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23rd International Spin Physics Symposium

10-14 September, 2018
Ferrara, Italy
published August 23, 2019
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The scientific program of this Symposium includes topics related to spin phenomena in particle and nuclear physics as well as those in related fields. The International Spin Physics Symposium series combined together the High Energy Spin Symposia and the Nuclear Polarization Conferences since 2000.

Spin related observables provide unique insights in studying fundamental symmetries, fundamental interactions, particle properties and the structure of hadrons. 

Similarly, spin related experiments help to advance the understanding of nuclear reaction dynamics and of the structure of hadron-nucleon many body systems. The conference covers also technical developments and applications in the area of polarized beams, polarized targets and spin optics. 

Conference working groups include:

Editorial Board

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Plenary Sessions
Parallel Session: Spin physics in Nuclear Reactions and Nuclei (F. Becattini and o. Hen)
Parallel Session: Structure of the Nucleon: TMDs (A. Bacchetta, J. Drachenberg and B. Parsamyan)
Parallel Session: 3D Structure of the Nucleon: GPDs and Form Factors (C. Lorce and S. Niccolai)
Parallel Session: Fundamental Symmetries and Spin Physics Beyond the Standard Model (D. Dutta and A. Wirzba)
Parallel Session: Polarized Ion and Lepton Sources and Targets (K. Aulenbacher and C. Keith)
Parallel Session: Low Energy Spin Physics with Lepton, Photon and Hadron Probes (F. Maas and H. Spiesberger)
Parallel Session: Nucleon helicity structure (F. Kunne, W. Melnitchouk and B. Page)
Parallel Session: Acceleration, Storage and Polarimetry of Polarized Beams (V. Ptitsyn and E. Stephenson)
Parallel Session: Future Facilities and Experiments (Y. Furletova and Y. Ilieva)
Parallel Session: Application of Nuclear Polarization Techniques to Other Fields (G. Bison, A. Sandorfi and A. Vasiliev)
Poster Session
Plenary Sessions
Gravitational waves, spin and polarization
PoS(SPIN2018)001 file missing J. Van den brand
The Wonder of Spin Dynamics in
PoS(SPIN2018)002 file missing J. Qiu
More than 50 years of Polarized Targets - A personal Memoir
PoS(SPIN2018)003 file missing D. Crabb
Electric dipole moment searches using storage rings
PoS(SPIN2018)004 pdf F. Rathmann and N.N. Nikolaev
Nuclear Spin Physics via Polarization Measurements
PoS(SPIN2018)005 pdf T. Wakasa
Status and Perspectives of the NICA Project
PoS(SPIN2018)007 pdf A.D. Kovalenko, V. Kekelidze, R. Lednicky, V.A. Matveev, I.N. Meshkov, A.S. Sorin, G. Trubnikov, R. Tsenov and  on behalf of the NICA collaboration
Experimental overview of Transverse Momentum Distributions and Momentum Effects
PoS(SPIN2018)006 file missing A. Bressan
Final Results from the Jefferson Lab Qweak Experiment and Constraints on Physics Beyond the Standard Model
PoS(SPIN2018)008 pdf G. Smith and  on behalf of the Qweak Collaboration
Hyperpolarizing 13C spins by dynamic nuclear polarization for MRI applications
PoS(SPIN2018)009 file missing A. Comment
Nucleon Femtography from Exclusive Reactions
PoS(SPIN2018)010 pdf S. Liuti
Internal gas target experiments at the LHC
PoS(SPIN2018)011 pdf P. Di Nezza, V. Carassiti, G. Ciullo, P. Lenisa, L.L. Pappalardo, E. Steffens and A. Vasilyev
Overview and status of the muon g-2 experiment
PoS(SPIN2018)012 file missing D. Hertzog
Self-polarization in Storage Rings
PoS(SPIN2018)013 pdf E. Gianfelice-Wendt
30 years of HERMES - how self-polarization in storage rings was exploited at HERA
