PoS - Proceedings of Science

Topical Workshop on Electronics for Particle Physics

TWEPP2018 - (other twepp conferences)
17-21 September 2018
Antwerp, Belgium
published July 25, 2019
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The workshop will cover all aspects of electronics for particle physics experiments, and accelerator instrumentation of general interest to users.

LHC experiments (and their operational experience) will remain a focus of the meeting but a strong emphasis on R&D for future experimentation will be maintained, such as SLHC, CLIC, ILC, neutrino facilities as well as other particle and astroparticle physics experiments.

The purpose of the workshop is:

Editorial Board

Radiation Tolerant Components and Systems
Systems, Planning, Installation, Commissioning and Running Experience
Programmable Logic, Design Tools and Methods
Production, Testing and Reliability
Power, Grounding and Shielding
Optoelectronics and Links
Front-end Electronics of the Forward Strip Detector for the ATLAS HL-LHC Upgrade
PoS(TWEPP2018)014 pdf C. Garcia Argos, A. Greenall, M. Hauser, K. Jakobs, K. Mahboubi, U. Parzefal, L.A.M. Wiik-Fuchs and S. Wonsak
First Double-Sided End-Cap Strip Module for the ATLAS High-Luminosity Upgrade
PoS(TWEPP2018)015 pdf L.A.M. Wiik-Fuchs, U. Parzefal, C. Garcia Argos, M. Hauser, K. Jakobs, K. Mahboubi, A. Rodriguez Rodriguez, F. Ruehr, V. Prahl, D. Eliecer Arziza Alvarez, I. Bloch, S. Diez Cornell and I.M. Gregor
Automated Test Station for the Characterization of Custom Silicon PhotoMultipliers for the Mu2e Calorimeter
PoS(TWEPP2018)017 pdf
L. Morescalchi, D. Caiulo, C. Franco, D.F. Stefano, D. Simone, L. Leonardo, P. Daniele, P. Elena, R. Fabrizio, S. Franco, C. Marco, C. Gianni, E. Diociaiuti, D. Raffaella, S. Giovannella, H. Fabio, M. Martteo, M. Stefano, R. Marco, S. Ivano, F. Anna, M. Stefan, M. Nabil, S. Radia and P. Gianantonio
Front-end hybrids for the strip-strip modules of the CMS Outer Tracker Upgrade
PoS(TWEPP2018)019 pdf T. Gadek, G. Blanchot, R. Gajanec, A. Honma and M.I. Kovacs
A bipolar shaping amplifier for low background alpha/beta counters with silicon detectors.
PoS(TWEPP2018)021 pdf S. Thys, O. Evrard, S. Put and P. Leroux
A 1 GS/s sampling digitizer designed with interleaved architecture (GSPS) for the LaBr3 detectors of the FAMU experiment
PoS(TWEPP2018)022 pdf R. Travaglini, G. Baldazzi, I. D'Antone, S. Meneghini, L.P. Rignanese and M. Zuffa
Investigation of Single Event Latch-up effects in the ALICE SAMPA ASIC
PoS(TWEPP2018)023 pdf S.M. Mahmood, K. Roeed and  on behalf of the ALICE collaboration
ATLAS Tile Calorimeter Link Daughterboard
PoS(TWEPP2018)024 pdf E. Valdes Santurio, S. Silverstein and C. Bohm
Radiation tests and production test strategy for the ALICE TOF readout upgrade board
PoS(TWEPP2018)025 pdf D. Falchieri and  on behalf of the ALICE collaboration
Radiation tolerant conditioning electronics for vacuum measurements
PoS(TWEPP2018)026 pdf N. Chatzigeorgiou, G. Pigny and P.W. Krakowski
A Delay Locked Loop for Time-to-Digital Converters with Quick Recovery and Low Hysteresis
PoS(TWEPP2018)027 pdf B. Van Bockel, J. Prinzie, Y. Coa and P. Leroux
The Upgraded Microstrip Silicon Sensor Characterisation Facility of the University of Sheffield
