Mei, X. Sun, P. Yang and L.F. Xiao
A high-Precision Timing ASIC for TOF-PET Applications
PoS(TWEPP-17)043 pdf P. Valerio, M. Benoit, S. Bruno, A. Caltabiano, R. Cardarelli, D. Hayakawa, G. Iacobucci, L. Paolozzi and E. Ripiccini
Design and Characterization of the Readout ASIC for the BESIII CGEM Detector
PoS(TWEPP-17)044 pdf F. Cossio, M. Alexeev, R. Bugalho, J. Chai, W. Cheng, M.D. Da Rocha Rolo, A. Di Francesco, M. Greco, C. Leng, H. Li, M. Maggiora, S. Marcello, M. Mignone, A. Rivetti, J. Varela and R. Wheadon
Development of Depleted Monolithic Pixel Sensors in 150 nm CMOS technology for the ATLAS Inner Tracker Upgrade
PoS(TWEPP-17)045 pdf
P. Rymaszewski, M. Barbero, S. Bhat, P. Breugnon, I. Caicedo Sierra, Z. Chen, Y. Degerli, S. Godiot, F. Guilloux, C. Guyot, T. Hemperek, T. Hirono, F. Hügging, H. Krüger, M. Lachkar, P. Pangaud, R. Alexandre, P. Schwemling, M. Vandenbroucke, T. Wang and N. Wermes
Monolithic Pixel Development in 180 nm CMOS for the Outer Pixel Layers in the ATLAS Experiment
PoS(TWEPP-17)047 pdf
T. Kugathasan, R. Bates, C. Buttar, I. Berdalović, B. Blochet, R.C. Cardella, M. Dalla, N. Egidos Plaja, T. Hemperek, J.W. Van Hoorne, D. Maneuski, C.A. Marin Tobon, K. Moustakas, H. Mugnier, L. Musa, H. Pernegger, P. Riedler, C. Riegel, J. Rousset, C. Sbarra, D.M. Schaefer, E.J. Schioppa, A. Sharma, W. Snoeys, C. Solans Sanchez, T. Wang and N. Wermes
Optoelectronics and Links
The VTRx+, an Optical Link Module for Data Transmission at HL-LHC
PoS(TWEPP-17)048 pdf J. Troska, A. Brandon-Bravo, S. Detraz, A. Kraxner, L. Olantera, C. Scarcella, C. Sigaud, C. Soos and F. Vasey
DQM4HEP - A Generic Online Monitor for Particle Physics Experiments
PoS(TWEPP-17)050 pdf T. Coates, C. Chavez-Barajas, F. Salvatore, D. Cussans, R. Ete, A. Irles-Quiles, L. Mirabito, A. Pingault and M. Wing
Adaption of an FPGA-based Sampling-ADC for the Crystal Barrel Calorimeter
PoS(TWEPP-17)052 pdf J. Müllers, P. Marciniewski, T. Poller, C. Schmidt, J. Schultes and U. Thoma
CERN-IPMC Solution for AdvancedTCA Blades
PoS(TWEPP-17)053 pdf J.M. Mendez, V. Bobillier, S.L. Haas, M. Joos, S. Mico and F. Vasey
Packaging and Interconnects
Manufacturing experience and test results of the PS prototype flexible hybrid circuit of the CMS Tracker Upgrade
PoS(TWEPP-17)054 pdf M.I. Kovacs, G. Blanchot, T. Gadek, A. Honma and F. Vasey
Power Grounding and Shielding
Serial Powering Optimization for CMS and ATLAS Pixel Detectors within RD53 Collaboration for HL-LHC: System Level Simulations and Testing
PoS(TWEPP-17)055 pdf S. Orfanelli, J. Christiansen, M. Hamer, F. Hinterkeuser, M. Karagounis, A. Pradas Luengo, S. Marconi and D. Ruini
ATLAS ITk Short-Strip Stave Prototype Module with Integrated DCDC Powering and Control
PoS(TWEPP-17)056 pdf A. Greenall and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Low Voltage Powering of On-Detector Electronics for HL-LHC Experiments Upgrades
PoS(TWEPP-17)058 pdf V. Bobillier, P. Krohg, F. Vasey, S. Karmakar, M. Maity, S. Roy and T.K. Kundu
A 2.5V Step-Down DC-DC Converter for Two-Stages Power Distribution Systems
PoS(TWEPP-17)059 pdf G. Ripamonti, S. Michelis, F. Faccio, G. Blanchot, S. Saggini, R. Rizzolatti, M. Ursino, A. Koukab and M. Kayal
Production Testing and Reliability
The Development of Front-End Readout Electronics for ProtoDUNE-SP LAr TPC
PoS(TWEPP-17)060 pdf S. Gao, H.G. Berns, H. Chen, A. D'Andragora, J. Fried, D. Gastler, E. Hazen, W. Hou, S. Li, F. Liu, V. Radeka, E. Vernon, E. Worcester, M. Worcester, K. Yethiraj, B. Yu and J. Zhang
Quality Control Considerations for the Development of the Front End Hybrid Circuits for the CMS Outer Tracker Upgrade
PoS(TWEPP-17)061 pdf T. Gadek, G. Blanchot, J. Bonnaud, J. De Clercq, A. Honma, A. Koliatos, M. Kovacs and J. Luetic
Electrical and Functional Characterisation with Single Chips and Module Prototypes of the 1.2 Gb/s Serial Data Link of the Monolithic Active Pixel Sensor for the Upgrade of the ALICE Inner Tracking System.
