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Corfu Summer Institute 2017 "Schools and Workshops on Elementary Particle Physics and Gravity"

CORFU2017 - (other corfu conferences)
2-28 September 2017
Corfu, Greece
published August 24, 2018
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The Corfu Summer Institute meetings consist of a series of high quality scientific events aiming in the training of young researchers as well as the exchange of knowledge and the collaboration among experienced scientists in the research area of Elementary Particle Physics and Gravity.

Editorial Board

Workshop on the Standard Model and Beyond
CANTATA Cost-Action Summer School on ΛCDM and Beyond and Workshop on Particle Physics and Cosmology TOOLS
Training School “Quantum Spacetime and Physics Models”
Workshop on Testing Fundamental Physics Principles
PoS(CORFU2017)215 pdf G. Zoupanos
Maria Krawczyk memorial
PoS(CORFU2017)010 pdf J. Kalinowski
Pierre Binétruy memorial
PoS(CORFU2017)217 pdf S. Katsanevas
Workshop on the Standard Model and Beyond
Searches for New Physics with the MoEDAL detector at the LHC
PoS(CORFU2017)002 pdf V.A. Mitsou and  on behalf of the MoEDAL Collaboration
Axions, Majorana neutrino masses and implications for the dark sector of the Universe
PoS(CORFU2017)003 pdf N. Mavromatos
Critical fluctuations in QCD matter
PoS(CORFU2017)006 pdf N.G. Antoniou
Finite-size scaling and intermittency studies in crucial measurements for the QCD critical point
PoS(CORFU2017)007 pdf F.K. Diakonos
Low $Q^{2}$ Boundary Conditions for DGLAP Equations Dictated by Quantum Statistical Mechanics Functions
PoS(CORFU2017)009 pdf F. Buccella, S. Sohaily and F. Tramontano
Recent Standard Model results in ATLAS and CMS
PoS(CORFU2017)013 pdf P.H. Beauchemin and  on behalf of the ATLAS and CMS Collaborations
Top physics in ATLAS and CMS
PoS(CORFU2017)021 pdf C. Diez Pardos and  on behalf of the ATLAS and CMS Collaborations
General considerations on lepton mass matrices
PoS(CORFU2017)024 pdf A. Romanino and Y. Reyimuaji
On a possibility of exotic heavy baryons
PoS(CORFU2017)025 pdf M. Praszalowicz
Measurement of the W-boson mass at the ATLAS experiment
PoS(CORFU2017)030 pdf O. Kivernyk
Stochastic Motion of Heavy Quarks in Holography: A Theory-Independent Treatment
PoS(CORFU2017)032 pdf D. Giataganas
On the Cosmological Frame Problem
PoS(CORFU2017)036 pdf A. Pilaftsis and S. Karamitsos
Implications of flavour anomalies for new physics
PoS(CORFU2017)038 pdf F. Mahmoudi, T. Hurth and S. Neshatpour
Flavourful $Z'$ models for $R_K{(*)}$ from mixing with a fourth vector-like family
PoS(CORFU2017)041 pdf S.F. King
CP violation in extended Higgs sectors
PoS(CORFU2017)044 pdf P. Osland, O.M. Ogreid and M.N. Rebelo
Flavour in SUSY after LHC
PoS(CORFU2017)045 pdf O.M. Vives, M.L. Lopez-Ibanez, A. Melis and M.J. Perez
A critical assessment of the status of LHC searches for new physics
PoS(CORFU2017)047 pdf M. Chala
Gauged U(1) Clockwork
PoS(CORFU2017)050 pdf M.H. Lee
Yukawas of light stringy states (at D-brane intersections)
PoS(CORFU2017)055 pdf P. Anastasopoulos, M. Bianchi and D. Consoli
Recent SUSY results in ATLAS
PoS(CORFU2017)060 pdf J. Mamuzic and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Light scalars: From the lattice to the LHC via holography
PoS(CORFU2017)061 pdf A. Pomarol
Resonant atom Majorana mixing
PoS(CORFU2017)063 pdf J. Bernabeu and A. Segarra
Stripping a supermultiplet of all but one scalar: a microscopic view