PoS(SPIN2018)014 file missing G. Schnell
Status and Perspectives of a US-based Electron-Ion Collider (EIC)
PoS(SPIN2018)015 file missing B. Surrow
Spin Phenomena in Jets
PoS(SPIN2018)016 file missing R. Fatemi
Spin Physics with Photon Beams
PoS(SPIN2018)017 pdf P. Pedroni and  for the A2 @ MAMI Collaboration
Lattice QCD calculations of the quark and gluon contributions to the proton spin
PoS(SPIN2018)018 pdf R. Gupta
Quantum technologies: manipulating individual spins
PoS(SPIN2018)019 file missing T. Calarco
Closing Remarks at Spin 2018 Symposium
PoS(SPIN2018)020 pdf H. Gao
Parallel Session: Spin physics in Nuclear Reactions and Nuclei (F. Becattini and o. Hen)
Spin and Isospin of the Short Ranged Nucleon-Nucleon Interaction
PoS(SPIN2018)021 pdf I. Korover
Short-Range correlations studies using the nuclear contact formalism
PoS(SPIN2018)022 file missing R. Cruz torres
Spin studies of the short-range correlations at Nuclotron
PoS(SPIN2018)023 pdf
V.P. Ladygin, A. Averyanov, E. Chernykh, D. Enache, Y. Gurchin, A. Isupov, M. Janek, J.T. Karachuk, A. Khrenov, D. Krivenkov, P.K. Kurilkin, N. Ladygina, A. Livanov, O. Mezhenska, S.M. Piyadin, S. Reznikov, Y. Skhomenko, A. Terekhin, A. Tishevsky, T. Uesaka and  DSS Collaboration
A New Window into Nuclear Structure
PoS(SPIN2018)024 file missing E. Long
Measurements of polarization transfer to a bound proton in light nuclei by quasi-elastic scattering at MAMI
PoS(SPIN2018)025 file missing I. Mardor
Measurement of the Vector and Tensor Asymmetries at Large Missing Momentum in Quasielastic $(\vec e, e'p)$ Electron Scattering from Deuterium
PoS(SPIN2018)026 pdf R. Milner and  for the BLAST Collaboration
Recent results in the deuteron break-up with high momentum transfer at COSY
PoS(SPIN2018)027 pdf S. Dymov and  for the ANKE collaboration
PoS(SPIN2018)028 pdf Y.N. Uzikov
Studying Neutral Current Elastic Scattering and the Strange Axial Form Factor in MicroBooNE
PoS(SPIN2018)029 pdf K. Woodruff and  On behalf of MicroBooNE collaboration.
The neutron structure function $F_2$ at high-$x$ with BONuS at CLAS
PoS(SPIN2018)030 pdf C. Ayerbe gayoso and  On behalf of the CLAS Collaboration
Results from the JLab CLAS EG4 experiment
PoS(SPIN2018)031 pdf M. Ripani
Anomaly and Polarisation in Heavy-Ion Collisions
PoS(SPIN2018)032 pdf G.Y. Prokhorov, A.S. Sorin, O. Teryaev and V.I. Zakharov
The Pomeron spin-flip and its measurements
PoS(SPIN2018)033 pdf M. Krelina and B. Kopeliovich
Possible effect of mixed phase and deconfinement upon spin correlations in the $\Lambda \bar{\Lambda}$ pairs generated in relativistic heavy-ion collisions
PoS(SPIN2018)034 pdf V.V. Lyuboshitz and V.L. Lyuboshitz
On the spin correlations of muons and tau leptons produced in the high-energy annihilation processes $e^+ e^- \rightarrow \mu^+ \mu^-, \tau^+ \tau^-$
PoS(SPIN2018)035 pdf V.V. Lyuboshitz and V.L. Lyuboshitz
Parallel Session: Structure of the Nucleon: TMDs (A. Bacchetta, J. Drachenberg and B. Parsamyan)
Unpolarised TMD PDFs and FFs and the role of transverse momentum dependence in azimuthal spin asymmetries
PoS(SPIN2018)036 pdf M. Anselmino, M.E. Boglione, U. D'Alesio, F. Murgia and A. Prokudin
COMPASS results on weighted Sivers asymmetry in SIDIS
PoS(SPIN2018)037 pdf A. Martin and  on behalf of the COMPASS Collaboration
Weighted transverse spin asymmetries in 2015 COMPASS Drell-Yan data
PoS(SPIN2018)038 pdf J. Matousek and  on behalf of the COMPASS Collaboration
Recent Transverse Spin Measurements in pp Collisions with STAR
PoS(SPIN2018)039 file missing C. Gagliardi
Effect of flavor-dependent partonic transverse momentum on the determination of the W mass at hadron colliders
PoS(SPIN2018)040 file missing G. Bozzi
