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Volume 345 - International Conference on Hard and Electromagnetic Probes of High-Energy Nuclear Collisions (HardProbes2018) - Heavy Flavours & Quarkonia
Charm production in fixed-target mode at LHCb
F. Fleuret
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Pre-published on: 2019 January 11
Published on: 2019 April 24
The first measurement of heavy-flavour production in a fixed-target mode at the LHC is presented. The production of $J/\psi$ and D$^0$ mesons are studied in collisions of protons with energies of $4\mathrm{\,Te\kern -0.1em V}$ and $6.5\mathrm{\,Te\kern -0.1em V}$ incident on helium and argon nuclei at rest at centre-of-mass energies of $\sqrt{s_{nn}}~=~86.6\mathrm{\,Ge\kern -0.1em V}$ and $\sqrt{s_{nn}}~=~110.4\mathrm{\,Ge\kern -0.1em V}$, respectively.
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