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Volume 321 - Sixth Annual Conference on Large Hadron Collider Physics (LHCP2018) - Parallel Heavy Flavour
CKM angle $\gamma$ measurement at LHCb
S. Haines* on behalf of the LHCb collaboration
*corresponding author
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Pre-published on: 2018 September 07
Published on: 2018 December 21
Data collected at the LHCb experiment have been used to determine the CKM angle $\gamma$ with $B^{-} \rightarrow D K^{-}$, $D \rightarrow K_S^0 \pi^+ \pi^-$, $K_S^0 K^+ K^-$ decays, leading to the most precise measurement of $\gamma$ from a single analysis. Decay-time-dependent $CP$ asymmetries in $B^0 \rightarrow D^{\mp} \pi^{\pm}$ decays have been measured for the first time at a hadron collider and used to place constraints on $| \sin{(2\beta + \gamma)} |$ and $\gamma$ that are consistent with world average values. Combining these new results with other LHCb measurements leads to the most precise determination of $\gamma$ from a single experiment. Decay modes with future sensitivity to $\gamma$, such as $B_{s}^0 \rightarrow \overline{D}^{0} K^{+} K^{-}$ and $B_{s}^0 \rightarrow \overline{D}^{*0} \phi$, have been observed for the first time, and the most precise determinations of the branching fractions of $B^0 \rightarrow \overline{D}^{0} K^{+} K^{-}$ and $B_{s}^0 \rightarrow \overline{D}^{0} \phi$ decays have been obtained.
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