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XIII Quark Confinement and the Hadron Spectrum

Confinement2018 - (other confinement conferences)
31 July - 6 August 2018
Maynooth University , Ireland
published September 26, 2019
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Inaugurated in 1994 in Como, Italy, this series of conferences has become an important forum for scientists working on strong interactions, stimulating exchanges among theorists and experimentalists as well as across related fields.

The aim of the conference is to bring together people working on strong interactions from different approaches, ranging from lattice QCD to perturbative QCD, from models of the QCD vacuum to QCD phenomenology and experiments, from effective theories to physics beyond the Standard Model.

The scope of the conference also includes the interface between QCD, nuclear physics and astrophysics, and the wider landscape of strongly coupled physics.
In particular, the conference will focus on the fruitful interactions and mutual benefits between QCD and the physics of condensed matter and strongly correlated systems.

The thirteenth edition of this conference series will take place at Maynooth
University , Ireland, 1-6 August 2018.

Editorial Board

Roundtable discussions
A: Vacuum structure and confinement
Focus subsection: Emergent gauge fields and chiral fermions
B: Light quarks
C: Heavy quarks
D: Deconfinement
E: QCD and New Physics
F: Nuclear and Astroparticle Physics
G: Strongly Coupled Theories
H. Statistical Methods for Physics Analysis in the XXI Century
Nonperturbative Casimir Effects in Field Theories:aspects of confinement, dynamical mass generationand chiral symmetry breaking
PoS(Confinement2018)006 pdf M. Chernodub, V.A. Goy and A. Molochkov
Review of quarkonium production: status and prospects
PoS(Confinement2018)007 pdf H.S. Chung
Dark Hadrons as Dynamical Dark Matter
PoS(Confinement2018)008 pdf K.R. Dienes, F. Huang, S. Su and B. Thomas
Exploring non-abelian gauge theory with energy-momentum tensor; stress, thermodynamics and correlations
PoS(Confinement2018)014 pdf M. Kitazawa
Atmospheric charm, QCD and neutrino astronomy
PoS(Confinement2018)016 pdf B. Kniehl, M. Benzke and M.V. Garzelli
Recent QCD results from LHC
PoS(Confinement2018)020 pdf K. Mueller and  On behalf of the ATLAS, CMS and LHCb Collaborations
Strong coupling constant from moments ofquarkonium correlators
PoS(Confinement2018)023 pdf P. Petreczky
Bayesian techniques and applications to QCD
PoS(Confinement2018)026 pdf A. Rothkopf
Large-${N_{\mathrm{c}}^{}}$ QCD and tetraquarks
PoS(Confinement2018)028 pdf H. Sazdjian
The overdamped chiral magnetic wave
PoS(Confinement2018)029 pdf I.A. Shovkovy, D. Rybalka and E. Gorbar
Roundtable discussions
Round Table on Axions and Axion-like Particles
PoS(Confinement2018)034 pdf P. Di Vecchia, M. Giannotti, M. Lattanzi and A. Lindner
Determining the strong coupling - status and challenges
PoS(Confinement2018)035 pdf A. Pich, J. Rojo, R. Sommer and A. Vairo
A: Vacuum structure and confinement
Nonperturbative quark-gluon thermodynamics at finite density.
PoS(Confinement2018)037 pdf M. Andreichikov and Y. Simonov
Spectrum of the open QCD flux tube and its effective string description
PoS(Confinement2018)039 pdf B. Brandt
Color Confinement, Hadron Dynamics, and Hadron Spectroscopy from Light-Front Holography and Superconformal Algebra
PoS(Confinement2018)040 pdf attachments S.J. Brodsky, G.F. de Téramond, A. Deur, H.G. Dosch and M. Nielsen
Variational and Dyson-Schwinger Equations of QCD
PoS(Confinement2018)041 pdf D. Campagnari and H. Reinhardt
Conformal Perturbation description of Deconfinement.