First CLAS12 results in SIDIS measurements
PoS(SPIN2018)041 pdf M. Mirazita and  On behalf of the CLAS Collaboration
Nuclear Dependence of Transverse Single-Spin Asymmetries in Polarized $p$+$A$ Collisions at RHIC
PoS(SPIN2018)042 pdf S. Pate and  On behalf of the PHENIX collaboration
First measurement of transverse single spin asymmetry for very forward $\pi^0$ production in polarized $p+p$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 510 GeV
PoS(SPIN2018)043 pdf M. Kim and  for the RHICf collaboration
First extraction of transversity from data on lepton-hadron scattering and hadronic collisions
PoS(SPIN2018)044 pdf M. Radici
The future SIDIS measurement on transversely polarized deuterons by the COMPASS Collaboration
PoS(SPIN2018)045 pdf F. Bradamante and  on behalf of the COMPASS Collaboration
Iso-vector transversity quark distributions from lattice QCD
PoS(SPIN2018)046 file missing F. Steffens
Quark orbital angular momentum in the proton evaluated using a direct derivative method
PoS(SPIN2018)047 pdf M. Engelhardt, J. Green, N. Hasan, S. Krieg, S. Meinel, J. Negele, A. Pochinsky and S. Syritsyn
Process dependence of the gluon Sivers function in inclusive $pp$ collisions: theory
PoS(SPIN2018)048 pdf C. Pisano, U. D'Alesio, C. Flore, F. Murgia and P. Taels
Process dependence of the gluon Sivers function in inclusive $pp$ collisions: phenomenology
PoS(SPIN2018)049 pdf U. D'Alesio, C. Flore, F. Murgia, C. Pisano and P. Taels
J/Psi Transverse Single Spin Asymmetries (TSSA) and Spin Alignment to Decay Leptons in p+p Collisions at RHIC
PoS(SPIN2018)050 file missing S. Lee
Transverse Single-Spin Asymmetries of Midrapidity Eta Mesons at PHENIX
PoS(SPIN2018)051 pdf N. Lewis
Measurement of azimuthal asymmetries in SIDIS on unpolarized protons
PoS(SPIN2018)052 pdf A. Moretti and  on behalf of the COMPASS Collaboration
Interpretation of the unpolarized azimuthal asymmetries in SIDIS
PoS(SPIN2018)053 pdf A. Kerbizi and  on behalf of the COMPASS Collaboration
TMD evolution as a double-scale evolution
PoS(SPIN2018)054 pdf A. Vladimirov
Twist-2 matching of transverse momentum dependent distributions at next-to-next-to-leading-order in QCD
PoS(SPIN2018)055 pdf D. Gutierrez Reyes, I. Scimemi and A. Vladimirov
Difficulties in the description of Drell-Yan processes at low invariant mass and high transverse momentum
PoS(SPIN2018)056 pdf F. Piacenza, A. Bacchetta, G. Bozzi, M. Lambertsen, J. Steiglechner and W. Vogelsang
Understanding SIDIS data from QCD
PoS(SPIN2018)057 file missing J. GONZALEZ Hernandez
Understanding the Large qT spectrum in SIDIS and DY
PoS(SPIN2018)058 file missing N. Sato
TMDs and Monte Carlo Event Generators
PoS(SPIN2018)059 pdf F. Hautmann
Spin and kinematic correlations between partons inside the proton
PoS(SPIN2018)060 file missing S. Cotogno
Quark-gluon correlations in the twist-3 TMD using light-front wave functions.
PoS(SPIN2018)061 pdf S. Rodini and B. Pasquini
Pion-induced Drell-Yan scattering at COMPASS
PoS(SPIN2018)062 file missing C. Riedl
Spin Physics with a fixed-target experiment at the LHC
PoS(SPIN2018)063 pdf
M.G. Echevarria, S.J. Brodsky, G. Cavoto, C. Da Silva, F. Donato, E.G. Ferreiro, C. Hadjidakis, I. Hřivnác\v ová, D. Kikoła, A. Klein, A. Kurepin, A. Kusina, J.P. Lansberg, C. Lorcé, F. Lyonnet, Y. Makdisi, L. Massacrier, S. Porteboeuf, C. Quintans, A. Rakotozafindrabe, P. Robbe, W. Scandale, I. Schienbein, J. Seixas, H.S. Shao, A. Signori, N. Topilskaya, B. Trzeciak, A. Uras, J. Wagner, N. Yamanaka, Z. Yang and A. Zelenski
Spin dependent gluon distributions and their measurement in heavy quark production processes
PoS(SPIN2018)064 pdf G.R. Goldstein
