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Volume 345 - International Conference on Hard and Electromagnetic Probes of High-Energy Nuclear Collisions (HardProbes2018) - Heavy Flavours & Quarkonia
PHENIX measurements of charm, bottom, and Drell-Yan via dimuons in p+p and p+Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\rm NN}}$ = 200 GeV
Y.H. Leung
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Pre-published on: 2019 January 11
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Dilepton spectra are a classic probe to study ultra-relativistic heavy ion collisions. At RHIC energies, the dimuon continuum is dominated by correlated pairs from semi-leptonic decays of charm and bottom hadrons and the Drell-Yan process. Heavy flavor angular correlations can be measured through dimuons, which can help constrain the relative contributions from different heavy flavor production mechanisms in $p$+$p$ collisions, and may provide further insight on cold nuclear matter effects in $p$+Au collisions. Measurements of the Drell-Yan cross-section in $p$+Au collisions can provide constraints to nPDFs, and further our understanding in initial state effects. In this talk, we report recent measurements of $\mu\mu$ pairs from charm, bottom, and Drell-Yan in $p$+$p$ and $p$+Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=200$ GeV.
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