PoS - Proceedings of Science

The 36th Annual International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory

LATTICE2018 - (other lattice conferences)
22-28 July, 2018
Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, USA.
published May 29, 2019
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The annual lattice conference is the premier conference for lattice gauge theory. The latest developments and results in lattice gauge theory are reported in this conference, and attendees get to know the state-of-the-art of lattice calculations around the world. New ideas and collaborations are often inspired through presentations and discussions at this annual gathering.

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Algorithms and Machines
Applications beyond QCD
Chiral Symmetry
Hadron Spectroscopy and Interactions
Hadron Structure
Nonzero Temperature and Density
Physics beyond the Standard Model
Standard Model Parameters and Renormalization
Theoretical Developments
Vacuum Structure and Confinement
Weak Decays and Matrix Elements
Poster reception
LQCD Outreach
From FRIB to Lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)001 file missing D. Lee
Lattice QCD and nuclear physics for searches of physics beyond the Standard Model
PoS(LATTICE2018)002 pdf E. Mereghetti
Progress in Multibaryon Spectroscopy
PoS(LATTICE2018)003 pdf E. Berkowitz, D. Brantley, K. McElvain, A. Walker-Loud, C.C. Chang, T. Kurth, M.A. Clark, B. Joo, H. Monge-Camacho, A. Nicholson, E. Rinaldi and P. Vranas
QCD at non-zero density and phenomenology
PoS(LATTICE2018)004 pdf C. Ratti
Progress and prospects of lattice supersymmetry
PoS(LATTICE2018)005 pdf D. Schaich
Review on Composite Higgs Models
PoS(LATTICE2018)006 pdf O. Witzel
Precise determinations of quark masses
PoS(LATTICE2018)007 file missing J. Komijani
Hints and challenges in heavy flavor physics
PoS(LATTICE2018)008 pdf S. Hashimoto
Recent Progress on the QCD Phase Diagram
PoS(LATTICE2018)009 pdf S. Sharma
Review of Lattice QCD Studies of Hadronic Vacuum Polarization Contribution to Muon $g−2$
PoS(LATTICE2018)010 pdf K. Miura
Leading hadronic contribution to muon g-2 from lattice QCD and the MUonE experiment
PoS(LATTICE2018)011 file missing M. Krstic Marinkovic
Review of Lattice Muon $g - 2$ HLbL Calculation
PoS(LATTICE2018)012 pdf L. Jin
Hadron Spectroscopy and Resonances : Review
PoS(LATTICE2018)013 pdf P. Madanagopalan
The path from finite to infinite volume: Hadronic observables from lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)014 pdf Z. Davoudi
Theory Challenges in EIC Physics
PoS(LATTICE2018)015 file missing X. Ji
Systematics in nucleon matrix element calculations
PoS(LATTICE2018)016 pdf J. Green
A Lattice Story of Proton Spin
PoS(LATTICE2018)017 pdf Y.B. Yang and  on behalf of XQCD Collaboration
Recent Developments in $x$-dependent Structure Calculations
PoS(LATTICE2018)018 pdf C. Monahan
Challenges of Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering
PoS(LATTICE2018)019 file missing A. Kronfeld
Machines and Algorithms for Lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)020 file missing M. Lin
Lattice QCD on modern GPU systems
PoS(LATTICE2018)021 file missing M. Wagner
Tensor Networks and their use for Lattice Gauge Theories
PoS(LATTICE2018)022 pdf M.C. Banuls, K. Cichy, J.I. Cirac, K. Jansen and S. Kühn
Path optimization method with use of neural network for the sign problem in field theories
PoS(LATTICE2018)023 pdf A. Ohnishi, Y. Mori and K. Kashiwa
Simulating quantum field theory with a quantum computer
PoS(LATTICE2018)024 pdf J. Preskill
Algorithms and Machines
Fourier acceleration, the HMC algorithm and renormalizability
PoS(LATTICE2018)025 pdf N.H. Christ and E.W. Wickenden
Numerical Implementation of Gauge-Fixed FourierAcceleration
PoS(LATTICE2018)026 pdf Y. Zhao
Ensemble Quasi-Newton HMC
PoS(LATTICE2018)027 pdf X.y. Jin and J. C. Osborn
Multi-level integration for meson propagators
PoS(LATTICE2018)028 pdf L. Giusti, T. Harris, A. Nada and S. Schaefer
Solving DWF Dirac Equation Using Multisplitting Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient
PoS(LATTICE2018)030 pdf J. Tu
Communication-avoiding optimization methods for fermion matrix inverters
PoS(LATTICE2018)031 file missing A. Strelchenko
Multigrid for Wilson Clover Fermions in Grid
PoS(LATTICE2018)032 pdf D. Richtmann, P.A. Boyle and T. Wettig
Three Dirac operators on two architectures with one piece of code and no hassle
PoS(LATTICE2018)033 pdf S. Durr
Simulating Quantum Chromodynamics coupled with Quantum Electromagnetics on the lattice
PoS(LATTICE2018)034 file missing Y. Liu
Machine learning for multi-scale action matching
PoS(LATTICE2018)035 file missing P. Shanahan
Challenges Implementing non-Abelian $SU(2)$ Quantum Chromodynamics Gauge Links On a Universal Quantum Computer
PoS(LATTICE2018)036 pdf P. Dreher
Clover HMC and Staggered Multigrid on Summit/Volta
PoS(LATTICE2018)037 file missing K. Clark
OpenCL Library for Computing Disconnected Contributions using FPGAs
PoS(LATTICE2018)038 file missing A. Yousif
AVX-512 extension to OpenQCD 1.6
PoS(LATTICE2018)039 pdf J. Rantaharju, E. Bennett, M. Dawson and M. Mesiti
Simulation of dynamical (u,d,s,c) domain-wall/overlap quarks at the physical point
PoS(LATTICE2018)040 pdf T.W. Chiu and  on behalf of TWQCD Collaboration
Applications beyond QCD
Taking the continuum limit in Lattice Quantum Gravity
PoS(LATTICE2018)041 file missing J. Laiho
Curvature Correlators in Lattice Quantum Gravity
PoS(LATTICE2018)042 file missing S. Bassler
Lattice quantum gravity with scalar fields
PoS(LATTICE2018)043 pdf R.G. Jha, J. Laiho and J. Unmuth-Yockey
U(1) vacuum, Chern-Simons diffusion and real-time simulations
PoS(LATTICE2018)044 pdf A. Florio
Renormalization on the fuzzy sphere
PoS(LATTICE2018)045 pdf K. Hatakeyama, A. Tsuchiya and K. Yamashiro
Chiral Symmetry
The $\eta'$ mass on 2+1 flavor DWF lattices
PoS(LATTICE2018)046 pdf D. Guo
Exploring the convergence of SU(2) HBChiPT
PoS(LATTICE2018)047 file missing K. Sallmen
Baryons and Interactions in Magnetic Fields
PoS(LATTICE2018)048 file missing A. Deshmukh
Hadron Spectroscopy and Interactions
Gluonic structure of spin-1 meson as it becomes unstable using variationally optimized operators
PoS(LATTICE2018)049 file missing D. Pefkou
3-body quantization condition in unitary isobar formalism
