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Corfu Summer Institute 2018 "School and Workshops on Elementary Particle Physics and Gravity"

CORFU2018 - (other corfu conferences)
31 August - 28 September, 2018
Corfu, Greece
published September 19, 2019
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The Corfu Summer Institute meetings consist of a series of high quality scientific events aiming in the training of young researchers as well as the exchange of knowledge and the collaboration among experienced scientists in the research area of Elementary Particle Physics and Gravity.

Editorial Committee:
Konstantinos Anagnostopoulos, National Technical University of Athens
David Berman, Queen Mary University of London
Athanasios Chatzistavrakidis, Rudjer Bošković Institute, Zagreb                           
Dumitru Ghilencea, IFIN-HH, Bucharest       
Fotios Diakonos, University of Athens       
Jan Kalinowski, University of Warsaw       
Athanasios Kapoyannis, University of Athens
Margarida Nesbitt, Rebelo CFTP/IST, U. Lisboa
Antonios Tsapalis, Hellenic Naval Academy   
Dimitris Varouchas, CNRS, LAL, Orsay       

Editorial Board

Session: Workshop on the Standard Model and Beyond
Session: Dualities and Generalized Geometries
Session: The Critical Point and Onset of Deconfinement Conference
PoS(CORFU2018)207 pdf G. Zoupanos
Session: Workshop on the Standard Model and Beyond
New results on the determination of the strong coupling
PoS(CORFU2018)002 pdf Z. Trocsanyi
Vector Boson Scattering: status and prospects
PoS(CORFU2018)007 pdf P. Govoni
Signatures of the type-I 2HDM at the LHC
PoS(CORFU2018)013 pdf S. Munir, R. Enberg, W. Klemm and S. Moretti
Natural alignment in a two Higgs doublet model
PoS(CORFU2018)014 pdf K. Benakli, Y. Chen and G. Lafforgue-Marmet
An N2HDM Solution for the possible 96 GeV Excess
PoS(CORFU2018)015 pdf S. Heinemeyer, T. Biekoetter and M. Chakraborti
Higgs decaying to 4 fermions in the Two-Higgs-Doublet Model
PoS(CORFU2018)016 pdf L. Altenkamp, S. Dittmaier and H. Rzehak
Spectrum of ordinary hadrons and multiquarks from QCD
PoS(CORFU2018)017 pdf F. Buccella
The International Linear Collider - politics, logistics, and (some) physics
PoS(CORFU2018)019 pdf T. Schoerner-Sadenius
Associate production of a $H, W or Z$ with a $t\bar{t}$ pair at the LHC: theoretical predictions at NLO+NNLL
PoS(CORFU2018)024 pdf A. Kulesza, L. Motyka, D. Schwartländer, T. Stebel and V. Theeuwes
Composite Higgs Phenomenology
PoS(CORFU2018)029 pdf G. Bhattacharyya
Simultaneous explanation of $K$ and $B$ anomalies in vectorlike compositeness
PoS(CORFU2018)031 pdf S. Matsuzaki, K. Nishiwaki and K. Yamamoto
Additional neutrinos and the B anomalies
PoS(CORFU2018)032 pdf G. Valencia
Flavour anomalies and (fundamental) partial compositeness
PoS(CORFU2018)033 pdf P. Stangl
Flavored Axions
PoS(CORFU2018)035 pdf R. Ziegler
Dark Matter searches via direct detection
PoS(CORFU2018)037 pdf M. Martínez
Majorana neutrino masses in gauge-Higgs unification
PoS(CORFU2018)043 pdf K. Hasegawa
Quantum Anomalies, Running Vacuum and Leptogenesis: an Interplay
PoS(CORFU2018)044 pdf N. Mavromatos, S. Basilakos and J. Sola Peracaula
Anomalies from Non-Perturbative Standard Model Effects
PoS(CORFU2018)046 pdf attachments H.B. Nielsen and C. Froggatt
Monopole production via photon fusion at the LHC
PoS(CORFU2018)047 pdf V.A. Mitsou
BBN cosmological constraints on beyond Standard Model neutrino
PoS(CORFU2018)048 pdf D. Kirilova
Pseudo-Riemannian structure of the noncommutative Standard Model
PoS(CORFU2018)049 pdf A. Bochniak
Matrix norms and search for sterile neutrinos
PoS(CORFU2018)050 pdf W.J. Flieger, F. Pindel and K. Porwit
Search for new phenomena in high-mass final states with a photon and a jet from pp collisions at 13 TeV with the ATLAS detecto
PoS(CORFU2018)051 pdf J. Bossio and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