PoS(TWEPP2018)028 pdf E. Kourlitis, K. Lohwasser, R. French and S.O. Edwards
Characterization of Soft Error Rate Against Memory Elements Spacing and Clock Skew in a Logic with Triple Modular Redundancy in a 65nm Process
PoS(TWEPP2018)029 pdf S. Miryala, T. Hemperek and M. Menouni
High-Voltage Silicon JFET for HV Multiplexing for the ATLAS MicroStrip Staves
PoS(TWEPP2018)030 pdf G. Giacomini, W. Chen and D. Lynn
Hybrid GaN and CMOS Integrated Module Radiation Hard DC-to-DC Converter
PoS(TWEPP2018)031 pdf A. Hegde, J. Kitchen, Y. Long, A. Odishvili, P. Bikkina, A. Levy and E. Mikkola
Flexible Printed Circuit design and testing for the High-Granularity Timing Detector for the Phase II upgrade of the ATLAS calorimeter system
PoS(TWEPP2018)032 pdf M. Robles Manzano, A. Brogna, A. Kurt, L. Masetti, P. Plattner, L. Polidori, Q. Weitzel and  on behalf of the HGTD community
The Embedded Local Monitor Board upgrade proposals
PoS(TWEPP2018)034 pdf K.S. Nicpon, H. Binderup, H. Boterenbrood, P. Farthouat, P. Nikiel, V. Ryjov and S. Schlenker
Electronics Developments for Phase-2 Upgrade of CMS Drift Tubes
PoS(TWEPP2018)035 pdf A. Triossi, Á. Navarro Tobar, D. Redondo, C. Fernández Bedoya, J. Puerta-Pelayo, I. Redondo, J. Sastre, M. Bellato, D. Corti, R. Isocrate, S. Ventura, P. De Remigis, S. Maselli and F. Rotondo
New 63U ATCA rack: thermal performances and integration challenge
PoS(TWEPP2018)037 pdf M.T. Kalinowski and C. Bortolin
CMS Drift Tubes Readout Phase 1 Upgrade
PoS(TWEPP2018)039 pdf A. Navarro Tobar,  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration, A. Triossi, I. Redondo-Fernández, D. Francia-Ferrero, C. Fernández Bedoya, J. Javier Sastre-Álvaro, J.M. Cela Ruiz, D.D. Redondo-Ferrero, J.F. Menendez and J.F. De Troconiz
CMS ECAL Upgrade Front End card: design and prototype test results
PoS(TWEPP2018)044 pdf A. Dolgopolov, C. Jessop, N. Loukas, A. Singovski and  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
Novel P-in-N Si-Sensor technology for high resolution and high repetition-rate experiments at accelerator facilities
PoS(TWEPP2018)045 pdf M.M. Patil, M. Caselle, L. Rota, A. Dierlamm, M. Baselga Bacardit, G. Niehues, E. Bründermann, M. Weber, A.S. Müller, G. Borghi and M. Boscardin
ATLAS Phase-II-Upgrade Pixel Demonstrator Read-out
PoS(TWEPP2018)046 pdf E. Buschmann and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
The CMS Level-1 muon trigger for the LHC Run II
PoS(TWEPP2018)049 pdf J. Heikkilae and  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
A Lightweight First-Level Muon Track Trigger for Future Hadron Collider Experiments
PoS(TWEPP2018)051 pdf D. Cieri, S. Abovyan, V. Danielyan, M. Fras, P. Gadow, O. Kortner, S. Kortner, H. Kroha, F. Müller, S. Nowak, P. Richter and K. Schmidt-Sommerfeld
New development in the CMS ECAL Level-1 trigger system to meet the challenges of LHC Run 2
PoS(TWEPP2018)052 pdf F. Thiant, Y. Geerebaert, F. Magniette, T. Romanteau, A. Zabi, A. Zghiche and  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
Study of Track Reconstruction using Retina algorithm for charged particles in magnetic field
PoS(TWEPP2018)053 pdf W. Deng, G. De Lentdecker, G. Huang, F. Robert, Z. Song, D. Wang and Y. Yang
Input Mezzanine Board for the Fast Tracker(FTK) at ATLAS