PoS(TWEPP-17)062 pdf M. Bonora, M. Lupi, G. Aglieri Rinella, H. Hillemanns, D. Kim, T. Kugathasan, A. Lattuca, G. Mazza, K.M. Sielewicz, W. Snoeys and  on behalf of the ALICE collaboration
Quad Module Hybrid Development for the ATLAS Pixel Layer Upgrade
PoS(TWEPP-17)065 pdf K. Dunne, M. Garcia-Sciveres and T. Heim
Electromigration driven failures on miniature silver fuses at the Large Hadron Collider
PoS(TWEPP-17)066 pdf N. Trikoupis, J. Casas and A.T. Perez Fontenla
A Multi-Channel PCI Express Readout Board Proposal for the Pixel Upgrade at LHC
PoS(TWEPP-17)068 pdf A. Gabrielli, F. Alfonsi, G. D’Amen, N. Giangiacomi, G. Balbi, D. Falchieri, G. Pellegrini and R. Travaglini
Functional Tests of 2S Modules for the CMS Phase-2 Tracker Upgrade with a MicroTCA-Based Readout System
PoS(TWEPP-17)069 pdf L. Feld, W. Karpinski, K. Klein, M. Lipinski, M. Preuten and M. Rauch
ATLAS ITk Short-Strip Stave Prototypes with 130 nm Chipset
PoS(TWEPP-17)070 pdf P. Phillips, J. Dopke and C. Sawyer
Programmable Logic Design Tools and Methods
FED Firmware Interface Testing with Pixel Phase 1 Emulator
PoS(TWEPP-17)074 pdf M. Kilpatrick and  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
The FEROL40, a microTCA card interfacing custom point-to-point links and standard TCP/IP
PoS(TWEPP-17)075 pdf
D. Gigi, J.M. André, U. Behrens, J. Branson, O. Chaze, S. Cittolin, C. Contescu, D. Da Silva Gomes, G.L. Darlea, C. Deldicque, Z. Demiragli, M. Dobson, N. Doualot, S. Erhan, J.R. Fulcher, M. Gladki, F. Glege, G. Gomez-Ceballos, J. Hegeman, A. Holzner, M. Janulis, M. Lettrich, F. Meijers, E. Meschi, R. Mommsen, S. Morovic, V. O'Dell, S.J. Orn, L. Orsini, I. Papakrivopoulos, C. Paus, P. Petrova, A. Petrucci, M. Pieri, D. Rabady, A. Racz, T. Reis, H. Sakulin, C. Schwick, D. Simelevicius, C.V. Vazquez, M. Vougioukas and P. Zejdl
Upgrade of the YARR DAQ System for the ATLAS Phase-II Pixel Detector Readout Chip
PoS(TWEPP-17)076 pdf N.L. Whallon, T. Heim, M. Garcia-Sciveres, A. Sautaux, H. Oide, K.J. Potamianos and S.C. Hsu
Studies on the Readout of the ATLAS Inner Tracker 2 Using Commercial Networking HardwareStudies on the Readout of the ATLAS Inner Tracker Using Commercial Networking Hardware
PoS(TWEPP-17)077 pdf C. Duelsen, T. Flick, W. Wagner and M. Wensing
The New Version of the LHCb SOL40-SCA Core to Drive Front-End GBT-SCAs for the LHCb Upgrade
PoS(TWEPP-17)078 pdf J.V. Viana Barbosa, F. Alessio and C. Gaspar
Clock and Trigger Distribution for ALICE Using the CRU FPGA Card
PoS(TWEPP-17)080 pdf J. Imrek and  on behalf of the ALICE collaboration
DRM2: the Readout Board for the ALICE TOF Upgrade
PoS(TWEPP-17)081 pdf D. Falchieri and  on behalf of the ALICE collaboration
New slow-control FPGA IP for GBT based system and status update of the GBT-FPGA project
PoS(TWEPP-17)083 pdf J.M. Mendez, S. Baron, A. Caratelli and P.V. Leitao
Characterization and Verification Environment for the RD53A Pixel Readout Chip in 65 nm CMOS
PoS(TWEPP-17)084 pdf M. Vogt, H. Krüger, T. Hemperek, J. Janssen, D.L. Pohl and M. Daas
Radiation Tolerant Components and Systems
Radiation Hardness Studies and Evaluation of SRAM-Based FPGAs for High Energy Physics Experiments