Longitudinal and transverse spin transfer to $\Lambda$ and $\bar \Lambda$ hyperons in $p+p$ collisions at STAR
PoS(SPIN2018)065 pdf Q. Xu and  on behalf of the STAR collaboration
Parallel Session: 3D Structure of the Nucleon: GPDs and Form Factors (C. Lorce and S. Niccolai)
Mechanical properties of particles
PoS(SPIN2018)066 pdf M. Polyakov and P. Schweitzer
Experimental studies of GPDs at COMPASS
PoS(SPIN2018)067 file missing A. Ferrero
Studying nucleon structure via Double Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering (DDVCS)
PoS(SPIN2018)068 pdf S. Zhao
DVCS off the Neutron: E08-025 Jlab Hall A Experiment
PoS(SPIN2018)069 pdf M. Benali and M. Mazouz
The Generalized Polarizabilities of the proton
PoS(SPIN2018)070 file missing N. Sparveris
The D-term form factor from dispersion relations in deeply virtual Compton scattering
PoS(SPIN2018)071 pdf B. Pasquini
Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering at 11GeV in Jefferson Lab Hall A
PoS(SPIN2018)072 pdf F. Georges
Spin-density matrix elements in hard exclusive muoproduction of $\omega$ mesons at COMPASS
PoS(SPIN2018)073 pdf B. Marianski and  on behalf of the COMPASS Collaboration
Hadron tomography in meson-pair production and gravitational form factors
PoS(SPIN2018)074 pdf Q.T. Song, S. Kumano and O. Teryaev
Status of the experimental studies on DVMP and transversity GPDs
PoS(SPIN2018)075 pdf V. Kubarovsky and  On behalf of the CLAS Collaboration
Ratios of helicity amplitudes for exclusive rho0 electroproduction on transversely polarized protons
PoS(SPIN2018)076 file missing G. Schnell
Pressure in generalized parton distributions and distribution amplitudes
PoS(SPIN2018)077 pdf O. Teryaev
Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering off the Neutron with Spectator Proton Tagging in Hall A at Jefferson Laboratory
PoS(SPIN2018)078 pdf E. Fuchey
Twist-3 fragmentation contribution to polarized hyperon production in unpolarized proton-proton collision
PoS(SPIN2018)192 pdf Y. Kenta, Y. Koike, A. Metz, D. Pitonyak and S. Yoshida
Parallel Session: Fundamental Symmetries and Spin Physics Beyond the Standard Model (D. Dutta and A. Wirzba)
Precision measurements using parity violation electron scattering
PoS(SPIN2018)079 file missing C. Gal
Searching for exotic spin-dependent interactions with single electron spin quantum sensors
PoS(SPIN2018)080 file missing X. Rong
Status of the P2 Experiment: A Measurement of the Weak Mixing Angle at Low Energy
PoS(SPIN2018)081 pdf S. Baunack, D. Becker, K. Imai and F. Maas
Experiments to measure the electric dipole moment of the neutron
PoS(SPIN2018)082 file missing K. Kirch
Spin Probes of Physics Beyond the Standard Model
PoS(SPIN2018)083 file missing S. Gardner
Commissioning of the Ultracold Neutron Facility at TRIUMF a first step towards a neutron electric dipole moment search
PoS(SPIN2018)084 file missing B. Franke
Searches for Atomic Electric Dipole Moments
PoS(SPIN2018)085 file missing M. Dietrich
Symmetry tests and BSM searches using hyperpolarized gases
PoS(SPIN2018)086 file missing W. Heil
Search for a permanent electric dipole moment of 129Xe
PoS(SPIN2018)087 file missing S. Zimmer
Searches for dark matter and new particles with electric-dipole-moment and spin-precession measurements
PoS(SPIN2018)088 file missing Y. Stadnik
Gravity and Spin Dynamics for the EDM Search Experiments
PoS(SPIN2018)089 pdf N.N. Nikolaev, F. Rathmann, A. Saleev, A.J. Silenko and  on behalf of the Jedi Collaboration
Commissioning of the RF Wien filter for a first deuteron EDM measurement at COSY / Jülich
PoS(SPIN2018)090 pdf A. Nass
Multipurpose silicon detector for (polarized) internal target experiments at the COSY Storage Ring in Jülich.
