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Volume 321 - Sixth Annual Conference on Large Hadron Collider Physics (LHCP2018) - Parallel Heavy Flavour
LHCb measurements on CPV in $B$ decays ($B\rightarrow 3h$, $\phi_s$, charmless $B$ decays)
E. Govorkova
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Pre-published on: 2018 September 16
Published on: 2018 December 21
The latest results on the $CP$ violation measurements in $B$
decays are reported. The measurement of the weak phase $\phi_s^{s\overline{s}}$
using the $B^0_s \to \phi\phi$ decay mode is performed on a dataset
corresponding to an integrated luminosity of $5\,fb^{-1}$ collected in
proton-proton collisions by the LHCb experiment. Results on the first ever
measurement of the $CP$-violating phase
$\phi_s^{d\overline{d}}$ using $B_s^0 \to (K^+\pi^-)(K^-\pi^+)$ channel,
based on $3\,fb^{-1}$ of data, are summarised.
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