PoS(Confinement2018)042 pdf M. Caselle, N. Magnoli, A. Nada, M. Panero and M. Scanavino
Ghost Sector in Minimal Linear Covariant Gauge
PoS(Confinement2018)043 pdf A. Cucchieri, D. Dudal, T. Mendes, O. Oliveira, M. Roelfs and P.J. Silva
BRST invariant $d=2$ condensates in Gribov-Zwanziger theory
PoS(Confinement2018)044 pdf C. Felix, D. Dudal, L. Palhares, F. Rondeau and D. Vercauteren
Localisation, chiral symmetry and confinement in QCD and related theories
PoS(Confinement2018)045 pdf M. Giordano
On the distinction between color confinement, and confinement
PoS(Confinement2018)046 pdf J. Greensite and K. Matsuyama
Mass-deformed Yang-Mills theory in the covariant gauge and its gauge-invariant extension through the gauge-independent BEH mechanism
PoS(Confinement2018)047 pdf K.I. Kondo, Y. Suda, M. Ohuchi, R. Matsudo and Y. Hayashi
Dynamics and flavor symmetry realizations in chiral QCD
PoS(Confinement2018)048 pdf K. Konishi
String-like theory as solution to the sign problem of a finite density gauge theory
PoS(Confinement2018)049 pdf K. Langfeld
On the analytic structure of QCD propagators
PoS(Confinement2018)050 pdf P. Lowdon
The density of state approach to the sign problem
PoS(Confinement2018)051 pdf B. Lucini, O. Francesconi, M. Holzmann and A. Rago
Correct way to extract the dominant part of the Wilson loop in higher representations
PoS(Confinement2018)052 pdf R. Matsudo, A. Shibata, S. Kato and K.I. Kondo
Structure of hybrid static potential flux tubes in Lattice Yang-Mills-theory
PoS(Confinement2018)053 pdf L. Müller, O. Philipsen, C. Reisinger and M. Wagner
4d ensembles of percolating center vortices and chains
PoS(Confinement2018)054 pdf L.E. Oxman
Lattice QCD$_2$ effective action with Bogoliubov transformations
PoS(Confinement2018)056 pdf S. Caracciolo and M. Pastore
Baryonic or quarkyonic matter?
PoS(Confinement2018)057 pdf O. Philipsen and J. Scheunert
Thermodynamics and non-Gaussian Measures in the Covariant Variational Approach to Yang-Mills Theory
PoS(Confinement2018)059 pdf M. Quandt, H. Reinhardt and D. Campagnari
Hamiltonian approach to QCD in Coulomb gauge at finite temperatures
PoS(Confinement2018)060 pdf H. Reinhardt
Confinement/deconfinement phase transition in SU(3) Yang-Mills theory and non-Abelian dual Meissner effect.
PoS(Confinement2018)061 pdf A. Shibata, S. Kato and K.I. Kondo
Confinement, Instanton-dyons and Monopoles
PoS(Confinement2018)062 pdf E. Shuryak
Field-Strength Descriptions for a Confined System of SU(2) Charges
PoS(Confinement2018)063 pdf D. Sivers
Non-abelian Higgs theory in a strong magnetic field and confinement
PoS(Confinement2018)064 pdf H. Suganuma
Composite operator and condensate in SU(N) Yang-Mills theory with U(N-1) stability group
PoS(Confinement2018)066 pdf M. Warschinke, R. Matsudo, S. Nishino, T. Shinohara and K.I. Kondo
Focus subsection: Emergent gauge fields and chiral fermions
Out-of-equilibrium dynamics of topological an anomalous effects from chiral kinetic theory
PoS(Confinement2018)277 pdf N. Mueller
B: Light quarks
Fractal structure, power-law distribution and hadron spectrum
PoS(Confinement2018)072 pdf attachments A. Deppman
Hadron spectroscopy with photons at CLAS and CLAS12
PoS(Confinement2018)075 pdf A. Filippi
Chiral symmetry breaking corrections to thepseudoscalar pole contribution of the HadronicLight-by-Light piece of $a_\mu$
PoS(Confinement2018)077 pdf A.E. Guevara Escalante, P. Roig Garcés and J.J. Sanz-Cillero
Radiative corrections in Dalitz decays of $\pi^0$, $\eta$ and $\eta^\prime$ mesons
PoS(Confinement2018)078 pdf T. Husek
A look at hadronization via high multiplicity
PoS(Confinement2018)082 pdf E.S. Kokoulina, A. Kutov, V. Nikitin, V. Riadovikov and A. Vorobiev
Recent experimental results from the SND detector
PoS(Confinement2018)084 pdf
A.A. Korol, M.N. Achasov, A. Barniakov, K.I. Beloborodov, A. Berdyugin, A. Bogdanchikov, A.A. Botov, V.P. Druzhinin, V.B. Golubev, L.V. Kardapoltsev, A. Kharlamov, S.V. Koshuba, D.P. Kovrizhin, A.S. Kupich, R. Litvinov, N.A. Melnikova, A. Obrazovsky, E.V. Pakhtusova, K. Pugachev, S.I. Serednyakov, Z.K. Silagadze, I.K. Surin, Y. Usov, A.V. Vasiljev, V. Zhabin and V. Zhulanov
Compact Flavour-Exotic Tetraquarksin Large-N$_c$QCD — To Be or Not to Be?
