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Volume 345 - International Conference on Hard and Electromagnetic Probes of High-Energy Nuclear Collisions (HardProbes2018) - Jets & High-pT Hadrons
Inclusive jet measurements in pp and Pb--Pb collisions with ALICE
J. Mulligan
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Pre-published on: 2019 January 11
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Measurements of jet yields in heavy-ion collisions can be used to constrain jet energy loss models,
and in turn provide information about the physical properties of deconfined QCD matter.
ALICE reconstructs charged particle jets ($\textit{charged jets}$) with high-precision tracking of charged particles down to $p_{\mathrm{T}}^{\mathrm{track}} = 150$ MeV/$c$,
and jets ($\textit{full jets}$) with the addition of particle information from the electromagnetic calorimeter down to $E_{\mathrm{cluster}} = 300$ MeV.
By including low momentum jet constituents, ALICE is uniquely positioned at the LHC to measure
jets down to low jet momentum, to determine the modification to the soft components of jets, and to measure medium recoil particles.
New inclusive full jet measurements in pp and Pb-Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\mathrm{NN}}}=5.02$ TeV with ALICE will be shown,
over $R=0.2-0.4$ and extending to low jet $p_{\mathrm{T}}$. These will include the jet $R_{\mathrm{AA}}$
for different jet $R$, and will constitute the first such full jet measurements
at low transverse jet momentum at this collision energy. The results are compared to several theoretical predictions.
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