PoS(LATTICE2018)050 pdf M. Mai
The Slope of Form Factors from Lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)051 file missing C.C. Chang
Constraint HMC algorithms for gauge-Higgs models
PoS(LATTICE2018)052 pdf R. Höllwieser and F. Knechtli
String breaking with 2+1 dynamical fermions using the stochastic LapH method
PoS(LATTICE2018)053 pdf V. Koch, J. Bulava, B. Hörz, F. Knechtli, G. Moir, C. Morningstar and M.J. Peardon
Computation of hybrid static potentials from optimized trial states in SU(3) lattice gauge theory
PoS(LATTICE2018)054 pdf C. Reisinger, S. Capitani, L. Müller, O. Philipsen and M. Wagner
Resonance properties from lattice energy levelsusing chiral effective field theory
PoS(LATTICE2018)055 pdf Z. Guo, L. Liu, U.G. Meißner, J.A. Oller and A. Rusetsky
The new lattice action and spectrum of the light andmedium-mass nuclei
PoS(LATTICE2018)056 pdf N. Li, S. Elhatisari, E. Epelbaum, D. Lee, B.N. Lu and U.G. Meißner
Strong Decay Analysis of Bottom Mesons
PoS(LATTICE2018)057 file missing P. Gupta
Towards leading isospin breaking effects in mesonic masses with open boundaries
PoS(LATTICE2018)059 pdf A. Risch and H. Wittig
Analysis of systematic error in hadronic vacuum polarization contribution to muon g-2
PoS(LATTICE2018)060 pdf E. Shintani and Y. Kuramashi
Nucleon-pion-state contamination in the lattice determination of the axial form factors of the nucleon
PoS(LATTICE2018)061 pdf O. Baer
A new method for suppressing excited-state contaminations on the nucleon form factors
PoS(LATTICE2018)062 pdf H. Meyer, K. Ottnad and T. Schulz
Controlling Excited-State Contributions to Nucleon Isovector Charges using Distillation
PoS(LATTICE2018)063 pdf C. Egerer, D.G. Richards and F. Winter
Pion-pion scattering with physical quark masses
PoS(LATTICE2018)064 pdf D. Hoying
Calculating the $\rho$ radiative decay width with lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)065 pdf L. Leskovec, C. Alexandrou, J. Negele, S. Meinel, S. Paul, M. Petschlies, A. Pochinsky, G. Rendon and S. Syritsyn
Lattice QCD spectroscopy for hadronic CP violation
PoS(LATTICE2018)066 file missing A. Walker-Loud
Numerical study of QED finite-volume effects using lattice scalar QED
PoS(LATTICE2018)067 file missing J. Harrison
Towards lattice-assisted hadron physics calculations based on QCD n-point functions
PoS(LATTICE2018)068 pdf A. Sternbeck, M. Leutnant and G. Eichmann
Bethe-Salpeter wavefunctions of hybrid charmonia
PoS(LATTICE2018)069 file missing Y. Ma
Scattering phase shift determinations from atwo-scalar field theory
PoS(LATTICE2018)070 pdf D. Darvish, R. Brett, J. Bulava, J. Fallica, A. Hanlon and C. Morningstar
$K\pi$ scattering and excited meson spectroscopy using the Stocastic LapH method
PoS(LATTICE2018)071 pdf R. Brett, J. Bulava, J. Fallica, A. Hanlon, B. Hörz and C. Morningstar
Hadron-Hadron Interactions from $N_f = 2 + 1 + 1$ Lattice QCD: $\pi-K$ scattering length
PoS(LATTICE2018)072 pdf F. Pittler
$K \pi$ scattering and the $K^*(892)$ resonance in 2+1 flavor QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)073 pdf G. Rendon, L. Leskovec, S. Meinel, J. Negele, S. Paul, M. Petschlies, A. Pochinsky, G. Silvi and S. Syritsyn
$DK$ scattering and $D_{s0}(2317)$
PoS(LATTICE2018)074 file missing G. Cheung
Finite volume matrix elements of two-body states
PoS(LATTICE2018)075 pdf A. Baroni, R.A. Briceño, M.T. Hansen and F.G. Ortega-Gama
Progress report on the relativistic three-particlequantization condition
PoS(LATTICE2018)076 pdf R. Briceno, T. Blanton, M. Hansen, F. Romero-Lopez and S.R. Sharpe
Relations between scattering amplitude and Bethe-Salpeter wave function in quantum field theory
PoS(LATTICE2018)077 pdf T. Yamazaki and Y. Kuramashi
Scattering length from BS wave function inside the interaction range
PoS(LATTICE2018)078 pdf Y. Namekawa and T. Yamazaki
Roper State from Overlap Fermion
PoS(LATTICE2018)079 file missing K.F. Liu
Coupling to Multihadron States with Chiral Fermions
PoS(LATTICE2018)080 pdf J. Fallica, K.F. Liu, J. Liang and G. Wang
The H dibaryon from lattice QCD with SU(3) flavorsymmetry
PoS(LATTICE2018)081 pdf A. Hanlon, A. Francis, J. Green, P. Junnarkar and H. Wittig
Comparison between models of QCD with and without dynamical charm quarks
PoS(LATTICE2018)082 pdf S. Cali, F. Knechtli and T. Korzec
$B_c$ spectroscopy using highly improved staggered quarks
PoS(LATTICE2018)083 pdf A. Lytle, B. Colquhoun, C. Davies and J. Koponen
Charmed baryon spectrum in 2+1-flavor Lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)084 file missing K.U. Can
On chiral extrapolations of coupled-channel reaction dynamics for charmed mesons
PoS(LATTICE2018)085 pdf X.Y. Guo, Y. Heo and M.F.M. Lutz
Coupled channel scattering of vector and scalar charmonium resonances on the lattice
PoS(LATTICE2018)086 pdf S. Collins, D. Mohler, P. Madanagopalan, S. Piemonte, S. Prelovsek and S. Weishaeupl
$J/\psi$-nucleon scattering in $P_{c}^{+}$ pentaquark channels
PoS(LATTICE2018)087 pdf U. Skerbis and S. Prelovsek
Towards the P-wave nucleon-pion scattering amplitude in the $\Delta$ (1232) channel: interpolating fields and spectra
PoS(LATTICE2018)088 file missing G. Silvi
Towards the P-wave nucleon-pion scattering amplitude in the $\Delta$ (1232) channel
PoS(LATTICE2018)089 pdf S. Paul, G. Silvi, C. Alexandrou, G. Koutsou, S. Krieg, L. Leskovec, S. Meinel, J. Negele, M. Petschlies, A. Pochinsky, G. Rendon and S. Syritsyn
HAL QCD method and Nucleon-Omega interaction with physical quark masses
PoS(LATTICE2018)090 pdf T. Iritani and  On behalf of the HAL QCD Collaboration
Baryon interactions at physical quark masses in Lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)091 file missing T. Doi
Three neutrons from Lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)092 pdf J.L. Wynen, E. Berkowitz, T. Luu, A. Shindler and J. Bulava
Charmonium-nucleon interactions from 2+1 flavor lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)093 pdf T. Sugiura, Y. Ikeda and N. Ishii
Hadron Structure
Light-cone PDFs from lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)094 pdf C. Alexandrou, K. Cichy, M. Constantinou, K. Hadjiyiannakou, K. Jansen, A. Scapellato and F. Steffens
Quasi-PDFs from Twisted mass fermions at the physical point
PoS(LATTICE2018)095 pdf A. Scapellato, C. Alexandrou, K. Cichy, M. Constantinou, K. Hadjiyiannakou, K. Jansen and F. Steffens