PoS(TWEPP2018)055 pdf T. Mitani and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Concept, design and verification of components for an integrated on-detector silicon photonic multichannel transmitter
PoS(TWEPP2018)057 pdf Y. Zhang, D. Karnick, M. Schneider, L. Eisenblätter, T. Kühner and M. Weber
New LpGBT-FPGA IP: Simulation model and first implementation
PoS(TWEPP2018)059 pdf J.M. Mendez, S. Baron, S. Kulis and J. Fonseca
Thermal Characterisation of the Versatile Link+ Transceiver
PoS(TWEPP2018)060 pdf C. Soos, F.L. Bottom, S. Detraz, A. Kraxner, L. Olantera, C. Scarcella, C. Sigaud, J. Troska and F. Vasey
A possible implementation of a detector specific extension of the FELIX firmware for the ITk Pixel sub-detector
PoS(TWEPP2018)064 pdf C. Duelsen, T. Flick, W. Wagner and M. Wensing
Machine learning: hit time finding with a neural network
PoS(TWEPP2018)065 pdf
R. Thalmeier, H. Yin, H. Aihara, T. Aziz, S. Bacher, S. Bahinipati, E. Barberio, T. Baroncelli, T. Baroncelli, A.K. Basith, G. Batignani, A. Bauer, P.K. Behera, V. Bertacchi, S. Bettarini, B. Bhuyan, T. Bilka, F. Bosi, L. Bosisio, A. Bozek, F. Buchsteiner, G. Caria, G. Casarosa, M. Ceccanti, D. Cervenkov, T. Czank, N. Dash, M. De Nuccio, Z. Doležal, F. Forti, M. Friedl, B. Gobbo, J.A.M. Grimaldo, K. Hara, T. Higuchi, C. Irmler, A. Ishikawa, H.B. Jeon, C. Joo, M. Kaleta, J. Kandra, N. Kambara, K.H. Kang, P. Kodyš, T. Kohriki, S. Koike, I. Komarov, M. Kumar, R. Kumar, W. Kun, P. Kvasnicka, C. La Licata, K. Lalwani, L. Lanceri, J.Y. Lee, S.C. Lee, J. Libby, T. Lueck, P. Mammini, A. Martini, S.N. Mayekar, G.B. Mohanty, T. Morii, K.R. Nakamura, Z. Natkaniec, Y. Onuki, W. Ostrowicz, A. Paladino, E. Paoloni, H. Park, K. Prasanth, A. Profeti, I. Rashevskaya, K.K. Rao, G. Rizzo, P.K. Resmi, M. Rozanska, D. Sahoo, J. Sasaki, N. Sato, S. Schultschik, C. Schwanda, J. Stypula, J. Suzuki, S. Tanaka, H. Tanigawa, G.N. Taylor, T. Tsuboyama, P. Urquijo, L. Vitale, S. Watanuki, M. Watanabe, I.J. Watson, J. Webb, J. Wiechczynski, S. Williams, L. Zani and  Belle-II SVD Collaboration
FPGA Implementation of an Artificial Neural Network for Subatomic Physics Experiment Particles Recognition
PoS(TWEPP2018)066 pdf R. Zhao, A. Besson, C. Hu-guo, L.A. Perez perez, K. Jaaskelainen, M. Goffe and Y. Hu
GBT oriented firmware for Data Processing Boards for CBM
PoS(TWEPP2018)067 pdf W.M. Zabołotny, A. Byszuk, D. Emschermann, M. Gumiński, G. Kasprowicz, J. Lehnert, P.A. Loizeau, W. Mueller, K.T. Poźniak and R. Romaniuk
Ethernet-based slow control system for parallel configuration of FPGA-based front-end boards
PoS(TWEPP2018)068 pdf W.M. Zabołotny
An automated pipeline for continuous integration of FPGA firmware and software for the LHCb Run3 upgrade
PoS(TWEPP2018)069 pdf P. Durante, L. Granado Cardoso, J.V. Viana Barbosa, F. Alessio and G. Vouters
Remote Control Unit of the LHC Injector Complex Beam Loss Monitoring System
PoS(TWEPP2018)070 pdf E. Calvo Giraldo, W. Viganó and C. Zamantzas
ABACUS : Two fast amplifiers for the readout of LGAD detectors
PoS(TWEPP2018)071 pdf G. Mazza, F. Fausti, E.J. Olave, V. Monaco, R. Sacchi and R. Cirio
Design of a monolithic HR-CMOS sensor chip for the CLIC silicon tracker
PoS(TWEPP2018)072 pdf I. Kremastiotis, R. Ballabriga, N. Egidos and  On behalf of the CLICdp collaboration