PoS(Confinement2018)087 pdf D. Melikhov, W. Lucha and H. Sazdjian
Pion structure from lattice QCD
PoS(Confinement2018)088 pdf P. Petreczky, T. Izubuchi, L. Jin, C. Kallidonis, N. Karthik, S. Mukherjee, C. Shugert and S. Syritsyn
Review of phenomenological analyses of $\eta^{(\prime)} \pi$ resonances measured at the COMPASS experiment activities and recent results
PoS(Confinement2018)091 pdf A. Rodas Bilbao, A. Pilloni and A. Szczepaniak
Euclidean partons?
PoS(Confinement2018)092 pdf G. Rossi and M. Testa
Dynamical spin effects in the pseudoscalar nonetwithin holographic QCD
PoS(Confinement2018)093 pdf R. Sandapen, M. Ahmady and C. Mondal
Perturbative investigation of "Wilson-line"-type operators in Parton Physics
PoS(Confinement2018)094 pdf G. Spanoudes and H. Panagopoulos
Quark-photon vertex from lattice QCD in Landau gauge
PoS(Confinement2018)095 pdf M. Leutnant and A. Sternbeck
Light-Quark Resonances at COMPASS
PoS(Confinement2018)097 pdf S. Wallner and  on behalf of the COMPASS Collaboration
C: Heavy quarks
Radially excited $\psi$ mesons and the $Y$ enhancements
PoS(Confinement2018)105 pdf S. Coito
A quark model study of ψ (4260)
PoS(Confinement2018)106 pdf P. Gonzalez and R. Bruschini
QCD analysis of $D^{*}$-meson fragmentation functions and their uncertainties at NNLO
PoS(Confinement2018)108 pdf H. Khanpour, M. Soleymaninia, S.M. Moosavi Nejad and  on behalf of SKM18 Collaboration
XYZ States at BESIII
PoS(Confinement2018)109 pdf L. Koch and  On behalf of the BESIII collaboration
The Born-Oppenheimer approximation in an effective field theory framework
PoS(Confinement2018)110 pdf G. Krein
EFT determination of the heavy-hybrid spin potential
PoS(Confinement2018)111 pdf W.K. Lai
Strong isospin breaking in the decay constants of heavy–light mesons from local-duality QCD sum rules
PoS(Confinement2018)116 pdf D. Melikhov, W. Lucha and S. Simula
Charmonium resonances from 2+1 flavor CLS lattices
PoS(Confinement2018)117 pdf S. Collins, D. Mohler, P. Madanagopalan, S. Piemonte, S. Prelovsek and S. Weishäupl
Precision spectroscopy of charmonium-like (exotic) XYZ states at PANDA/FAIR
PoS(Confinement2018)120 pdf F. Nerling, K. Götzen, R. Kliemt, K. Peters and  on behalf of the PANDA Collaboration
Cornell Model calibration with NRQCD at N$^3$LO
PoS(Confinement2018)121 pdf P.G. Ortega, V. Mateu, D.R. Entem and F. Fernandez
$\bar{b}\bar{b}$ud tetraquark resonances in the Born-Oppenheimer approximation using lattice QCD potentials
PoS(Confinement2018)123 pdf M. Pflaumer, P. Bicudo, M. Cardoso, A. Peters and M. Wagner
Isospin violations at BESIII
PoS(Confinement2018)125 pdf attachments H. Qi and W. Yan
Charm Quark Mass with Calibrated Uncertainty
PoS(Confinement2018)126 pdf P. Masjuan, J.P.A. Erler and H. Spiesberger
Higher-order condensate corrections to bottomonium observables
PoS(Confinement2018)127 pdf T.J.G. Rauh
Selected updates on semileptonic $B$ decays and $|V_{xb}|$ determination
PoS(Confinement2018)128 pdf G. Ricciardi
The mixing of hybrids with quarkonia
