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High Energy Astrophysics in Southern Africa

HEASA2018 - (other heasa conferences)
1-3 August, 2018
Parys, Free State, South Africa
published July 29, 2019
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HEASA 2018 was the sixth conference in the annual series "High Energy Astrophysics in Southern Africa".
Its goal was to bring together scientists from the southern African region, the African continent, and around the world, with an interest in high-energy astrophysical phenomena. Topics discussed include theoretical and multi-wavelength and multi-messenger observational aspects of active galactic nuclei, galaxy systems, gamma-ray bursts, X-ray/gamma-ray binaries, supernovae and supernova remnants, neutron stars, pulsars and pulsar wind nebulae, cataclysmic variables, and modern aspects of astro-particle physics.

HEASA 2018 was hosted by North-West University, Potchefstroom, and took place at the resort Stonehenge in Africa near Parys, Free State, August 1 - 3, 2018. It was sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology and the National Research Foundation of South Africa through the South African Gamma-Ray Astronomy Programme (SA-GAMMA).

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HEASA 2018 Speakers
Accretion onto deformed black holes via pseudo–Newtonian potentials
PoS(HEASA2018)001 pdf A. John and C. Stevens
Constraining the star formation history withFermi-LAT observations of the gamma-ray opacity of the universe
PoS(HEASA2018)003 pdf A.M. Le Ray and A. Chen
Simultaneous Fitting of the Spectral Energy Density, Energy-dependent Size, and X-ray Spectral Index vs.Radius of The Young Pulsar Wind Nebula PWNG0.9+0.1
PoS(HEASA2018)005 pdf C. van Rensuburg and C. Venter
Differential Observation Techniques for the SZE-21cm and radio sources
PoS(HEASA2018)006 pdf C.M. Takalana, P. Marchegiani and S. Colafrancesco
The ASTRI Dual-Mirror Small-Size Cherenkov Telescope
PoS(HEASA2018)008 pdf C. Arcaro and  for the CTA ASTRI project
VHE gamma-ray emission from radio galaxies
PoS(HEASA2018)010 pdf D. Prokhorov and  on behalf of the H.E.S.S. collaboration
Yonetoku relation of Fermi-GBM and Swift-BATgamma-ray bursts
PoS(HEASA2018)012 pdf F.F. Dirirsa and S. Razzaque
Dark matter gets DAMPE at high energies
PoS(HEASA2018)013 pdf G. Beck and S. Colafrancesco
The intrinsic nuclear luminosities of a new sample of medium-distance Seyfert galaxies
PoS(HEASA2018)015 pdf H. Winkler
Inverse Compton radiation from GRB afterglows in the VHE range
PoS(HEASA2018)020 pdf J.C. Joshi and S. Razzaque
Probing quantum gravity using high-energy astrophysics
PoS(HEASA2018)022 pdf J. Tarrant, G. Beck and S. Colafrancesco
An analytical hadronic synchrotron mirror model forblazars - Application to 3C279
PoS(HEASA2018)024 pdf L.L. Oberholzer and M. Böttcher
Exploiting High-Energy Polarization in Blazars
PoS(HEASA2018)025 pdf L. Dreyer and M. Böttcher
Modelling the polarisation signatures detected from the first white dwarf pulsar AR Sco.
PoS(HEASA2018)027 pdf L. Du Plessis, Z. Wadiasingh, C. Venter, A.K. Harding, S. Chandra and P. Meintjes
Polarization of Gravitational Waves from Binary Systems
PoS(HEASA2018)029 pdf L. Nyadzani and S. Razzaque
Possible Dark Matter annihilation in the galaxy cluster A520
PoS(HEASA2018)030 pdf P. Marchegiani, S. Colafrancesco and N. Khanye
Spectral Variability Signatures of Relativistic Shocks in Blazars
PoS(HEASA2018)031 pdf M. Böttcher and M. Baring
Did Dark Matter Kill the Dinosaurs?
PoS(HEASA2018)032 pdf M. Sarkis and G. Beck
Blazar variability -- expect the unexpected
PoS(HEASA2018)033 pdf M. Zacharias
White Dwarf Pulsars as Possible Gamma-Ray Sources
PoS(HEASA2018)037 pdf P. Meintjes, Q. Kaplan, K.K. Singh, H.J. van Heerden and F. Ramamonjisoa
Early Science with MeerKAT
PoS(HEASA2018)041 pdf S. Goedhart
Particle-in-cell simulations of shear boundary layersin relativistic jets
PoS(HEASA2018)046 pdf T.B. Chand, M. Böttcher and P. Kilian
Fits to the spectra of broad-line region of active galactic nuclei and opacities for two-photon pair production.
PoS(HEASA2018)049 pdf M. Ntshatsha, S. Razzaque and R. Britto