PoS(TWEPP-17)085 pdf V.M. Placinta and L.N. Cojocariu
Fibre Optics Cabling Design for LHC Detectors Upgrade Using Variable Radiation Induced Attenuation Model
PoS(TWEPP-17)091 pdf M.A. Shoaie, J. Blanc, S. Machado and D. Ricci
Design and radiation tests on a LED based emergency evacuation directional lighting
PoS(TWEPP-17)092 pdf attachments J. Casas and N. Trikoupis
First irradiation test results of the ALICE SAMPA ASIC
PoS(TWEPP-17)093 pdf S.M. Mahmood, K. Roeed, F.L. Winje, A. Velure and  on behalf of the ALICE collaboration
Effect of Gamma Irradiation on Leakage Current in CMOS Read-out Chips for the ATLAS Upgrade Silicon Strip Tracker at the HL-LHC
PoS(TWEPP-17)094 pdf S.A. Stucci, R. Burns, D. Lynn, J. Kierstead, P. Kuczewski, G.J. van Nieuwenhuizen, G. Rosin and A. Tricoli
A study of SEU-tolerant latches for the RD53A chip
PoS(TWEPP-17)095 pdf D. Fougeron and  on behalf of the RD53 Collaboration
Measurements and Simulations of Single-Event Upsets in a 28-nm FPGA
PoS(TWEPP-17)096 pdf M. Preston, P.E. Tegnér, H. Calén, T. Johansson, K. Makónyi, P. Marciniewski, M. Kavatsyuk and P. Schakel
Systems Planning Installation Commissioning and Running Experience
Readout Electronics for the First Large HV-MAPS Chip for Mu3e
PoS(TWEPP-17)099 pdf
D. Wiedner, H.C. Augustin, N. Berger, S. Dittmeier, F. Ehrler, J. Hammerich, U. Hartenstein, A. Herkert, L. Huth, D. Immig, A. Kozlinskiy, J. Kröger, F. Meier Aeschbacher, A. Meneses-González, I. Peric, A.K. Perrevoort, M. Prathapan, A. Schöning, I. Sorokin, A. Tyukin, D. Vom Bruch, F. Wauters, A.L. Weber and M. Zimmermann
Next Generation ATCA Control Infrastructure for the CMS Phase-2 Upgrades
PoS(TWEPP-17)102 pdf M. Vicente, T. Gorski, A. Svetek, J. Tikalsky, R. Fobes, S. Dasu and W. Smith
ATLAS Phase-II Upgrade Pixel Data Transmission Development
PoS(TWEPP-17)103 pdf J. Nielsen and  on behalf of the ATLAS ITk project
Readout Electronics System of the CASCA Front-End Chip for the TPC Based X-Ray Polarimeter
PoS(TWEPP-17)104 pdf D. Wen, L. HengShuang, W. Dong and C. JunLin
Design of the New Front-End Electronics for the Readout of the Upgraded CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter for the HL-LHC
PoS(TWEPP-17)106 pdf S. Cometti,  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration and G. Mazza
Design studies for the off-detector electronics of the upgraded CMS Barrel calorimeter for the HL-LHC
PoS(TWEPP-17)107 pdf S. Goadhouse and N. Loukas
Electronics and Firmware of the Belle II Silicon Vertex Detector Readout System
PoS(TWEPP-17)109 pdf
R. Thalmeier, K. Adamczyk, H. Aihara, C. Angelini, T. Aziz, V. Babu, S. Bacher, S. Bahinipati, E. Barberio, T. Baroncelli, T. Baroncelli, A.K. Basith, G. Batignani, A. Bauer, P.K. Behera, T. Bergauer, S. Bettarini, B. Bhuyan, T. Bilka, F. Bosi, L. Bosisio, A. Bozek, F. Buchsteiner, L. Bulla, G. Caria, G. Casarosa, M. Ceccanti, D. Cervenkov, S.R. Chendvankar, N. Dash, G.D. Pietro, S.T. Divekar, Z. Doležal, D. Dutta, F. Forti, M. Friedl, B. Gobbo, K. Hara, T. Higuchi, T. Horiguchi, C. Irmler, A. Ishikawa, H.B. Jeon, C. Joo, J. Kandra, N. Kambara, K.H. Kang, T. Kawasaki