PoS(Confinement2018)130 pdf J. Soto
On the origin of Y(4260) and the $J^{PC}=1^{--}$ exotic mesons
PoS(Confinement2018)131 pdf S. Takeuchi and M. Takizawa
$\Omega_c$ excited states with heavy-quark spin symmetry
PoS(Confinement2018)132 pdf L. Tolos, R. Pavao and J. Nieves
Rare FCNC radiative leptonic B$_s,_d$→γl$^+$l$^−$ decays in the SM
PoS(Confinement2018)274 pdf D. Melikhov, A. Kozachuk and N. Nikitin
D: Deconfinement
Temperature dependence of $\eta/s$: uncertainties from the equation of state
PoS(Confinement2018)135 pdf J. Auvinen, K. Eskola, P. Huovinen, H. Niemi, R. Paatelainen and P. Petreczky
Understanding the dynamics of field theories far from equilibrium
PoS(Confinement2018)136 pdf K. Boguslavski
Jet fragmentation in a dense QCD medium
PoS(Confinement2018)138 pdf P. Caucal, E. Iancu, A. Mueller and G. Soyez
Consequences of conformal anomaly on fluid dynamics
PoS(Confinement2018)139 pdf A. Czajka
Towards a precise determination of the equation of state of QCD at high-temperature
PoS(Confinement2018)140 pdf M. Dalla Brida, L. Giusti and M. Pepe
Forward particle production in proton-nucleuscollisions at NLO
PoS(Confinement2018)142 pdf B. Ducloué
Hadron gas with repulsive mean field
PoS(Confinement2018)145 pdf P. Huovinen and P. Petreczky
Sphaleron rate in lattice gluodynamics
PoS(Confinement2018)147 pdf A.Y. Kotov
Thermal properties of S = − 1 Hyperons: an S-matrix approach
PoS(Confinement2018)151 pdf P.M. Lo
Matching the non-equilibrium initial stage of heavy ion collisions to hydrodynamics with QCD kinetic theory
PoS(Confinement2018)152 pdf A. Kurkela, A. Mazeliauska, J.F. Paquet, S. Schlichting and D. Teaney
Chiral and $U(1)_A$ restoration: Ward Identities and effective theories
PoS(Confinement2018)153 pdf Á. Gómez Nicola, J. Ruiz de Elvira, A. Vioque-Rodríguez and S. Ferreres-Solé
Study of deconfined quark matter at zero temperature and high density
PoS(Confinement2018)154 pdf N. Astrakhantsev, V. Bornyakov, V. Braguta, E.M. Ilgenfritz, A.Y. Kotov, A. Nikolaev and A. Rothkopf
Thermal effective potential for the Polyakov loop to higher loop order
PoS(Confinement2018)155 pdf H. Nishimura, C. Korthals-Altes, R. Pisarski and V. Skokov
In-medium heavy quarkonium from lattice NRQCD
PoS(Confinement2018)157 pdf S. Kim, P. Petreczky and A. Rothkopf
Relativistic fluid dynamics of spin-polarized systems of particles
PoS(Confinement2018)158 pdf W. Florkowski, B. Friman, A. Jaiswal, R. Ryblewski and E. Speranza
Evolution of magnetic fields in a transversely expanding highly conductive fluid
PoS(Confinement2018)162 pdf M. Shokri and N. Sadooghi
Lattice Landau gauge quark propagator at finite temperature
PoS(Confinement2018)163 pdf P.J. Silva and O. Oliveira
Toward a unified description of jet and medium scales in heavy-ion collisions
PoS(Confinement2018)164 pdf K. Tywoniuk
Loop functions at finite temperature from perturbation theory to lattice QCD
PoS(Confinement2018)165 pdf A. Vairo
Equation of state in (2+1) flavor QCD at hightemperatures