PoS(CORFU2017)064 pdf K. Benakli and Y. Chen
Invariants and CP violation in the 2HDM
PoS(CORFU2017)065 pdf O.M. Ogreid
A light singlet at the LHC and DM
PoS(CORFU2017)068 pdf J. Kalinowski
Inclusive and differential vector boson (W, Z) measurements from CMS
PoS(CORFU2017)069 pdf K. Ocalan and  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
New Physics Phenomena and F-theory GUTs
PoS(CORFU2017)073 pdf G.K. Leontaris
Scale hierarchies and string phenomenology
PoS(CORFU2017)074 pdf I. Antoniadis
X-ray Line 3.55 keV from Dark Matter, Our Glass Pearls
PoS(CORFU2017)075 pdf H.B. Nielsen, C. Froggatt and D. Jurman
Gaugino Mediation with Large Trilinears
PoS(CORFU2017)079 pdf J. Kersten, J. Heisig, N. Murphy and I. Strümke
Towards the effective action of Non-Perturbative Gauge-Higgs Unification (or on RG flows near quantum phase transitions)
PoS(CORFU2017)080 pdf N. Irges
The Higgs boson discovery: recent implications for the Finite Unified Theories and SUSY breaking scale
PoS(CORFU2017)081 pdf S. Heinemeyer, M. Mondragon, G. Patellis, N. Tracas and G. Zoupanos
Vector-like compositeness meets B-physics $R_K{*}$ anomaly
PoS(CORFU2017)082 pdf K. Nishiwaki
Minima of multi-Higgs potentials with triplets of $\Delta(3n^{2})$ and $\Delta(6n^{2})$
PoS(CORFU2017)083 pdf I. de Medeiros Varzielas
New phenomenon of neutrino spin oscillations in transversal matter currents
PoS(CORFU2017)085 pdf A. Studenikin
$B-L$ Higgs Inflation in Supergravity with Several Consequences
PoS(CORFU2017)086 pdf K. Pallis
Sudden Future Singularities and their observational signatures in Modified Gravity
PoS(CORFU2017)088 pdf A. Lymperis
Gravitational waves from the first order electroweak phase transition in the$ Z_{3}$ symmetric singlet scalar model
PoS(CORFU2017)092 pdf T. Matsui
CANTATA Cost-Action Summer School on ΛCDM and Beyond and Workshop on Particle Physics and Cosmology TOOLS
Parton shower matching and merging
PoS(CORFU2017)110 pdf M. Schoenherr
Tools for Dark Matter Indirect Detection
PoS(CORFU2017)117 pdf M. Cirelli
USINE: A code for the propagation of Galactic cosmic rays
PoS(CORFU2017)124 pdf M. Boudaud and D. Maurin
Energy-momentum powered gravity and cosmic acceleration
PoS(CORFU2017)105 pdf O. Akarsu, N. Katirci and S. Kumar
Recent developments in FeynHiggs
PoS(CORFU2017)128 pdf H. Bahl
Integral symmetries with pySecDec
PoS(CORFU2017)132 pdf S. Jahn
Training School “Quantum Spacetime and Physics Models”
Noncommutative Geometry and Particle Physics
PoS(CORFU2017)133 pdf F. Lizzi
Noncommutative Wilson lines in higher-spin theory and correlators of free conformal fields
PoS(CORFU2017)137 pdf D. De Filippi, R. Bonezzi, N. Boulanger and P. Sundell
Magnetic Monopoles in (Noncommutative) Quantum Mechanics
PoS(CORFU2017)139 pdf S. Kovacik and P. Prešnajder
Derived Brackets and Symmetries in Generalized Geometry and Double Field Theory
PoS(CORFU2017)141 pdf A. Deser and C. Saemann
Matrix Models of Fuzzy Field Theories
PoS(CORFU2017)144 pdf M. Subjakova and J. Tekel
The full Schwinger-Dyson tower for random tensor models
PoS(CORFU2017)147 pdf attachments C.I. Perez Sanchez
Connections on Jordan modules and particle physics
PoS(CORFU2017)149 pdf A. Carotenuto
Higher Quantum Geometry and Non-Geometric String Theory
PoS(CORFU2017)151 pdf R. Szabo
Three dimensional higher spin holography
PoS(CORFU2017)156 pdf I. Lovrekovic
Does a deformation of special relativity imply energy dependent photon time delays?