PoS(SPIN2018)091 pdf A. Kononov
Neutron Electric Dipole Moment Searches
PoS(SPIN2018)092 file missing P. Fierlinger
Electromagnetic Dipole Moments of Heavy Baryons with Bent Crystals at the LHC
PoS(SPIN2018)093 file missing J. Ruiz vidal
Enhancements and suppressions of CP-violating effect in the nucleons, nuclei, and atoms
PoS(SPIN2018)094 pdf N. Yamanaka
Present and future prospects for lattice QCD calculations of matrix elements for nEDM
PoS(SPIN2018)095 pdf R. Gupta
Parallel Session: Polarized Ion and Lepton Sources and Targets (K. Aulenbacher and C. Keith)
The polarized injection system for MESA
PoS(SPIN2018)096 file missing K. Aulenbacher
COMPASS polarized target in 2018 and 2021
PoS(SPIN2018)097 pdf G. Reicherz, W. Meyer, N. Doshita, T. Iwata, K. Kondo, G. Nukazuka, M. Finger, J. Matousek, M. Pesek, J. Koivuniemi and Y. Kisselev
Design Consideration on a Polarized Gas Target for the LHC
PoS(SPIN2018)098 pdf E. Steffens, V. Carassiti, G. Ciullo, P. Di Nezza, P. Lenisa, L.L. Pappalardo and A.A. Vasilyev
Production and Storage of Polarized H2, D2 and HD Molecules
PoS(SPIN2018)099 pdf R. Engels, H.M. Awwad, S. Clausen, K. Grigoryev, L. Huxold, F. König, M. Martic, A. Rolofs, W. Sartison, H. Ströher, M. Büscher, A.A. Vasilyev, L. Kochenda, P. Kravtsov, V. Trofimov and M. Vznudaev
PoS(SPIN2018)100 pdf A. Zelenski, G. Atoian, E. Beebe, D. Raparia, J. Ritter, J. Maxwell, R. Milner and M. Musgrave
Designs and construction techniques for the CLAS12 Dynamically Polarized Target
PoS(SPIN2018)101 file missing J. Brock
NMR Measurements for Solid Polarized Targets at Jefferson Lab
PoS(SPIN2018)102 pdf J. Maxwell
Dynamic Nuclear Polarization for Neutron Macromolecular Crystallography
PoS(SPIN2018)103 file missing J. Pierce
PoS(SPIN2018)104 pdf E. Tsentalovich
A Lamb-Shift Polarimeter for $\overrightarrow{H}_2$ and $\overrightarrow{D}_2$ Molecules
PoS(SPIN2018)105 pdf L. Huxold, M. Büscher, R. Engels, H. Awwad, K. Grigoryev, D. Toporkov and Y. Shestakov
Recent activities of the Bonn Polarized Target Group
PoS(SPIN2018)106 file missing H. Dutz
Design and calculation of the $4\pi$-Continuous-Mode-Target current leads
PoS(SPIN2018)107 pdf M. Bornstein, H. Dutz, S. Goertz and S. Runkel
The Polarized Target at the CBELSA/TAPS Experiment
PoS(SPIN2018)108 pdf S. Runkel, S. Goertz, H. Dutz and M. Bornstein
The polarized deuteron source for Van de Graaff accelerator
PoS(SPIN2018)109 pdf Y. Plis, J. Černý, A. Fedorov, I. Gapienko, G. Gurevich, Z. Kohout, J. Petrik, S. Pospišil, M. Solar, J. Švejda, Y. Usov and I. Wilhelm
Laser preparation of intense beams of vectorially polarized protons and tensorially polarized deuterons via molecular quantum beats.
PoS(SPIN2018)110 file missing D. Sofikitis, C.K. Kannis, G.K. Bouulogiannis and P.T. Rakitzis
Potential use of Solid Frozen-Spin HD Targets with Electron Beams
PoS(SPIN2018)111 file missing A. Sandorfi
A bulk superconducting MgB$_2$ cylinder for holding transversely polarized targets
PoS(SPIN2018)112 pdf M. Statera, I. Balossino, L. Barion, G. Ciullo, M. Contalbrigo, L. Del Bianco, P. Lenisa, M. Lowry, A. Sandorfi, F. Spizzo and G. Tagliente
Fermilab Polarized Target Drell-Yan Experiment
PoS(SPIN2018)113 file missing D. Keller
The source of polarized ions (SPI) and low energy polarimeter for the NUCLOTRON facility
PoS(SPIN2018)114 pdf V. Fimushkin, R.A. Kuzyakin, M.V. Kulikov, L.V. Kutuzova, Y.V. Prokofichev, A.M. Shumkov, A.S. Belov, A.V. Turbabin and V.N. Zubets
Parallel Session: Low Energy Spin Physics with Lepton, Photon and Hadron Probes (F. Maas and H. Spiesberger)
QED radiative corrections for Polarized Lepton-Proton Scattering
PoS(SPIN2018)115 pdf R.D. Bucoveanu and H. Spiesberger
Transverse Single Spin Asymmetries in Electron Scattering on Hydrogen Targets
PoS(SPIN2018)116 pdf B. Gou and S. Baunack
Measurement of the analyzing powers in pd elastic and pn quasi-elastic scattering at small angles at ANKE-COSY
PoS(SPIN2018)117 pdf S. Dymov and  for the ANKE collaboration
Prospects for the spin structure study of hyperons using heavy quark decays at Belle II
PoS(SPIN2018)118 pdf K. Tanida and  On behalf of the BELLE II collaboration
Measurement of the $J/\psi$ photoproduction cross section close to threshold