Design of a HVCMOS pixel sensor ASIC with on-chip readout electronics for ATLAS ITk Upgrade
PoS(TWEPP2018)074 pdf M. Prathapan, P. Barrillon, M. Benoit, R. Casanova, F. Ehrler, P. Pangaud, S. Pusti, R. Schimassek, E. Vilella, A.L. Weber, W. Wong, H. Zhang and I. Peric
Algorithms for Threshold Dispersion Minimization of the CHIPIX65 Asynchronous Front-End
PoS(TWEPP2018)076 pdf M. Sonzogni, F. De Canio, L. Gaioni, M. Manghisoni, V. Re, G. Traversi and L. Ratti
The Quality-Assurance Test of the ATLAS New Small Wheel Read-Out Controller ASIC
PoS(TWEPP2018)081 pdf S. Popa, S. Martoiu, M. Luchian, R. Coliban and M. Ivanovici
A Low-Noise Charge-Sensitive Amplifier for Gainless Charge Readout in High-Pressure Gas TPC
PoS(TWEPP2018)083 pdf C. Gao, M. An, G. Huang, X. Huang, Y. Mei, Q. Sun, X. Sun, L. Xiao and P. Yang
A High Dynamic Range ASIC for Time of Flight PET with monolithic crystals
PoS(TWEPP2018)085 pdf S. Gómez Fernández, A. Sanmukh, D. Gascon, D. Sanchez, J. Mauricio, R. Graciani, R. Manera, L. Garrido, L. Freixes, J. Marín, O. Vela, J.M. Fernandez, J.M. Cela, J.J. Navarrete, J.C. Oller, J.M. Perez and P. Rato
The Readout and Data Transmission of a Monolithic Active Pixel Sensor prototype for the CEPC Vertex Detector
PoS(TWEPP2018)086 pdf L. Xiao, B. You, X. Sun, G. Huang, P. Yang, D. Zhang and W. Ren
An Ultra-Fast 10Gb/s 64b66b Data Serialiser Backend in 65nm CMOS Technology
PoS(TWEPP2018)088 pdf T. Gardiner
Prototype Front-end ASIC for Silicon-strip Detectors of J-PARC Muon g-2/EDM Experiment
PoS(TWEPP2018)090 pdf Y. Tsutsumi, T. Kishishita, Y. Sato, M. Shoji, M.M. Tanaka, T. Mibe and J. Tojo
A 28 nm Fast Tracker Front-End for Phase-II Atlas sMDT Detectors
PoS(TWEPP2018)091 pdf L. Mangiagalli, A. Pipino, M. De Matteis, F. Resta, A. Baschirotto, H. Kroha, R. Richter and O. Kortner
A 130 nm CMOS PLL for Phase-II ATLAS-MDT TDC
PoS(TWEPP2018)092 pdf F. Resta, A. Pipino, M. De Matteis, A. Baschirotto, H. Kroha, R. Ricther, O. Kortner, J. Zhu and J. Wang
A Capacitor DAC for Charge Redistribution Analog to Digital Converter with Successive Approximation
PoS(TWEPP2018)094 pdf P. Vancura, M. Havranek, T. Benka, Z. Janoska, J. Jakovenko and V. Vrba
A System-Verilog Verification Environment for the CIC Data Concentrator ASIC of the CMS Outer Tracker Phase-2 Upgrades
PoS(TWEPP2018)097 pdf S. Scarfi', A. Caratelli, L. Caponetto, D. Ceresa, G. Galbit, K. Kloukinas, Y. Leblebici, B. Nodari, S. Viret and  on behalf of the CMS Tracker Group
A high speed transmitter circuit for the ATLAS/CMS HL-LHC pixel readout chip
PoS(TWEPP2018)098 pdf T. Wang, T. Hemperek, H. Krüger, K. Moustakas, P. Rymaszewski and M. Vogt
A 65 nm Data Concentration ASIC for the CMS Outer Tracker Detector Upgrade at HL-LHC
PoS(TWEPP2018)099 pdf B. Nodari, L. Caponetto, G.C. Galbit, S. Viret and S. Scarfi
Serenity: An ATCA prototyping platform for CMS Phase-2
PoS(TWEPP2018)115 pdf A.W. Rose, D. Parker, G. Iles, O. Sahin, P.A. Bausson, A. Tsirou, G. Fedi, P.G. Verdini, L. Ardilla, M. Balzer, T. Schuh, T. Williams, A. Thea, K. Harder, S. Dugad, R. Shukla and I. Mirza
NaNet: a Reconfigurable PCIe Network Interface Card Architecture for Real-time Distributed Heterogeneous Stream Processing in the NA62 Low Level Trigger.