PoS(Confinement2018)166 pdf J.H. Weber, A. Bazavov and P. Petreczky
Wigner function approach to polarization-vorticity coupling and hydrodynamics with spin
PoS(Confinement2018)281 pdf A. Kumar
E: QCD and New Physics
One-loop lattice study of composite bilinear operators in Supersymmetric QCD
PoS(Confinement2018)170 pdf M. Costa and H. Panagopoulos
CP violation in QCD
PoS(Confinement2018)171 pdf M. Creutz
Current status of $\varepsilon'/\varepsilon$ in the Standard Model
PoS(Confinement2018)178 pdf H. Gisbert
A Model for Soft and Hard Interactions based on the CGC/Saturation Approach
PoS(Confinement2018)179 pdf E.A. Gotsman, E. Levin and I. Potashnikova
Hadronic contributions to the muon anomalous magnetic moment
PoS(Confinement2018)186 pdf M. Procura, G. Colangelo, M. Hoferichter and P. Stoffer
Searches for new physics using jet substructure inATLAS and CMS
PoS(Confinement2018)192 pdf S. Schramm and  on behalf of the ATLAS and CMS Collaborations
Calculation of Nucleon Electric Dipole Moments Induced by Quark Chromo-Electric Dipole Moments and the QCD θ-term
PoS(Confinement2018)194 pdf S. Syritsyn, T. Izubuchi and H. Ohki
F: Nuclear and Astroparticle Physics
Pion condensation and the QCD phase diagram at finite isospin density
PoS(Confinement2018)197 pdf J.O. Andersen, P. Adhikari and P. Kneschke
Dense matter in strong magnetic fields without nucleons
PoS(Confinement2018)201 pdf T. Brauner
Influence of quark masses and strangeness degrees of freedom on inhomogeneous chiral phases
PoS(Confinement2018)202 pdf M. Buballa and S. Carignano
Constraints from the GW170817 merger event on thenuclear matter equation of state
PoS(Confinement2018)203 pdf F. Burgio, A. Figura, H.J. Schulze and J. Wei
Towards understanding the $\phi$ meson in nuclear matter with finite momentum
PoS(Confinement2018)207 pdf P. Gubler
Wess-Zumino-Witten term in QCD-like theories
PoS(Confinement2018)209 pdf H. Kolešová
Chiral symmetry restoration by parity doubling and the structure of neutron stars
PoS(Confinement2018)212 pdf M. Marczenko, D. Blaschke, K. Redlich and C. Sasaki
Multi-winding flux tubes in CFL quark matter
PoS(Confinement2018)213 pdf A. Schmitt and A. Haber
Kaonic atoms measurements at the DAΦNE Collider
PoS(Confinement2018)215 pdf
D. Sirghi, A. Amirkhani, A. Baniahmad, M. Bazzi, G. Bellotti, C. Berucci, D. Bosnar, M. Bragadireanu, M. Cargnelli, C. Curceanu, L. Fabbietti, C. Fiorini, F. Ghio, C. Guaraldo, M. Iliescu, M. Iwasaki, J. Martona, M. Miliucci, P. Moskal, S. Nied´zwiecki, S. Okada, D. Pietreanu, K. Piscicchia, A. Scordo, H. Shi, M. Silarski, F. Sirghi, M. Skurzok, A. Spallone, H. Tatsuno, E. Widmann and J. Zmeskal
Transport in Dense Nuclear Matter
PoS(Confinement2018)216 pdf S. Stetina
G: Strongly Coupled Theories
Collider phenomenology of vector resonances in WZ scattering processes
PoS(Confinement2018)220 pdf R.L. Delgado, A. Dobado, D. Espriu, C. Garcia-Garcia, M.J. Herrero, X. Marcano and J.J. Sanz-Cillero
Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking in the U(2) Planar Thirring Model?