Matching the quasi parton distribution in a momentum subtraction scheme
PoS(LATTICE2018)096 file missing Y. Zhao
Excited state analysis in the quasi-PDF matrix elements
PoS(LATTICE2018)097 pdf R. Li, Y.B. Yang and H.W. Lin
Lattice Calculation of Parton Distribution Function from LaMET
PoS(LATTICE2018)098 file missing Y.S. Liu
Progress on parton pseudo distributions I
PoS(LATTICE2018)099 file missing S. Zafeiropoulos
Progress on parton pseudo distributions II
PoS(LATTICE2018)100 file missing J. Karpie
Lattice QCD calculation of the nucleon hadronic tensor
PoS(LATTICE2018)101 file missing J. Liang
Nucleon Structure Functions from the Feynman-Hellmann Theorem
PoS(LATTICE2018)102 file missing K. Somfleth
Calculation of Pion Valence Distribution form Hadronic Lattice Cross Sections
PoS(LATTICE2018)103 file missing R. Sufian
Structure of pion and kaon from lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)104 file missing B. Chakraborty
Kaon Distribution Amplitude from Lattice QCD and the Flavor SU(3) Symmetry
PoS(LATTICE2018)105 file missing R. Zhang
Moments of pion distribution amplitude using operator product expansion on the lattice
PoS(LATTICE2018)106 pdf W. Detmold, I. Kanamori, C.J.D. Lin, S. Mondal and Y. Zhao
Pion and Kaon Distribution Amplitudes from lattice QCD: towards the continuum limit
PoS(LATTICE2018)107 pdf G. Bali, V. Braun, M. Gockeler, M. Gruber, F. Hutzler, P. Korcyl, A. Schäfer and P. Wein
Direct lattice-QCD calculation of pion valence quark distribution
PoS(LATTICE2018)108 pdf J. Zhang, J.W. Chen, L. Jin, H.W. Lin, A. Schäfer and Y. Zhao
Renormalized quasi parton distribution function of pion
PoS(LATTICE2018)109 pdf N. Karthik, T. Izubuchi, L. Jin, C. Kallidonis, S. Mukherjee, P. Petreczky, C. Shugert and S. Syritsyn
Pion quasi parton distribution function on a fine lattice
PoS(LATTICE2018)110 pdf C. Shugert, T. Izubichi, L. Jin, C. Kallidonis, N. Karthik, S. Mukherjee, P. Petreczky and S. Syritsyn
PDFs in small boxes
PoS(LATTICE2018)111 pdf R. Briceno, J.V. Guerrero, M. Hansen and C. Monahan
Higher moments of parton distribution functions
PoS(LATTICE2018)112 file missing Z. Davoudi
Pion distribution amplitude from Euclidean correlation functions: Universality and higher-twist effects
PoS(LATTICE2018)113 file missing P. Wein
Transverse spin structure of octet baryons
PoS(LATTICE2018)114 file missing J. Bickerton
Quark orbital angular momentum in the proton evaluated using a direct derivative method
PoS(LATTICE2018)115 pdf M. Engelhardt, J. Green, N. Hasan, S. Krieg, S. Meinel, J. Negele, A. Pochinsky and S. Syritsyn
Determination of nucleon sigma terms I
PoS(LATTICE2018)116 file missing L. Varnhorst
Determination of nucleon sigma terms II
PoS(LATTICE2018)117 file missing C. Hoelbling
Strange nucleon form factors with $N_f=2+1$ O($a$)-improved Wilson fermions
PoS(LATTICE2018)118 pdf D. Djukanovic, H. Meyer, K. Ottnad, G. von Hippel, J. Wilhelm and H. Wittig
The strange quark contribution to the spin of the nucleon
PoS(LATTICE2018)119 pdf R. Horsley, Y. Nakamura, H. Perlt, D. Pleiter, P.E.L. Rakow, G. Schierholz, A. Schiller, H. Stuben, R.D. Young, J.M. Zanotti and  on behalf of QCDSF-UKQCD Collaborations
Do not measure correlated observables, but train an artificial intelligence to predict them
PoS(LATTICE2018)120 file missing B. Yoon
Calculation of Nucleon Electric Dipole Moments Induced by Quark Chromo-Electric Dipole Moments and the QCD $\theta$-term
PoS(LATTICE2018)121 pdf S. Syritsyn, I. Taku and H. Ohki
Nucleon Physics with All HISQ Fermions
PoS(LATTICE2018)122 file missing Y. Lin
Updates on Nucleon Form Factors from Clover-on-HISQ Lattice Formulation
PoS(LATTICE2018)123 pdf Y.C. Jang, T. Bhattacharya, R. Gupta, H.W. Lin, B. Yoon and  on behalf of PNDME Collaboration
Nucleon form factors on a (10.8fm)^4 lattice at the physical point in 2+1 flavor QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)124 file missing Y. Kuramashi
Nucleon electromagnetic form factors at high $Q^2$ from Wilson-clover fermions
PoS(LATTICE2018)125 pdf C. Kallidonis, S. Syritsyn, M. Engelhardt, J. Green, S. Meinel, J. Negele and A. Pochinsky
The Stochastic Feynman-Hellmann Method
PoS(LATTICE2018)126 pdf A.S. Gambhir, D. Brantley, P. Vranas, E. Berkowitz, C. Chang, K. Clark, T. Kurth, A. Walker-Loud, C. Monahan and A. Nicholson
Pion Form Factor with Overlap Fermion
PoS(LATTICE2018)127 pdf G. Wang, J. Liang, T. Draper, K.F. Liu and Y.B. Yang
Nucleon isovector axial charge in 2+1-flavor domain-wall QCD with physical mass
PoS(LATTICE2018)128 pdf S. Ohta and  on behalf of the the LHP, RBC, and UKQCD Collaborations
Nucleon charges and quark momentum fraction with $N_f=2+1$ Wilson fermions
PoS(LATTICE2018)129 pdf K. Ottnad, T. Harris, H. Meyer, G. von Hippel, J. Wilhelm and H. Wittig
Neutral weak axial form factor and neutrino-nucleon scattering
PoS(LATTICE2018)130 file missing D.G. Richards
Isovector and flavor diagonal charges of the nucleon from 2+1+1 flavor QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)131 pdf R. Gupta, T. Bhattacharya, V. Cirigliano, B. Yoon, Y.C. Jang, H.W. Lin and  on behalf of PNDME Collaboration
Status of HVP calculation by RBC/UKQCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)132 file missing C. Lehner
Exclusive Channel Study of the Muon HVP
PoS(LATTICE2018)133 file missing A. Meyer
Isospin breaking corrections to the HVP at the physical point
PoS(LATTICE2018)134 pdf V. Guelpers, A. Juttner, C. Lehner, A. Portelli and  on behalf of RBC and UKQCD Collaborations
On isospin breaking in $\tau$ decays for $(g-2)_\mu$ from Lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)135 pdf M. Bruno, T. Izubuchi, C. Lehner and A. Meyer
Anomalous magnetic moment of the muon with dynamical QCD+QED
PoS(LATTICE2018)136 pdf J. Zanotti, A. Westin, R. Horsley, W. Kamleh, Y. Nakamura, H. Perlt, P. Rakow, G. Schierholz, A. Schiller, H. Stuben, R. Young and  on behalf of CSSM/QCDSF/UKQCD Collaboration
The leading hadronic contribution to the running of the Weinberg angle using covariant coordinate-space methods
PoS(LATTICE2018)137 pdf M. Cè, A. Gerardin, K. Ottnad and H.B. Meyer
HISQ 2+1+1 light quark hadronic vacuum polarization at the physical point
PoS(LATTICE2018)138 pdf T. Blum, C. Aubin, M. Golterman, C. Jung, S. Paris and C. Tu