PoS(TWEPP2018)118 pdf P. Cretaro, A. Biagioni, O. Frezza, F. Lo Cicero, A. Lonardo, M. Martinelli, P.S. Paolucci, L. Pontisso, F. Simula, P. Vicini, C. Capone, F. Capuani, G. De Bonis, E. Pastorelli, R. Ammendola, G. Lamanna, M. Sozzi, R. Piandani and D. Soldi
ALICE trigger system for LHC Run 3
PoS(TWEPP2018)119 pdf M. Krivda, D. Evans, A. Jusko, J. Kvapil, R. Lietava, O.V. Baillie, E.J. Willsher, I. Kralik, M. Bombara, L. Tropp and L.A. Pérez Moreno
Radiation Tolerant Components and Systems
Investigations into the effect of gamma irradiation on the leakage current of 130-nm readout chips for the ATLAS ITk strip detector
PoS(TWEPP2018)121 pdf R. Wölker, C. Sawyer and  on behalf of the ATLAS ITk Community
Radiation hardness test of the nSYNC ASIC with 60 MeV proton beam
PoS(TWEPP2018)124 pdf D. Brundu, S. Cadeddu, A. Cardini and L. Casu
Radiation hard Depleted Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors with high-resistivity substrates
PoS(TWEPP2018)125 pdf S. Terzo, M. Benoit, E. Cavallaro, R. Casanova, F. Foerster, S. Grinstein, G. Iacobucci, I. Peric, C. Puigdengoles and E. Vilella
Systems, Planning, Installation, Commissioning and Running Experience
Operation of the CMS Level-1 Calorimeter Trigger in High Pileup Conditions and Motivations for Phase-2
PoS(TWEPP2018)126 pdf A. Bundock
Service hybrids for the silicon strip modules of the CMS Phase-2 Outer Tracker upgrade
PoS(TWEPP2018)127 pdf K. Klein, L. Feld, W. Karpinski, G. Pierschel, M. Preuten, M. Wlochal, A.J. Pauls, M. Rauch, N.M. Roewert and  on behalf of the CMS Tracker Group
The Phase-I Trigger Readout Electronics Upgrade of the ATLAS Liquid Argon Calorimeters
PoS(TWEPP2018)128 pdf K. Uno and  on the behalf of ATLAS Liquid Argon Calorimeter group
Design and development of the DAQ and Timing Hub for CMS Phase-2
PoS(TWEPP2018)129 pdf
J. Hegeman, J.M. André, U. Behrens, A. Bocci, J. Branson, S. Cittolin, D. Da Silva Gomes, G.L. Darlea, C. Deldicque, Z. Demiragli, M. Dobson, N. Doualot, S. Erhan, J.R. Fulcher, D. Gigi, M. Gladki, F. Glege, G. Gomez-Ceballos, M. Hansen, A. Holzner, M. Lettrich, A. Mecionis, F. Meijers, E. Meschi, R.K. Mommsen, S. Morovic, V. O'Dell, S.J. Orn, L. Orsini, I. Papakrivopoulos, C. Paus, A. Petrucci, M. Pieri, D. Rabady, A. Racz, V. Rapsevicius, T. Reis, H. Sakulin, C. Schwick, D. Simelevicius, M. Stankevicius, J. Troska, C. Vazquez Velez, C. Wernet and P. Zejdl
The End-of-Substructure (EoS) card for the Strip Tracker Upgrade of the ATLAS experiment
PoS(TWEPP2018)130 pdf C. Wanotayaroj, H. Ceslik, H. Colbow, S. Diez Cornell, P. Goettlicher, A. Melnik, M. Stanitzki and J. Wolff
Status of the Readout Electronics for the Triple-GEM Detectors of the CMS GE1/1 System and Performance of the Slice Test in the 2017-18 LHC Run
PoS(TWEPP2018)132 pdf E.R. Starling and  on behalf of the CMS GEM collaboration
Control and Monitoring for a serially powered pixel demonstrator for the ATLAS Phase II upgrade
PoS(TWEPP2018)133 pdf N. Lehmann and  on behalf of the ATLAS ITk Community
The VMM front-end integration in the Scalable Readout System: On the way to a next generation readout system for generic detector R&D and experiment instrumentation