, P. Kodyš, T. Kohriki, S. Koike, M.M. Kolwalkar, I. Komarov, R. Kumar, W. Kun, P. Kvasnicka, C. Licata, L. Lanceri, S.C. Lee, J. Lettenbichler, J. Libby, T. Lueck, M. Maki, P. Mammini, A. Martini, S.N. Mayekar, G.B. Mohanty, S. Mohanty, T. Morii, K.R. Nakamura, Z. Natkaniec, Y. Onuki, W. Ostrowicz, A. Paladino, E. Paoloni, H. Park, F. Pilo, A. Profeti, I. Rashevskaya, K.K. Rao, G. Rizzo, P.K. Resmi, M. Rozanska, J. Sasaki, N. Sato, S. Schultschik, C. Schwanda, Y. Seino, N. Shimizu, J. Stypula, J. Suzuki, S. Tanaka, G.N. Taylor, R. Thomas, T. Tsuboyama, S. Uozumi, P. Urquijo, L. Vitale, S. Watanuki, M. Watanabe, I.J. Watson, J. Webb, J. Wiechczynski, S. Williams, B. Würkner, H. Yamamoto, H. Yin, T. Yoshinobu and L. Zanii
The TrainBuilder Data Acquisition System for the European-XFEL
PoS(TWEPP-17)110 pdf J. Coughlan, C. Day, J. Edwards, E. Freeman, S. Galagedera and R. Halsall
ATCA - thermal management study for the ATLAS phase II upgrades
PoS(TWEPP-17)112 pdf C. Bortolin, D. Dyngosz, M. Kalinowski, P. Koziol, J. Mendez, J. Walerianczyk and L. Zwalinski
Development of Telescope Readout System Based on FELIX for Testbeam Experiments
PoS(TWEPP-17)114 pdf W. Wu, M. Benoit, H. Chen, K. Chen, G. Lacobucci, F. Lanni, H. Liu, M. Vicente Barrero Pinto and L. Xu
Simulation of the ATLAS New Small Wheel Trigger System
PoS(TWEPP-17)115 pdf T. Saito and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Commissioning and First Running Experiences with the TOP Barrel PID Detector in the Belle II Experiment
PoS(TWEPP-17)120 pdf O. Hartbrich and  for the Belle II Barrel Particle Identification Group
Validation of the Front-End Electronics and Firmware for LHCb Vertex Locator.
PoS(TWEPP-17)121 pdf A. Fernandez Prieto and P. Vázquez Regueiro
CMS DAQ Current and Future Hardware Upgrades up to Post Long Shutdown 3 (LS3) Times
PoS(TWEPP-17)123 pdf
A. Racz, J.M. André, U. Behrens, J. Branson, O. Chaze, S. Cittolin, C. Contescu, D. Da Silva Gomes, G.L. Darlea, C. Deldicque, Z. Demiragli, M. Dobson, N. Doualot, S. Erhan, J.R. Fulcher, D. Gigi, M. Gladki, F. Glege, G. Gomez-Ceballos, J. Hegeman, A. Holzner, M. Janulis, M. Lettrich, F. Meijers, E. Meschi, R. Mommsen, S. Morovic, V. O'Dell, S.J. Orn, L. Orsini, I. Papakrivopoulos, C. Paus, P. Petrova, A. Petrucci, M. Pieri, D. Rabady, T. Reis, H. Sakulin, C. Schwick, D. Simelevicius, C.V. Vazquez, M. Vougioukas and P. Zejdl
Demonstrating TTC-PON Robustness and Flexibility
PoS(TWEPP-17)124 pdf E. Brandao De Souza Mendes, S. Baron, C. Soos, L. Saint-Germain and F. Vasey
Integration of the CMS Phase 1 Pixel Detector
PoS(TWEPP-17)126 pdf A. Kornmayer
Intelligence Elements and Performance of the FPGA-based DAQ of the COMPASS Experiment
PoS(TWEPP-17)127 pdf D. Steffen, M. Bodlak, V. Frolov, S. Huber, V. Jary, I. Konorov, A. Kveton, D. Levit, J. Novy, O. Subrt, J. Tomsa and M. Virius
Software Defined Radio Based Readout of Microwave SQUID Multiplexed Metallic Magnetic Calorimeter Arrays
PoS(TWEPP-17)128 pdf O. Sander, N. Karcher, S. Kempf, O. Kroemer, M. Wegner, C. Enss and M. Weber
An FPGA-based Track Finder for the L1 Trigger of the CMS Experiment at the HL-LHC