PoS(SPIN2018)119 pdf E. Chudakov and  GlueX Collaboration
Reduced hadronic uncertainty in the determination of $V_{ud}$
PoS(SPIN2018)120 file missing M. Gorshteyn
Baryon Electromagnetic Form Factors at BESIII
PoS(SPIN2018)121 pdf I. Garzia
Extracting the scalar dynamical polarizabilities from real Compton scattering data
PoS(SPIN2018)122 pdf P. Pedroni, B. Pasquini and S. Sconfietti
Parallel Session: Nucleon helicity structure (F. Kunne, W. Melnitchouk and B. Page)
The Non-Existence of the Proton Spin Crisis
PoS(SPIN2018)123 pdf E. Leader
Combined analysis of polarized and unpolarized PDFs and fragmentation functions
PoS(SPIN2018)124 file missing N. Sato
Spin-dependent PDFs from lattice QCD
PoS(SPIN2018)125 file missing F. Steffens
Probing the Spin Structure of the Nucleon: Recent Results and Upcoming Measurements of SSF and their moments at JLab
PoS(SPIN2018)126 file missing B. Sawatzky
Spin Structure at Low Q2, with Applications to Hyperfine Splitting
PoS(SPIN2018)127 file missing K. Slifer
Direct photon cross section and double helicity asymmetry at mid-rapidity in $\overrightarrow{p}$+$\overrightarrow{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$= 510 GeV
PoS(SPIN2018)128 pdf K. Barish and Z. Jia
Double helicity asymmetries for $\pi^{\pm}$ production in $p+p$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$=510 GeV at PHENIX Mid-rapidity
PoS(SPIN2018)129 file missing T. Moon
Overview of Gluon Helicity Measurements at STAR
PoS(SPIN2018)130 pdf C. Dilks
Longitudinal Double-Spin Asymmetries for Dijet Production at Intermediate Pseudorapidity in Polarized ${pp}$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 200 GeV
PoS(SPIN2018)131 pdf T. Lin and  on behalf of the STAR collaboration
Fragmentation of hadrons and photons inside jets
PoS(SPIN2018)132 file missing W. Vogelsang
Longitudinal double-spin asymmetries in semi-inclusive deep-inelastic scattering of electrons and positrons by protons and deuterons
PoS(SPIN2018)133 pdf P. Kravchenko
Pion and kaon SIDIS multiplicities from COMPASS
PoS(SPIN2018)134 pdf F. Kunne and  on behalf of the COMPASS Collaboration
Measurement of Longitudinal Single-Spin Asymmetry for W$^{\pm}$ Production in Polarized Proton+Proton Collisions at STAR
PoS(SPIN2018)135 pdf Q. Xu and  on behalf of the STAR collaboration
Measurement of W single spin asymmetries at PHENIX
PoS(SPIN2018)136 file missing S. Park
Longitudinal spin structure of the nucleon at COMPASS
PoS(SPIN2018)137 pdf Y. Bedfer
Transversity and Λ polarization at COMPASS
PoS(SPIN2018)138 pdf A. Moretti and  on behalf of the COMPASS Collaboration
Theoretical predictions on polarization asymmetry for Drell-Yan process with spin- one deuteron and tensor-polarized structure function $b_1$
PoS(SPIN2018)139 pdf Q.T. Song and S. Kumano
Parallel Session: Acceleration, Storage and Polarimetry of Polarized Beams (V. Ptitsyn and E. Stephenson)
PoS(SPIN2018)140 file missing A. Zelenski
97% Spin Flip Efficiency at 255GeV for Polarized Protons
PoS(SPIN2018)141 pdf H. Huang, J. Kewisch, C. Liu, A. Marusic, W. Meng, F. Meot, P. Oddo, V. Ptitsyn, V. Ranjbar and T. Roser
Proton and 3He polarimetry with new forward pp helicity flip amplitudes
PoS(SPIN2018)142 file missing N.H. Buttimore
Study of elastic proton-proton single and double spin analyzing powers at RHIC HJET polarimeter
PoS(SPIN2018)143 pdf A. Poblaguev, A. Zelenski, G. Atoian, E.C. Aschenauer, H.C. Huang, Y. Makdisi, W. Schmidke, I. Alekseev, D. Svirida, K.O. Eyser and N.H. Buttimore
Design of a Prototype EDM Storage Ring
PoS(SPIN2018)144 pdf A. Lehrach, S. Martin, R. Talman and  on behalf of the CPEDM Collaboration
Development of LYSO detector modules for a charge-particle EDM polarimeter
PoS(SPIN2018)145 pdf D. Shergelashvili, D. Mchedlishvili, F. Müller, I. Keshelashvili and  on behalf of the Jedi Collaboration
Measurement of dC vector analyzing power and cross sections at COSY for EDM polarimetry
PoS(SPIN2018)146 pdf F. Müller and  on behalf of the Jedi Collaboration
Status of the Polarized Atomic Hydrogen Target at MAMI & MESA
PoS(SPIN2018)147 file missing V. Tyukin
Beam Parameter Stabilization for P2 at MESA
PoS(SPIN2018)148 file missing R. Kempf
Absolute polarimeter APol for NICA collider project.