PoS(TWEPP2018)136 pdf M. Lupberger, F. Fuentes Robayo, Y. Huang, S. Martoiu, H. Müller, D. Pfeiffer and A. Rusu
The Proton Timing System of the TOTEM experiment at LHC
PoS(TWEPP2018)137 pdf E. Bossini and  On behalf of the TOTEM Collaboration
First performance measurements of the Fast Tracker Real Time Processor at ATLAS
PoS(TWEPP2018)138 pdf N.V. Biesuz and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Programmable Logic, Design Tools and Methods
Upgrade of the CMS Barrel Muon Track Finder for HL-LHC featuring a Kalman Filter algorithm and an ATCA Host Processor with Ultrascale+ FPGAs
PoS(TWEPP2018)139 pdf C. Foudas, P. Katsoulis, T. Lama, S. Mallios, G. Karathanasis, I. Papavergou, S. Regnard, M. Tepper, P. Sphicas, C. Vellidis, G. Karathanasis, M. Bachtis and  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
FELIX: the New Detector Readout System for the ATLAS Experiment
PoS(TWEPP2018)140 pdf G. Ünel and  on behalf of the ATLAS TDAQ Collaboration
Improved Tapped-Delay-Line Time-to-Digital Converter with Time-over-Threshold measurement for a new generation of Resistive Plate Chamber detectors
PoS(TWEPP2018)141 pdf X. Chen, X. Lin-Ma, C. Combaret, L. Mirabito, G.N. Lu and I. Laktineh
A collaborative HDL management tool for ATLAS L1Calo upgrades
PoS(TWEPP2018)142 pdf F. Gonnella
Sorting of STS-XYTER2 data for microslice building for CBM experiment
PoS(TWEPP2018)143 pdf M. Gumiński, W.M. Zabołotny, A.P. Byszuk and K.T. Poźniak
Production, Testing and Reliability
Novel production method for large double-sided microstrip detectors of the CBM Silicon Tracking System at FAIR
PoS(TWEPP2018)144 pdf P. Pfistner, M. Caselle, T. Blank, M. Weber and  on behalf of the CBM Collaboration
Test strategy for low failure rates and status of a highly integrated readout chip for PMTs in JUNO
PoS(TWEPP2018)145 pdf A. Zambanini, C. Grewing, P. Muralidharan, U. Yegin, V. Christ, M. Karagounis, A. Kruth, D. Liebau, D. Nielinger, N. Parkalian, M. Robens, C. Roth, J. Steinmann and S. van Waasen
Reliability test results of the interconnect structures of the front-end hybrids for the CMS Phase-2 Tracker Upgrade
PoS(TWEPP2018)146 pdf M.I. Kovacs, B. Allongue, F. Andre, G. Blanchot, T. Gadek and R. Gajanec
Power, Grounding and Shielding
System level serial powering studies of RD53A chip
PoS(TWEPP2018)147 pdf A. Pradas, D. Koukola, S. Orfanelli, J. Christiansen, M. Karagounis and F. Arteche
Optoelectronics and Links
Radiation tolerance enhancement of silicon photonics for HEP applications
PoS(TWEPP2018)150 pdf A. Kraxner, S. Detraz, L. Olantera, C. Scarcella, C. Sigaud, C. Soos, C. Stile, J. Troska and F. Vasey
Next generation of Radiation Tolerant Single-Mode Optical Links for Accelerator Instrumentation
PoS(TWEPP2018)151 pdf C. Scarcella, M.B. Marin, S. Detraz, R. Jones, A. Kraxner, L. Olantera, C. Sigaud, C. Soos, C. Stile, J. Troska and F. Vasey
Development of the monolithic "MALTA" CMOS sensor for the ATLAS ITK outer pixel layer
PoS(TWEPP2018)155 pdf