The hadronic vacuum polarization contribution to $(g-2)_\mu$ from $2+1$ flavours of O($a$) improved Wilson quarks
PoS(LATTICE2018)139 pdf A. Gerardin, T. Harris, G. von Hippel, B. Hörz, H. Meyer, D. Mohler, K. Ottnad and H. Wittig
HVP contribution of the light quarks to the muon (g - 2) including isospin-breaking corrections with Twisted-Mass fermions
PoS(LATTICE2018)140 pdf D. Giusti, V. Lubicz, G. Martinelli, F. Sanfilippo, S. Simula and C. Tarantino
Nucleon Form factor calculation using DWQCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)141 file missing T. Izubuchi
Nucleon form factors from Nf=2+1+1 twisted mass fermions at the physical point
PoS(LATTICE2018)142 pdf C. Alexandrou, S. Bacchio, M. Constantinou, K. Hadjiyiannakou, G. Koutsou, K. Jansen and A. Vaquero
Neutral pion transition form factor in coordinatespace
PoS(LATTICE2018)058 pdf C. Tu, L. Jin and T. Blum
Nonzero Temperature and Density
Complex Langevin for Lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)143 pdf D. Sinclair and J.B. Kogut
Can the complex Langevin method see the deconfinement phase transition in QCD at finite density?
PoS(LATTICE2018)144 pdf S. Tsutsui, Y. Ito, H. Matsufuru, J. Nishimura, S. Shimasaki and A. Tsuchiya
Stabilising complex Langevin simulations
PoS(LATTICE2018)145 pdf F. Attanasio and B. Jaeger
Exploring the phase diagram of finite density QCD at low temperature by the complex Langevin method
PoS(LATTICE2018)146 pdf Y. Ito, H. Matsufuru, J. Nishimura, S. Shimasaki, A. Tsuchiya and S. Tsutsui
Investigating the Phase Structure of Large N Unitary Matrix Models using Complex Langevin Method
PoS(LATTICE2018)147 file missing A. Joseph
Towards Lefschetz thimbles regularization of heavy-dense QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)148 pdf K. Zambello and F. Di Renzo
Beyond Thimbles: Sign-Optimized Manifolds for Finite Density
PoS(LATTICE2018)149 pdf S. Lawrence
Deforming Path Integration Contours: Application to Finite Density Thirring Model
PoS(LATTICE2018)150 file missing N. Warrington
Flowing Gauge Theories: Finite-Density QED$_{1+1}$
PoS(LATTICE2018)151 pdf H. Lamm
Axial U(1) symmetry and Dirac spectra in high-temperature phase of $N_f=2$ lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)152 pdf K. Suzuki, S. Aoki, Y. Aoki, G. Cossu, H. Fukaya, S. Hashimoto and  on behalf of JLQCD Collaboration
The fate of axial U(1) in 2+1 flavor QCD towards the chiral limit
PoS(LATTICE2018)153 pdf L. Mazur, O. Kaczmarek, E. Laermann and S. Sharma
Topological Susceptibility in $N_f=2$ QCD at Finite Temperature -- Volume Study
PoS(LATTICE2018)154 file missing Y. Aoki
Topological Susceptibility to High Temperatures via Reweighting
PoS(LATTICE2018)155 pdf P.T. Jahn, G.D. Moore and D. Robaina
Topological structures in finite temperature QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)156 pdf R. Larsen, S. Sharma and E. Shuryak
Simulation of Scalar Field Theories with Complex Actions
PoS(LATTICE2018)157 pdf M. Ogilvie and L. Medina
Worldline Approach to Few-Body Physics on the Lattice
PoS(LATTICE2018)158 pdf H. Singh
Low temperature condensation and scattering data
PoS(LATTICE2018)159 pdf O. Orasch, C. Gattringer and M. Giuliani
The curvature of the QCD crossover line
PoS(LATTICE2018)160 pdf P. Steinbrecher and  on behalf of the HotQCD Collaboration
Higher order fluctuations form imaginary chemical potential
PoS(LATTICE2018)161 file missing J. Guenther
QCD phase diagram for finite imaginary chemical potential with HISQ fermions
PoS(LATTICE2018)162 pdf J. Goswami, F. Karsch, A. Lahiri and C. Schmidt
Phase structure of three flavor QCD in external magnetic fields using HISQ fermions
PoS(LATTICE2018)163 pdf A. Tomiya, H. Ding, X.D. Wang, Y. Zhang, S. Mukherjee and C. Schmidt
Equation of state near the first order phase transition point of SU(3) gauge theory using gradient flow
PoS(LATTICE2018)164 pdf M. Shirogane, S. Ejiri, R. Iwami, K. Kanaya, M. Kitazawa, H. Suzuki, Y. Taniguchi and T. Umeda
Equation of state in 2 + 1 flavor QCD at high temperatures
PoS(LATTICE2018)165 file missing J.H. Weber
Study of energy-momentum tensor correlation function in N$_f$=2+1 full QCD for QGP viscosities
PoS(LATTICE2018)166 pdf Y. Taniguchi, A. Baba, A. Suzuki, S. Ejiri, K. Kanaya, M. Kitazawa, T. Shimojo, H. Suzuki and T. Umeda
Thermodynamics for SU(2) pure gauge theory using gradient flow
PoS(LATTICE2018)167 pdf T. Hirakida, E. Itou and H. Kouno
Topology of two-color QCD at low temperature and high density
PoS(LATTICE2018)168 pdf E. Itou, K. Iida and T.G. Lee
First calculation of $\hat{q}$ on a quenched SU(3) plasma
PoS(LATTICE2018)169 pdf A. Kumar, A. Majumder and C. Nonaka
Progress on the nature of the QCD thermal transition as a function of quark flavors and masses
PoS(LATTICE2018)170 pdf F. Cuteri, O. Philipsen and A. Sciarra
Chiral phase transition in (2 + 1)-flavor QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)171 pdf S.T. Li, H. Ding, P. Hegde, O. Kaczmarek, F. Karsch, A. Lahiri, S. Mukherjee, P. Petreczky and  on behalf of the HotQCD Collaboration
Chiral transition via the Banks-Casher relation
PoS(LATTICE2018)172 pdf G. Endrodi and L. Gonglach
Measuring of chiral susceptibility using gradient flow
PoS(LATTICE2018)173 pdf A. Baba, S. Ejiri, K. Kanaya, M. Kitazawa, T. Shimojo, A. Suzuki, H. Suzuki, Y. Taniguchi and T. Umeda
Continuum extrapolation of the critical endpoint in 4-flavor QCD with Wilson-Clover fermions
PoS(LATTICE2018)174 pdf H. Ohno, Y. Kuramashi, Y. Nakamura and S. Takeda
Large $N_c$ Thermodynamics with Dynamical Fermions
PoS(LATTICE2018)175 pdf D. Hackett, E. Neil and T. Degrand
Unwrapping phase fluctuations in one dimension
PoS(LATTICE2018)176 pdf M. Wagman, W. Detmold and G. Kanwar
Taylor expansion and the Cauchy Residue Theorem for finite-density QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)178 pdf P. de Forcrand and B. Jaeger
Ab initio calculations of nuclear thermodynamics
PoS(LATTICE2018)179 file missing B. Lu
The Anderson transition in QCD with $N_f=2+1+1$ twisted mass quarks: overlap analysis
PoS(LATTICE2018)180 pdf L. Holicki, E.M. Ilgenfritz and L. von Smekal
Thermodynamics at strong coupling on anisotropic lattices
PoS(LATTICE2018)181 pdf W. Unger, D. Bollweg and M. Klegrewe