PoS(Confinement2018)221 pdf S. Hands
Chiral Perturbation Theory with an Isosinglet Scalar
PoS(Confinement2018)222 pdf M. Hansen, K. Langæble and F. Sannino
Infrared Behaviour of SU(2) Gauge Theory with $N_f$ fundamental flavours
PoS(Confinement2018)225 pdf V. Leino, K. Rummukainen, J. Suorsa, K. Tuominen and S. Tähtinen
Gravitational waves and collider signatures fromholographic phase transitions in soft walls
PoS(Confinement2018)227 pdf E. Megias, G. Nardini and M. Quiros
Composite Higgs Models: a new holographic approach
PoS(Confinement2018)275 pdf A. Katanaeva and D. Espriu
H. Statistical Methods for Physics Analysis in the XXI Century
Continuous signal modelling in a multidimensional space of coupling parameters
PoS(Confinement2018)228 pdf L. Brenner and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Estimation of global statistical significance of a new signal within the GooFit framework on GPUs
PoS(Confinement2018)229 pdf A. Di Florio
Determination of the quark-gluon string parameters from the data on pp, pA and AA collisions at wide energy range using Bayesian Gaussian Process Optimization
PoS(Confinement2018)235 pdf V. Kovalenko
Bayesian unfolding of charged particle $p_{\mathrm{T}} $ spectra with ALICE at the LHC
PoS(Confinement2018)236 pdf M. Krüger and  on behalf of the ALICE collaboration
Managing Many Simultaneous Systematic Uncertainties
PoS(Confinement2018)238 pdf L. Lista, A. De Iorio and A.O.M. Iorio
Confidence intervals for linear combinations of Poisson observations
PoS(Confinement2018)240 pdf F. Matorras
Pseudosignificances as figures of merit: a systematic study and exploration of Bayesian solutions
PoS(Confinement2018)249 pdf P. Vischia
Bethe–Salpeter-Motivated Modelling of Pseudo-Goldstone Pseudoscalar Mesons
PoS(Confinement2018)251 pdf W. Lucha
Open-Flavour Mesons from the Angle of Bethe, Dyson, Salpeter, Schwinger, et al.
PoS(Confinement2018)252 pdf W. Lucha, T. Hilger, M. Gomez-Rocha and A. Krassnigg
Charge correlations and strongly intensive fluctuations in ultrarelativistic nuclear collisions in the string model
PoS(Confinement2018)254 pdf V. Kovalenko
Anomalous transport, massive gravity theories and holographic momentum relaxation
PoS(Confinement2018)255 pdf E. Megias
Evolution of higher moments of multiplicity distribution
PoS(Confinement2018)256 pdf R. Sochorová and B. Tomasik
Energy-dependent hotspots model via vector meson photoproduction
PoS(Confinement2018)258 pdf M. Krelina, J. Cepila, J.G. Contreras Nuno and J.D. Tapia Takaki
Proper time evolution of magnetic susceptibility in amagnetized plasma of quarks and gluons
PoS(Confinement2018)259 pdf S.M.A. Tabatabaee and N. Sadooghi
QCD at nonzero isospin asymmetry
PoS(Confinement2018)260 pdf B. Brandt, G. Endrodi and S. Schmalzbauer
How to identify gluonium states using QCD counting rules
PoS(Confinement2018)262 pdf F.J. Llanes-Estrada and S.J. Brodsky
The role of the thermal $f_0(500)$ or sigma in chiral symmetry restoration
PoS(Confinement2018)263 pdf A. Vioque-Rodríguez and Á. Gómez Nicola
High Precision Statistical Landau Gauge Lattice Gluon Propagator Computation
PoS(Confinement2018)265 pdf D. Dudal, O. Oliveira and P.J. Silva
Color screening in 2+1 flavor QCD at large distances
PoS(Confinement2018)266 pdf S. Steinbeisser, J.H. Weber and  on behalf of the TUMQCD collaboration
Monopole Dominance of Confinement in SU(3) Lattice QCD
PoS(Confinement2018)267 pdf H. Suganuma and N. Sakumichi
Type of dual superconductivity for SU(2) and SU(3) Yang-Mills theories
PoS(Confinement2018)269 pdf A. Shibata, K.I. Kondo, S. Nishino, T. Sasago and S. Kato
Spectral properties of light and charm mesons from $N_f=2+1$ anisotropic lattice QCD
PoS(Confinement2018)272 pdf R. Quinn, J. Glesaaen, A. Rothkopf and J.I. Skullerud