B. Hiti, L. Simon Argemi, I. Asensi Tortajada, I. Berdalović, I. Caicedo Sierra, R. Cardella, F. Dachs, V. Dao, N. Egidos Plaja, A. Gorišek, T. Hemperek, H. Krüger, T. Kugathasan, I. Mandić, C.A. Marin Tobon, K. Moustakas, M. Münker, H. Pernegger, F. Piro, P. Riedler, P. Rymaszewski, C. Riegel, E.J. Schioppa, A. Sharma, W. Snoeys, C. Solans Sanchez, T. Wang and N. Wermes
Test results of irradiated CMOS pixel circuits in 150 nm CMOS technology for the ATLAS Inner Tracker Upgrade
PoS(TWEPP2018)156 pdf
Z. Chen, M. Barbero, P. Barrillon, C. Bespin, S. Bhat, P. Breugnon, I. Caicedo, Y. Degerli, S. Godiot, T. Hemperek, T. Hirono, F.J. Iguaz, H. Krüger, P. Pangaud, R. Alexandre, P. Rymaszewski, P. Schwemling, M. Vandenbroucke, T. Wang and N. Wermes
RD53A: a large scale prototype for HL-LHC silicon pixel detector phase 2 upgrades
PoS(TWEPP2018)157 pdf
E. Monteil, M. Barbero, D. Fougeron, S. Godiot, M. Menouni, P. Pangaud, A. Rozanov, P. Breugnon, M. Bomben, G. Calderini, F. Crescioli, G. Marchiori, D. Dzahini, F.E. Rarbi, R. Gaglione, H. Krueger, T. Hemperek, F. Huegging, P. Rymazewski, M. Vogt, T. Wang, N. Wermes, M. Karagounis, C. Marzocca, F. Loddo, F. Licciulli, A. Andreazza, V. Liberali, A. Stabile, L. Frontini, M. Bagatin, D. Bisello, S. Gerardin, S. Mattiazzo, A. Paccagnella, D. Vogrig, S. Bonaldo, N. Bacchetta, L. Gaioni, M. Manghisoni, V. Re, E. Riceputi, G. Traversi, L. Ratti, C. Vacchi, K. Androsov, R. Beccherle, G. Magazzù, M. Minuti, F. Morsani, F. Palla, S. Poulios, G.M. Bilei, M. Menichelli, P. Placidi, S. Marconi, G. Dellacasa, N. Demaria, G. Mazza, E. Monteil, L. Pacher, A. Rivetti, A. Paternò, D. Gajanna, V. Gromov, R. Kluit, A. Vitkovskiy, T. Benka, M. Havranek, Z. Janoska, M. Marcisovsky, G. Neue, L. Tomasek, V. Kafka, V. Vrba, E. Lopez-Morillo, F.R. Palomo, F. Munoz, I. Vila Álvarez, E. Jiménez, D. Abbaneo, J. Christiansen, S. Orfanelli, S.J.M. Bell, M. Prydderch, S. Thomas, D.C. Christian, G. Deptuch, F. Fahim, J. Hoff, T. Zimmerman, S. Miryala, M. Garcia-Sciveres, D. Gnani, A. Krieger, K. Papadopoulou, T. Heim, R. Carney, B. Nachman, C. Renteira, V. Wallangen, M.R. Hoeferkamp, S. Seidel, M. Daas, Y. Dieter, K. Moustakas, A. Stiller, R. Lipton and T.C. Liu
Characterization of the first prototype of the Silicon-Strip readout ASIC (SSA) for the CMS Outer-Tracker phase-2 upgrade
PoS(TWEPP2018)159 pdf A. Caratelli, S. Scarfi, D. Ceresa, K. Kloukinas, J. Kaplon, J. De Clercq, M. Haranko, Y. Leblebici and  on behalf of the CMS Tracker Group
PACIFIC: The readout ASIC for the SciFi Tracker of the LHCb detector
PoS(TWEPP2018)164 pdf A. Comerma Montells and J. Mazorra de Cos
Characterization of GEMINI, a 16-channels programmable readout interface for Triple-GEM detectors in 180nm CMOS
PoS(TWEPP2018)165 pdf L. Mangiagalli, G. Croci, M. De Matteis, D. Tagnani, G. Corradi, F. Murtas, G. Gorini and A. Baschirotto
Characterization of the MPA prototype, a 65 nm pixel readout ASIC with on-chip quick transverse momentum discrimination capabilities.
PoS(TWEPP2018)166 pdf D. Ceresa, A. Caratelli, J. De Clercq, D. Giovinazzo, J. Kaplon, K. Kloukinas, J. Murdzek, S. Scarfi and  on behalf of the CMS Tracker Group