Temporal Correlators in the Continuous Time Formulation of Strong Coupling Lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)182 pdf M. Klegrewe and W. Unger
Hadronic spectrum calculations in the quark-gluon plasma
PoS(LATTICE2018)183 pdf J. Glesaaen, G. Aarts, C. Allton, S. Hands, B. Jaeger and J.I. Skullerud
Spectral functions from machine learning
PoS(LATTICE2018)184 file missing H. Ding
Meson correlation functions at high temperature QCD: $SU(2)_{CS}$ symmetry vs. free quarks
PoS(LATTICE2018)185 pdf C. Rohrhofer, Y. Aoki, G. Cossu, L. Glozman, S. Hashimoto and S. Prelovsek
Physics beyond the Standard Model
Neutron-antineutron oscillations from Lattice QCD at the physical point
PoS(LATTICE2018)186 file missing E. Rinaldi
Proton decay matrix element on lattice at physical pion mass
PoS(LATTICE2018)187 pdf attachments J.s. Yoo, Y. Aoki, T. Izubuchi and S. Syritsyn
Neutron Electric Dipole Moment from Beyond the Standard Model
PoS(LATTICE2018)188 pdf T. Bhattacharya, B. Yoon, R. Gupta and V. Cirigliano
Non-perturbative generation of elementary fermion mass: a numerical study
PoS(LATTICE2018)189 pdf S. Capitani, G. Maria de Divitiis, P. Dimopoulos, R. Frezzotti, M. Garofalo, B. Kostrzewa, F. Pittler, G. Rossi and C. Urbach
Towards models with an unified dynamical mechanism for elementary particle masses
PoS(LATTICE2018)190 pdf R. Frezzotti and G. Rossi
Indications for infrared conformal behaviour of SU(2) gauge theory with $N_f=3/2$ flavours of adjoint fermions
PoS(LATTICE2018)191 pdf P. Scior, G. Bergner, P. Giudice, I. Montvay, G. Münster and S. Piemonte
Progress in the lattice simulations of Sp(2N) gauge theories
PoS(LATTICE2018)192 pdf J.W. Lee, E. Bennett, D.K. Hong, C.J.D. Lin, B. Lucini, M. Piai, D. Vadacchino and  on behalf of the JLQCD Collaboration
Phase structure of strongly interacting four-fermion theory
PoS(LATTICE2018)193 file missing N. Butt
Non-perturbative gauge-fixing
PoS(LATTICE2018)194 pdf A.K. De and M. Sarkar
Tantalizing dilaton tests from a near-conformal EFT
PoS(LATTICE2018)196 pdf Z. Fodor, K. Holland, J. Kuti and C.H. Wong
Probing the composite light scalar of the sextet model for dilaton fingerprints
PoS(LATTICE2018)197 file missing C.H. Wong
Is SU(3) gauge theory with 13 massless flavors conformal?
PoS(LATTICE2018)198 pdf Z. Fodor, K. Holland, J. Kuti, D. Nogradi and C.H. Wong
Fate of a recent conformal fixed point and $\beta$-function in the SU(3) BSM gauge theory with ten massless flavors
PoS(LATTICE2018)199 pdf Z. Fodor, K. Holland, J. Kuti, D. Nogradi and C. Him Wong
On two-flavor QCD(adj)
PoS(LATTICE2018)200 file missing M. Anber
On the calculation and use of non-zero momentum correlators in lattice simulations.
PoS(LATTICE2018)201 pdf C. Rebbi
The large-mass regime of confining but nearly conformal gauge theories
PoS(LATTICE2018)202 pdf M. Golterman and Y. Shamir
Composite phenomenology as a target for lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)203 pdf T. Degrand and E. Neil
Updated spectroscopy for SU(3) with eight fundamental flavors
PoS(LATTICE2018)204 file missing E.T. Neil
Baryon spectrum of SU(4) composite Higgs theory with two distinct fermion representations
PoS(LATTICE2018)205 file missing W. Jay
Phase structure of multiflavor gauge theories: Critical exponents of Fisher zeros near the endpoint
PoS(LATTICE2018)206 pdf D. Floor, E. Gustafson and Y. Meurice
Baryonic states in supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory
PoS(LATTICE2018)207 pdf S. Ali, G. Bergner, H. Gerber, C. Lopez, G. Münster, I. Montvay, S. Piemonte and P. Scior
Investigations of N = 1 supersymmetric SU(3) Yang-Mills theory
PoS(LATTICE2018)208 file missing H. Gerber
Supersymmetric and conformal theories on the lattice: from super Yang-Mills towards super QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)209 pdf G. Bergner and S. Piemonte
$\mathcal{N}=1$ Supersymmetric $SU(3)$ Gauge Theory - Towards simulations of Super-QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)210 pdf B. Wellegehausen and A. Wipf
$\mathcal{N}=1$ Supersymmetric $SU(3)$ Gauge Theory - Pure Gauge sector with a twist
PoS(LATTICE2018)211 pdf M. Steinhauser, A. Sternbeck, B. Wellegehausen and A. Wipf
Phase structure of N=1 super Yang-Mills theory from the gradient flow
PoS(LATTICE2018)212 pdf C. Lopez, G. Bergner and S. Piemonte
Standard Model Parameters and Renormalization
Quark mass determinations with the RI-SMOM scheme and HISQ action
PoS(LATTICE2018)213 pdf D. Hatton, A. Lytle, C. Davies, P. Lepage, C. Sturm and  on behalf of HPQCD Collaboration
SMOM - $\overline{\mbox{MS}}$ Matching for $B_K$ at Two-loop Order
PoS(LATTICE2018)214 pdf S. Kvedaraite and S. Jaeger
Renormalization of CP-Violating Pure Gauge Operators in Perturbative QCD Using the Gradient Flow
PoS(LATTICE2018)215 pdf M.D. Rizik, C. Monahan and A. Shindler
Towards non-perturbative matching of three/four-flavor Wilson coefficients with aposition-space procedure
PoS(LATTICE2018)216 pdf M. Tomii
$Z_\mathrm{S}/Z_\mathrm{P}$ from three-flavour lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)217 pdf J. Heitger, F. Joswig and A. Vladikas
$\mathcal{O}(a)$ improved quark mass renormalization for a non-perturbative matching of HQET to three-flavor QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)218 pdf P. Fritzsch, J. Heitger and S. Kuberski
Expansion coefficient of the pseudo-scalar density using the gradient flow in lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)219 pdf J.G. Reyes Rivera, J. Dragos, J. Kim, A. Shindler and T. Luu
Light and strange quark masses for $N_f = 2 + 1$ simulations with Wilson fermions
PoS(LATTICE2018)220 pdf J. Koponen, M. Bruno, I. Campos Plasencia, C. Pena, D. Preti, A. Ramos Martinez, A. Vladikas and  on behalf of the ALPHA collaboration
Test of factorization for the long-distance effects from charmonium in $B\rightarrow K\ell^+\ell^-$
PoS(LATTICE2018)221 pdf K. Nakayama, S. Hashimoto and  on behalf of JLQCD Collaboration
Scale Setting on the MDWF in Gradient Flow HISQ Action With the Omega Baryon
PoS(LATTICE2018)222 file missing L. Carpenter
Corrections to Dashen's theorem from lattice QCD and quenched QED
PoS(LATTICE2018)223 file missing B.C. Toth
Theoretical Developments
Towards a Dual Representation of Lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)224 pdf G. Gagliardi and W. Unger
Weak coupling limit of 2+1 SU(2) LGT and mass gap.