PoS(CORFU2017)158 pdf J.J. Relancio, J.M. Carmona and J.L. Cortes
Gravity as a Gauge Theory on Three-Dimensional Noncommutative spaces
PoS(CORFU2017)162 pdf G. Manolakos, D. Jurman, P. Manousselis and G. Zoupanos
The Tensor Track V: Holographic Tensors
PoS(CORFU2017)218 pdf V. Rivasseau and N. Delporte
Workshop on Testing Fundamental Physics Principles
Supersymmetry breaking in heterotic strings and the decompactification problem
PoS(CORFU2017)165 pdf I. Florakis
Uses of Sigma Models
PoS(CORFU2017)166 pdf U. Lindstrom
Gravity with a Linear Action and Gravitational Singularities
PoS(CORFU2017)171 pdf G. Savvidis
Quantum Gravity Constraints on Large Field Inflation
PoS(CORFU2017)175 pdf R. Blumenhagen
Comments on the double copy construction for gravitational theories
PoS(CORFU2017)177 pdf G. Cardoso, G. Inverso, S. Nagy and S. Nampuri
GINGER - Toward an experimental test of General Relativity
PoS(CORFU2017)181 pdf A. Porzio, C. Altucci, S. Capozziello, R. Velotta, A. Basti, A. Di Virgilio, N. Beverini, G. Carelli, D. Ciampini, F. Fuso, U. Giacomelli, E. Maccioni, F. Stefani, G. Terreni and A. Ortolan
New fuzzy spheres through confining potentials and energy cutoffs
PoS(CORFU2017)184 pdf G. Fiore and F. Pisacane
The quest for magnetic monopoles – past, present and future
PoS(CORFU2017)188 pdf V.A. Mitsou
Hamiltonian Analysis of Asymptotically Safe Gravity
PoS(CORFU2017)192 pdf G.S.J. Gionti
Neutrino mixing and general covariance in the inverse $β$ decay
PoS(CORFU2017)198 pdf attachments M. Blasone, G. Lambiase, G. Luciano and L. Petruzziello
Probing violations of CPT with $B_d$ mesons
PoS(CORFU2017)199 pdf M. Nebot
Non-associative star products and quantization of non-geometric backgrounds in string and M-theory
PoS(CORFU2017)200 pdf V. Kupriyanov
Experimental constrains on the Continuous Spontaneous Localization model from spontaneous radiation emission
PoS(CORFU2017)201 pdf K. Piscicchia, A. Bassi, C. Curceanu, S. Donadi, A. Pichler and R. Del Grande
Anomalous gauge-U(1), ’t Hooft mechanism, and “invisible” QCD axion from string
PoS(CORFU2017)202 pdf J.E. Kim
Pure Yang-Mills solutions on $dS_4$
PoS(CORFU2017)204 pdf T.A. Ivanova, O. Lechtenfeld and A. Popov
Quasiparticle picture from the Bekenstein bound
PoS(CORFU2017)206 pdf A. Iorio, G. Acquaviva and M. Scholtz
Quantum matter on a classical spacetime as a fundamental theory
PoS(CORFU2017)207 pdf A. Grossardt
Experimental test of spontaneous collapse models with mechanical systems
PoS(CORFU2017)208 pdf A. Vinante