PoS(SPIN2018)149 pdf M. Kulikov, V. Fimushkin, R. Kuzyakin, Y. Prokofichev and A. Shumkov
Deuteron and proton beams polarimetry at internal target at JINR Nuclotron.
PoS(SPIN2018)150 pdf
V.P. Ladygin, A.V. Averyanov, S.N. Bazylev, A.S. Belov, E.V. Chernykh, V.V. Fimushkin, Y.V. Gurchin, A.Y. Isupov, M. Janek, J.T. Karachuk, A.N. Khrenov, D.O. Krivenkov, P.K. Kurilkin, A.N. Livanov, S.M. Piyadin, S.G. Reznikov, I.V. Slepnev, V.M. Slepnev, A.V. Shutov, A.A. Terekhin, A.V. Tishevsky, I.E. Vnukov, I.S. Volkov, D. Enache, Y.T. Skhomenko and  DSS Collaboration
Measurement of analysing powers for neutron scattering on CH2, CH, C and Cu target for momenta from 3.0 to 4.2 GeV/c
PoS(SPIN2018)151 pdf
N. Piskunov, S.N. Basylev, Y.P. Bushuev, O.P. Gavrishchuk, V.V. Glagolev, D.A. Kirillov, N.V. Kostayeva, A.D. Kovalenko, K.S. Legostaeva, A.N. Livanov, I.A. Philippov, A.A. Povtoreiko, P.A. Rukoyatkin, R.A. Shindin, A.V. Shipunov, A.V. Shutov, I.M. Sitnik, V.M. Slepnev, I.V. Slepnev, A.V. Terletskiy, C. Perdrisat, V. Punjabi, E.S. Tomasi-Gustafsson, D. Marchand, Y. Wang, J. Musinsky, G. Martinska, J. Urban, M.K. Jones, E. Brash, J.R.M. Annand, K. Hamilton and R. Montgomery
Simulation of Polarized Electron Interactions with Matter in the MeV Energy Range
PoS(SPIN2018)152 file missing M. Dragowski
Spin Transparency Mode in JLEIC
PoS(SPIN2018)153 file missing F. Lin
PoS(SPIN2018)154 pdf E. Gianfelice-Wendt
Spin matching of interaction region with solenoidal spin rotators
PoS(SPIN2018)155 file missing V. Ptitsyn
Status of RCS eRHIC Injector Design
PoS(SPIN2018)156 file missing V. Ranjbar
Parallel Session: Future Facilities and Experiments (Y. Furletova and Y. Ilieva)
Spin Physics at EIC
PoS(SPIN2018)157 file missing R. Yoshida
eRHIC - an electron-ion collider at BNL
PoS(SPIN2018)158 pdf C. Montag
JLEIC Jefferson Lab Electron Ion Collider
PoS(SPIN2018)159 file missing F. Lin
Electron - Ion Collider in China
PoS(SPIN2018)160 pdf X. Chen
Polarization measurements for hadron beams in colliders.
PoS(SPIN2018)161 file missing H. Huang
PoS(SPIN2018)162 file missing A.V. Efremov and I. Anikin
The SPD project for spin physics studies at the NICA accelerator complex
PoS(SPIN2018)163 pdf R. Tsenov
Probing nucleon’s spin structures with polarized Drell-Yan in the Fermilab SpinQuest experiment
PoS(SPIN2018)164 pdf
A. Chen, J.C. Peng, C.H. Leung, M. Tian, N. Makins, M. Brooks, A. Klein, D. Kleinjan, K. Liu, M. McCumber, P. McGaughey, J. Miraal-Martinez, C.D. Silva, S. Uemura, M. Jen, X. Li, J. Arrington, D. Geesaman, P.E. Reimer, C. Brown, R.J. Tesarek, S. Sawada, W. Lorenzon, R. Raymond, K. Slifer, D. Ruth, Y. Goto, K. Nakano, T.A. Shibata, D. Crabb, D. Day, D. Keller, O. Rondon, Z. Akbar, J. Dunne, D. Dutta, L.E. Fassi, H. Jiang, E. Kinney, N. Doshita, T. Iwata, Y. Miyachi, M. Daugherity, D. Isenhower, R. Towell, S. Watson, N. Rowlands, Y. Ngenzi, S. Pate, V. Papavassiliou, H. Yu and F. Hossain
The STAR Forward Rapidity Upgrade
PoS(SPIN2018)165 file missing K. Barish
Spin Physics with sPHENIX detector
PoS(SPIN2018)166 file missing A. Bazilevsky
Overview of Spin Physics at EIC
PoS(SPIN2018)167 pdf D. Boer
Multidimensional imaging of the partonic structure of hadrons with an Electron-Ion Collider
PoS(SPIN2018)168 pdf S. Fazio