PoS(LATTICE2018)225 pdf T.P. Sreeraj and R. Anishetty
The critical endpoint in the 2-d U(1) gauge-Higgs model at topological angle $\theta=\pi$
PoS(LATTICE2018)226 pdf D. Goeschl, C. Gattringer and T. Sulejmanpasic
Gauss's Law, Duality, and the Hamiltonian Framework of Lattice Gauge Theory
PoS(LATTICE2018)227 pdf J. Stryker and D. Kaplan
Finite-size scaling of Polyakov's loop in the 2D Abelian Higgs model
PoS(LATTICE2018)228 pdf J. Unmuth-Yockey, J. Zhang, J. Zeiher, A. Bazavov, S.W. Tsai and Y. Meurice
Investigation of the 1+1 dimensional Thirring model using the method of matrix product states
PoS(LATTICE2018)229 pdf M.C. Banuls, K. Cichy, Y.J. Kao, C.J. David Lin, Y.P. Lin and T.L. Tan
Gaussian states for the variational study of (1+1)-dimensional lattice gauge models
PoS(LATTICE2018)230 pdf P. Sala, T. Shi, S. Kuehn, M.C. Banuls, E. Demler and J.I. Cirac
A tensorial toolkit for quantum computing in lattice gauge theory
PoS(LATTICE2018)231 pdf Y. Meurice
Tensor network study of two dimensional lattice $\phi^{4}$ theory
PoS(LATTICE2018)232 pdf R. Sakai, D. Kadoh, Y. Kuramashi, Y. Nakamura, S. Takeda and Y. Yoshimura
$Z_2$ gauge theory with tensor renormalization group
PoS(LATTICE2018)233 file missing Y. Yoshimura
Quantum field theory on a causal set
PoS(LATTICE2018)234 pdf R. Sverdlov
Fermions on Simplicial Lattices and their Dual Lattices
PoS(LATTICE2018)235 pdf A. Horowitz
Prospects for Lattice QFTs on Curved Riemann Manifolds
PoS(LATTICE2018)236 file missing R.C. Brower
A Lattice Study of Renormalons in Asymptotically Free Sigma Models
PoS(LATTICE2018)237 pdf M. Puhr and F. Bruckmann
Non perturbative physics from NSPT: renormalons, the gluon condensate and all that
PoS(LATTICE2018)238 pdf F. Di Renzo, L. Del Debbio and G. Filaci
Lattice ${\cal N}=4$ three-dimensional super-Yang-Mills
PoS(LATTICE2018)239 pdf J. Giedt, A. Lipstein and P. Martin
Beyond Complex Langevin Equations: a ProgressReport
PoS(LATTICE2018)240 pdf J. Wosiek and B. Ruba
Simulations of gaussian systems in Minkowski time
PoS(LATTICE2018)241 pdf B. Ruba and J. Wosiek
Scattering in Euclidean formulations of relativistic quantum theory
PoS(LATTICE2018)242 pdf W. Polyzou, G. Aiello and P. Kopp
Bag representation for composite degrees of freedom in lattice gauge theories with fermions
PoS(LATTICE2018)243 pdf C. Marchis, C. Gattringer and O. Orasch
Interacting Bosons at Finite Angular Momentum Via Complex Langevin
PoS(LATTICE2018)244 pdf C. Berger and J. Drut
Machine learning inspired analysis of the Ising model transition
PoS(LATTICE2018)245 pdf S. Foreman, J. Giedt, Y. Meurice and J. Unmuth-Yockey
The perturbative SU(N) one-loop running coupling in the twisted gradient flow scheme
PoS(LATTICE2018)246 pdf E. Ibanez Bribian and M. Garcia Perez
Non-perturbative renormalization of operators in near-conformal systems using gradient flow
PoS(LATTICE2018)247 file missing A. Hasenfratz
Renormalization group properties of scalar field theories using gradient flow
PoS(LATTICE2018)248 pdf A. Carosso, A. Hasenfratz and E.T. Neil
Critical behavior of the hopping expansion from the Functional Renormalization Group
PoS(LATTICE2018)249 pdf R. Banerjee
SYM flow equation in N=1 SUSY
PoS(LATTICE2018)250 file missing D. Kadoh
Critical Point and Deconfinement in Stochastic Thermal Fields
PoS(LATTICE2018)251 pdf G. Kozlov
Vacuum Structure and Confinement
Lattice Computation of the Ghost Propagator in Linear Covariant Gauges
PoS(LATTICE2018)252 pdf A. Cucchieri, D. Dudal, T. Mendes, O. Oliveira, M. Roelfs and P.J. Silva
Spatial structure of the color field in the SU(3) flux tube
PoS(LATTICE2018)253 pdf M. Baker, P. Cea, V. Chelnokov, L. Cosmai, F. Cuteri and A. Papa
Confinement of quarks in higher representations in view of dual superconductivity.