PoS(TWEPP-17)131 pdf
D. Cieri, L. Calligaris, K. Harder, K. Manolopoulos, C. Shepherd-Themistocleous, I. Tomalin, R. Aggleton, F. Ball, J. Brooke, E. Clement, D. Newbold, S. Paramesvaran, P. Hobson, A.D. Morton, I. Reid, G. Hall, G. Iles, T.O. James, T. Matsushita, M. Pesaresi, A.W. Rose, A. Shtipliyski, S. Summers, A. Tapper, K. Uchida, P. Vichoudis, L. Ardila-Perez, M. Balzer, M. Caselle, O. Sander, T. Schuh and M. Weber
Development of the jet Feature EXtractor (jFEX) for the ATLAS Level 1 Calorimeter Trigger upgrade at the LHC
PoS(TWEPP-17)133 pdf M. Weirich, B. Bauss, A. Brogna, V. Buescher, R. Degele, H. Herr, C. Kahra, S. Rave, E. Rocco, U. Schaefer, J. Vieira De Souza and S. Tapprogge
Development of a High-Throughput Tracking Processor on FPGA Boards
PoS(TWEPP-17)136 pdf R. Cenci, F. Lazzari, P. Marino, M.J. Morello, G. Punzi, L.F. Ristori, F. Spinella, S. Stracka and J. Walsh
A Real-Time Demonstrator for Track Reconstruction in the CMS L1 Track-Trigger System Based on Custom Associative Memories and High-Performance FPGAs
PoS(TWEPP-17)138 pdf G. Magazzu', C. Gentsos, G. Fedi, D. Magalotti, A. Modak, F. Palla, G.M. Bilei, S.R. Chowdhury, B. Checcucci, D. Tcherniakhovski, G.C. Galbit, G. Baulieu, M.N. Balzer, O. Sander, S. Viret and L. Storchi
The ATLAS Fast Tracker System
PoS(TWEPP-17)139 pdf T. Iizawa and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
A Multi-Level Triggering System for the Mini-EUSO UV Telescope
PoS(TWEPP-17)140 pdf F. Fausti, M.E. Bertaina, H. Miyamoto, F. Fenu, M. Mignone, S. Durando, D. D'ago, F. Capel, A.S. Belov, P. Klimov and  on behalf of the JEM-EUSO Collaboration
Functionality and Performance of the ALFA_CTPIN Module
PoS(TWEPP-17)142 pdf W. Iwanski, S. Jakobsen, K. Korcyl and J. Oechsle
Boosted Decision Trees in the CMS Level-1 Endcap Muon Trigger
PoS(TWEPP-17)143 pdf J.F. Low, D. Acosta, A. Brinkerhoff, E. Busch, A. Carnes, I.K. Furic, S.V. Gleyzer, K. Kotov, A. Madorsky, J. Rorie, B. Scurlock, W. Shi and  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
Data Analysis at Level-1 Trigger Level
PoS(TWEPP-17)144 pdf J. Wittmann, L. Apanasevich, B. Arnold, G. Aradi, H. Bergauer, M. Jeitler, D.M. Puigh, B.L. Winer and C. Wulz
Development of the New Trigger Processor Board for the ATLAS Level-1 Endcap Muon Trigger for Run-3
PoS(TWEPP-17)145 pdf A. Mizukami
The Development of Global Feature eXtractor (gFEX) – the ATLAS Calorimeter Level 1 Trigger for ATLAS at High Luminosity LHC
PoS(TWEPP-17)146 pdf S. Tang and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Simulations of Busy Probabilities in the ALPIDE Chip and the Upgraded ALICE ITS Detector
PoS(TWEPP-17)147 pdf S.V. Nesbo, J. Alme, M. Bonora, P. Giubilato, H. Helstrup, S. Hristozkov, D. Röhrich, G. Aglieri Rinella, J. Schambach, R. Shahoyan, K. Ullaland and  for the ALICE ITS collaboration
Hardware Trigger Processor for the MDT System
PoS(TWEPP-17)148 pdf T. Costa De Paiva
The ALICE Trigger System for LHC Run 3
PoS(TWEPP-17)149 pdf M. Krivda, D. Evans, K.L. Graham, A. Jusko, R. Lietava, O.V. Baillie, N. Zardoshti, M. Bombara, M. Šefcík, I. Králik, L.A.P. Moreno and  on behalf of the ALICE collaboration