Accessing the Gluon Sivers Function at a future Electron-Ion Collider
PoS(SPIN2018)169 file missing L. Zheng
Jet Physics at an EIC
PoS(SPIN2018)170 file missing B. Page
3D structure from JLab12 to EIC
PoS(SPIN2018)171 pdf H. Avakian
Longitudinal spin asymmetries in polarized deuteron DIS with spectator tagging
PoS(SPIN2018)172 pdf W. Cosyn and C. Weiss
Neutron spin structure studies at EIC
PoS(SPIN2018)173 pdf A. Del dotto, E. Cisbani, L. Kaptari, E. Pace, G. Salme and S. Scopetta
Search for Exotic Gluonic States in the Nucleus via Polarized Deep Inelastic Scattering
PoS(SPIN2018)174 pdf J. Maxwell
Nucleon 3D imaging program with SoLID at Jefferson Lab
PoS(SPIN2018)175 pdf Z. Zhao, T. Liu and H. Gao
Parallel Session: Application of Nuclear Polarization Techniques to Other Fields (G. Bison, A. Sandorfi and A. Vasiliev)
Advantages of Nuclear Fusion with Polarized Fuel
PoS(SPIN2018)176 pdf
R. Engels, H.M. Awwad, K. Grigoryev, L. Huxold, M. Büscher, I. Engin, A. Hützen, G. Ciullo, V. Fotyev, K.A. Ivshin, E. Komarov, L.M. Kotchenda, P. Kravchenko, P. Kravtsov, S. Sherman, A.N. Soloviev, I.N. Soloviev, V. Trofimov, A.A. Vasilyev, M. Vznuzdaev, D.K. Toporkov, I. Rachek, Y. Shestakov, T.P. Rakitzis, D. Sofikitis, C. Kannis and G. Boulogiannis
PoS(SPIN2018)177 pdf P. Kravchenko, V.D. Fotyev, K.A. Ivshin, E.N. Komarov, L.M. Kotchenda, O.L. Kotchenda, P. Kravtsov, S.G. Sherman, A.N. Soloviev, I.N. Soloviev, V. Trofimov, A.A. Vasilyev and M. Vznuzdaev
Status of the Polarized Molecular Source
PoS(SPIN2018)178 pdf D.K. Toporkov, D.M. Nikolenko, I.A. Rachek, Y.V. Shestakov, A.V. Yurchenko, R. Engels, L. Huxold and M. Büscher
Optical excitation of molecules for Spin-Polarized Nuclear Fusion
PoS(SPIN2018)179 file missing T.P. Rakitzis
Nuclear Polarization in Laser-induced Relativistic Plasmas
PoS(SPIN2018)180 file missing M. Büscher
Progress toward spin-polarized fusion: Performance of laser-polarized He-3 during permeation into tokamak pellets
PoS(SPIN2018)181 file missing S. Tafti
General relativity experiment with frozen spin rings
PoS(SPIN2018)182 pdf A. Laszlo
Medical Imaging of Hyperpolarized Noble Gases: Perspectives and prospects at the quarter- century mark
PoS(SPIN2018)183 file missing W. Miller
Medical application of spin-polarized noble gases: Emphysema index based on polarized He-3 and Xe-129 diffusion in the lung
PoS(SPIN2018)184 file missing S. Tafti
Measuring the free neutron lifetime with spin-polarized ultracold neutrons at TRIGA Mainz
PoS(SPIN2018)185 file missing D. Ries
Storage of polarized ultracold neutrons
PoS(SPIN2018)186 file missing G. Pignol
Poster Session
Constraints on a Spin-dependent Exotic Interaction between Electrons with Single Electron Spin Quantum Sensors
PoS(SPIN2018)187 file missing M. Jiao
Spin correlations of the final leptons in the high-energy two-photon processes $\gamma \gamma \rightarrow e^+ e^-, \mu^+ \mu^-, \tau^+ \tau^-$
PoS(SPIN2018)188 pdf V.V. Lyuboshitz and V.L. Lyuboshitz
Femtoscopic correlations of two identical particles with nonzero spin in the model of one-particle multipole sources
PoS(SPIN2018)189 pdf V.V. Lyuboshitz and V.L. Lyuboshitz
Towards Nuclear Spin Polarization of DT
PoS(SPIN2018)190 pdf J.P. Didelez and C. Deutsch