PoS(LATTICE2018)254 pdf A. Shibata, R. Matsudo, S. Kato and K.I. Kondo
Linear confinement and stress-energy tensor around static quark and anti-quark pair -- Lattice simulation with Yang-Mills gradient flow --
PoS(LATTICE2018)255 pdf R. Yanagihara, T. Iritani, M. Kitazawa, M. Asakawa, T. Hatsuda and  on behalf of FlowQCD collaboration
Visualizations of Centre Vortex Structure in Lattice Simulations
PoS(LATTICE2018)256 pdf J.C. Biddle, W. Kamleh and D. Leinweber
Localization transition in SU(3) gauge theory
PoS(LATTICE2018)257 pdf R.Á. Vig and T. Kovacs
Localization and topology in high temperature QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)258 pdf T. Kovacs and R. A. Vig
Weak Decays and Matrix Elements
Improvements to Nucleon Matrix Elements within a θ Vacuum from Lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)259 pdf J. Dragos, T. Luu, A. Shindler, J. de Vries and A. Yousif
Towards a determination of the nucleon EDM from the quark chromo-EDM operator with the gradient flow
PoS(LATTICE2018)260 pdf J. Kim, J. Dragos, A. Shindler, T. Luu and J. de Vries
Scalar, Axial and Tensor Matrix elements in light nuclei
PoS(LATTICE2018)261 file missing W. Detmold
Nuclear Matrix Elements for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay from Lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)262 pdf D. Murphy and W. Detmold
Short Range Operator Contributions to $0\nu\beta\beta$ decay from LQCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)263 pdf H. Monge-Camacho, E. Berkowitz, D. Brantley, C. Chang, M. Clark, A.S. Gambhir, N. Garron, B. Joo, T. Kurth, A. Nicholson, E. Rinaldi, B. Tiburzi, P. Vranas and A. Walker-Loud
The $K_{\ell 3}$ form factor from four-flavor lattice QCD and $|V_{us}|$
PoS(LATTICE2018)264 file missing A.X. El-Khadra
Calculation of $ K→πlν$ form factor in $N_f = 2+1$ QCD at physical point on $(10 \text{fm})^3$
PoS(LATTICE2018)265 pdf J. Kakazu, K.I. Ishikawa, N. Ishizuka, Y. Kuramashi, Y. Nakamura, Y. Namekawa, Y. Taniguchi, N. Ukita, T. Yamazaki, T. Yoshie and  on behalf of PACS Collaboration
Radiative corrections to decay amplitudes in lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)266 pdf C. Sachrajda, D. Giusti, V. Lubicz, G. Martinelli, F. Sanfilippo, S. Simula and N. Tantalo
QED corrections to leptonic decay rates
PoS(LATTICE2018)267 pdf P. Boyle", V. Guelpers", A. Juettner", C. Lehner", F. O'hogain", A. Portelli", J. Richings and C. Sachrajda"
Control of SU(3) symmetry breaking effects in calculations of B meson decay constant
PoS(LATTICE2018)268 pdf S. Hollitt, R. Horsley, P.D. Jackson, Y. Nakamura, H. Perlt, P. Rakow, G. Schierholz, H. Stuben, R. Young and J. Zanotti
D meson semileptonic decay form factors at $q^2 = 0$
PoS(LATTICE2018)269 pdf
R. Li, A. Bazavov, C. DeTar, C.W. Bernard, D. Du, A.X. El-Khadra, E. Gámiz, S. Gottlieb, U.M. Heller, J. Komijani, A.S. Kronfeld, L. J. Laiho, P.B. Mackenzie, E.T. Neil, T. Primer, J.N. Simone, R.L. Sugar, D. Toussaint, R.S. Van de Water, R. Zhou and  on behalf of Fermilab Lattice and MILC Collaborations
Heavy-quark physics with a tmQCD valence action
PoS(LATTICE2018)270 pdf A. Bussone, S. Chaves, G. Herdoiza, C. Pena, D. Preti, J.Á. Romero, J. Ugarrio and  on behalf of the ALPHA collaboration
First results for charm physics with a tmQCD valence action
PoS(LATTICE2018)271 pdf J. Ugarrio, A. Bussone, G. Herdoiza, C. Pena, D. Preti, J.Á. Romero and  on behalf of the ALPHA collaboration
Charmed (and heavier) meson decay constants and heavy neutral meson mixing in the continuum limit using 2+1f of domain wall fermions
PoS(LATTICE2018)272 file missing J.T. Tsang
Masses and decay constants of $B_c^{(*)}$ mesons with $N_f =2+1+1$ twisted mass fermions
PoS(LATTICE2018)273 pdf D. Becirevic, A. Melis, L. Riggio, G. Salerno, S. Simula and  on behalf of ETM Collaboration
Heavy quark scaling of $B \to \pi \ell \nu$ form factors with Möbius domain wall fermions
PoS(LATTICE2018)274 pdf B. Colquhoun, S. Hashimoto and T. Kaneko
Kaon Matrix Elements from Coarse Lattices
PoS(LATTICE2018)275 file missing R. Mawhinney
Studies of I=0 and 2 $\pi\pi$ scattering with physical pion mass
PoS(LATTICE2018)276 pdf T. Wang and C. Kelly
Update on the improved lattice calculation of direct CP-violation in K decays
PoS(LATTICE2018)277 pdf C. Kelly and T. Wang
Follow-up on non-leptonic Kaon decays at large $N_c$
PoS(LATTICE2018)278 pdf F. Romero-Lopez, A. Donini, P. Hernandez and C. Pena
Progress on the study of electromagnetic corrections to $K\to\pi\pi$ decay
PoS(LATTICE2018)279 file missing X. Feng
QED-corrected Lellouch-Luescher formula for $K \rightarrow \pi\pi$ decay
PoS(LATTICE2018)280 pdf Y. Cai and Z. Davoudi
$B_s\to D^{(*)}_s l\nu$ form factors using heavy HISQ quarks
PoS(LATTICE2018)281 pdf E. McLean, C. Davies, A. Lytle, J. Koponen and  on behalf of HPQCD Collaboration
$B\rightarrow D^\ast\ell\nu$ at non-zero recoil
PoS(LATTICE2018)282 pdf A. Vaquero, C. DeTar, A.X. El-Khadra, A. Kronfeld, J. Laiho, R. Van de Water and  on behalf of Fermilab Lattice and MILC Collaborations
Update on $B \to D^\ast \ell \nu$ form factor at zero-recoil using the Oktay-Kronfeld action
PoS(LATTICE2018)283 pdf T. Bhattacharya, R. Gupta, S. Park, Y.C. Jang, J. Bailey, B.J. Choi, H. Jeong, S. Jwa, S. Lee, W. Lee, J. Pak, J. Leem and  on behalf of LANL/SWME Collaboration
2018 update of $\varepsilon_K$ with lattice QCD inputs
PoS(LATTICE2018)284 pdf W. Lee, J.A. Bailey, S. Lee, Y.C. Jang, J. Leem, S. Park and  on behalf of SWME Collaboration
Beyond the standard model kaon mixing with physical masses.
PoS(LATTICE2018)285 pdf J. Kettle, P.A. Boyle, N. Garron, R.J. Hudspith, A. Khameh and J.T. Tsang
Results for the mass difference between the long- and short-lived K mesons for physical quark masses
PoS(LATTICE2018)286 pdf B. Wang
Hypercubic effects in semileptonic decays of heavy mesons, toward $B \to \pi \ell\nu$ with Nf=2+1+1 Twisted fermions
PoS(LATTICE2018)287 pdf V. Lubicz, L. Riggio, G. Salerno, S. Simula and  on behalf of ETM Collaboration
$B \to \pi \ell \nu$ and $B \to \pi\ell\ell$ decays with HISQ/NRQCD valence quarks on $N_f=2+1$ asqtad ensembles.
PoS(LATTICE2018)288 file missing C. Bouchard
Semileptonic decays of $B_{(s)}$ mesons to light pseudoscalar mesons on four-flavor HISQ ensembles
PoS(LATTICE2018)289 file missing Z. Gelzer
Semi-leptonic form factors for $B_s \to K\ell \nu$ and $B_s \to D_s \ell \nu$
PoS(LATTICE2018)290 pdf J. Flynn, R.C. Hill, A. Juttner, A. Soni, J.T. Tsang and O. Witzel
Determining the Efficacy of different parameterizations of the z-expansion
PoS(LATTICE2018)291 pdf E. Gustafson and Y. Meurice
Flavor anomalies & the lattice
PoS(LATTICE2018)292 file missing A. Soni
Poster reception
On the definition of schemes for computing leading order isospin breaking corrections
PoS(LATTICE2018)293 pdf A. Bussone, M. Della Morte, T. Janowski and A. Walker-Loud
Four fermion condensates in SU(2) Yang-Mills-Higgs theory on a lattice
PoS(LATTICE2018)294 pdf N. Butt and S. Catterall
Perturbative calculation of $Z_q$ at the one-loop level using HYP-smeared staggered quarks
PoS(LATTICE2018)295 pdf B.J. Choi, W. Lee, J. Kim, S. Park, S.R. Sharpe and  on behalf of SWME Collaboration
10 Years of QUDA
PoS(LATTICE2018)296 file missing S. Cohen
Prony methods for extracting excited states
PoS(LATTICE2018)297 pdf attachments K. Cushman and G. Fleming
Meson electromagnetic form factors from lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)298 pdf C. Davies, J. Koponen, P. Lepage, A. Lytle, A. Zimermmane-Santos and  on behalf of HPQCD Collaboration
First Glimpse of Glue Parton Distribution Function from Lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)299 file missing Z. Fan
Light-neutrino exchange and long-distance contributions to neutrinoless double beta decay
PoS(LATTICE2018)300 file missing X. Feng
Eigenvector Continuation with Auxiliary Field Monte Carlo
PoS(LATTICE2018)301 file missing D. Frame
Lattice QCD codes on Taihu-Light
PoS(LATTICE2018)302 file missing M. Gong
Lattice Calculation of the Proton Charge Radius
PoS(LATTICE2018)303 pdf W. Detmold, A. Grebe and P. Shanahan
Mass Splittings in a Linear Sigma Model
PoS(LATTICE2018)304 pdf E. Gustafson, D. de Floor and Y. Meurice
Relational databases for lattice data analysis
PoS(LATTICE2018)305 file missing D. Hackett
Determination of the N$_f$=12 step scaling function using Möbius domain wall fermions
PoS(LATTICE2018)306 pdf A. Hasenfratz, C. Rebbi and O. Witzel
Inclusive decay structure function for $B\to X_c\ell\nu$: a comparison of a lattice calculation with the heavy quark expansion
PoS(LATTICE2018)307 pdf B. Colquhoun, P. Gambino, S. Hashimoto and T. Kaneko
The properties of D1-branes from lattice super Yang--Mills theory using gauge/gravity duality
PoS(LATTICE2018)308 pdf R.G. Jha
Split Grid and Block Lanczos Algorithm for Efficient Eigenpair Generation
PoS(LATTICE2018)309 pdf C. Jung and Y.C. Jang
Porting DDalphaAMG solver to K computer
PoS(LATTICE2018)310 pdf K.I. Ishikawa and I. Kanamori
$B \to D^{(*)}\ell\nu$ form factors from $N_f$=2+1 QCD with Möbius domain-wall quarks
PoS(LATTICE2018)311 pdf T. Kaneko, Y. Aoki, B. Colquhoun, H. Fukaya, S. Hashimoto and  on behalf of JLQCD Collaboration
Positive-parity Baryon Spectra on Isotropic Lattice
PoS(LATTICE2018)312 pdf T. Khan, D.G. Richards and F. Winter
Implementation of the conjugate gradient algorithm in Lattice QCD on FPGA devices
PoS(LATTICE2018)313 pdf P. Korcyl and G. Korcyl
Investigating volume effects for $N_f{=}2$ twisted clover fermions at the physical point
PoS(LATTICE2018)314 pdf C. Lauer, C. Alexandrou, S. Bacchio, M. Constantinou, D. Howarth, K. Hadjiyiannakou, G. Koutsou and K. Jansen
Lattice calculation of neutron electric dipole moment with overlap fermions
PoS(LATTICE2018)315 file missing J. Liang
Lattice QCD on upcoming ARM architectures
PoS(LATTICE2018)316 pdf N. Meyer, D. Pleiter, S. Solbrig and T. Wettig
Towards a new lattice QCD code: performances and first applications
PoS(LATTICE2018)317 file missing G. Pederiva
Matching of $N_f=2+1$ CLS ensembles to a tmQCD valence sector
PoS(LATTICE2018)318 pdf attachments J.A. Romero, A. Bussone, G. Herdoiza, C. Pena, D. Preti, J. Ugarrio and  on behalf of the ALPHA collaboration
Hyperon Axial Couplings at Physical Pion Mass
PoS(LATTICE2018)319 file missing A. Savanur
Complex Langevin: Boundary terms and application to QCD
PoS(LATTICE2018)320 pdf M. Scherzer, E. Seiler, D. Sexty and I.O. Stamatescu
High Precision Statistical Landau Gauge Lattice Gluon Propagator Computation
PoS(LATTICE2018)321 pdf D. Dudal, O. Oliveira and P.J. Silva
Disconnected hadronic vacuum polarization contribution to the muon g-2 with HISQ
PoS(LATTICE2018)322 pdf S. Yamamoto, C. DeTar, A.X. El-Khadra, C. McNeile, R. Van de Water, A. Vaquero and  on behalf of Fermilab Lattice, HPQCD, and MILC Collaborations
Towards the spectrum of flavour-diagonal pseudoscalar mesons in QCD+QED
PoS(LATTICE2018)323 file missing R. Young
Reweighting Lefschetz Thimbles
PoS(LATTICE2018)324 pdf F. Ziegler, S. Bluecher, J.M. Pawlowski, M. Scherzer, M. Schlosser, I.O. Stamatescu and S. Syrkowski
LQCD Outreach
Publicizing Lattice Field Theory through Visualization
PoS(LATTICE2018)325 pdf J.C. Biddle, J. Charvetto, W. Kamleh, D. Leinweber, H. Piercy, E. Puckridge, F. Stokes, R. Young and J. Zanotti
Quantum3 - Learning QCD through Intuitive Play
PoS(LATTICE2018)326 pdf T. Özkan and H.W. Lin
Quantum Kate - a model for physics outreach
PoS(LATTICE2018)327 pdf B. Jaeger, S. Gregersen, C. Pica and F. Sannino