"Invisible" axion rolling through QCD phase transition
PoS(CORFU2018)052 pdf J.E. Kim and S.J. Kim
Axion properties in GUTs
PoS(CORFU2018)054 pdf A. Ernst, L. Di Luzio, A. Ringwald and C. Tamarit
Inflation from supersymmetry breaking
PoS(CORFU2018)055 pdf attachments I. Antoniadis
Planck and Electroweak Scales Emerging from Conformal Gravity
PoS(CORFU2018)057 pdf I. Oda
Decoding the nature of dark matter
PoS(CORFU2018)061 pdf attachments A. Belyaev
Frame-dependence of inflationary observables in scalar-tensor gravity
PoS(CORFU2018)064 pdf A. Karam, T. Pappas and K. Tamvakis
Dynamical compactification of extra dimensions in the Euclidean type IIB matrix model: A numerical study using the complex Langevin method
PoS(CORFU2018)065 pdf K. Anagnostopoulos, T. Azuma, Y. Ito, J. Nishimura and S. Papadoudis
Moduli stabilisation and inflation in type IIB/F-theory
PoS(CORFU2018)068 pdf I. Antoniadis, Y. Chen and G.K. Leontaris
SUSY searches in ATLAS and CMS
PoS(CORFU2018)070 pdf A. Santra and  on behalf of the ATLAS and CMS Collaborations
Exotics and BSM in ATLAS and CMS (non DM searches)
PoS(CORFU2018)071 pdf P. Zalewski and  on behalf of the ATLAS and CMS Collaborations
Exact correlators from conformal Ward identities in momentum space and perturbative realizations
PoS(CORFU2018)072 pdf C. Coriano, M.M. Maglio, A. Tatullo and D. Theofilopoulos
Searches for strong production of supersymmetry in CMS
PoS(CORFU2018)074 pdf attachments T.A. Vami and  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
Gauge-Higgs unification at e$^+$e$^−$ linear colliders
PoS(CORFU2018)075 pdf Y. Hosotani
Reduction of Couplings: Finite Unified Theories and the reduced MSSM
PoS(CORFU2018)077 pdf S. Heinemeyer, M. Mondragon, G. Patellis, N. Tracas and G. Zoupanos
Decay of false vacua via impurities in string theories
PoS(CORFU2018)078 pdf Y. Ookouchi, Y. Nakai and N. Tanahashi
NEWS-G: Light dark matter search with a Spherical Proportional Counter
PoS(CORFU2018)088 pdf K. Nikolopoulos
Freeze-in dark matter production: models and phenomenology
PoS(CORFU2018)090 pdf A. Goudelis
Scalar-Gauss-Bonnet Theories: Evasion of No-Hair Theorems and novel black-hole solutions
PoS(CORFU2018)091 pdf P. Kanti, A. Bakopoulos and N. Pappas
Conversion-driven freeze-out: Dark matter genesis beyond the WIMP paradigm
PoS(CORFU2018)092 pdf J. Heisig, M. Garny, M. Hufnagel, B. Lülf and S. Vogl
Cosmic microwave background as a probe of dark relics
PoS(CORFU2018)094 pdf P. Serpico
Three-dimensional gravity as a noncommutative gauge theory
PoS(CORFU2018)096 pdf G. Manolakos, P. Manousselis and G. Zoupanos
Session: Dualities and Generalized Geometries
The many facets of exceptional field theory
PoS(CORFU2018)098 pdf O. Hohm and H. Samtleben
An Introduction to Generalised Dualities and their Applications to Holography and Integrability
PoS(CORFU2018)099 pdf D. Thompson
An introduction to nonassociative physics
PoS(CORFU2018)100 pdf R. Szabo
New Supergravity Uplifts
PoS(CORFU2018)106 pdf F. Farakos
An invitation to Poisson-Lie T-duality in Double Field Theory and its applications
PoS(CORFU2018)113 pdf S. Demulder, F. Hassler and D. Thompson
Quantum properties and generalised T-duality of the Yang-Baxter Wess-Zumino model
PoS(CORFU2018)114 pdf S. Demulder
Open strings in integrable deformations of sigma models
PoS(CORFU2018)115 pdf S. Driezen
Killing spinors from classical r-matrices
PoS(CORFU2018)118 pdf Y. Sekiguchi
SKT and T-duality
PoS(CORFU2018)121 pdf U. Lindstrom and C. Hull
AdS6 T-duals and $AdS_6$ × $S^2$ geometries in Type IIB
PoS(CORFU2018)122 pdf Y. Lozano, N. Macpherson and J. Montero
T-Duality and Doubling of the Isotropic Rigid Rotator
PoS(CORFU2018)123 pdf F. Pezzella, F.B.V.E.M. Patrizia Vitale, F. Bascone and P. Vitale
Born Geometry in a Nutshell
PoS(CORFU2018)126 pdf F. Rudolph and D. Svoboda
Generalising Courant algebroids to M-theory
PoS(CORFU2018)127 pdf A. Arvanitakis
The Algebroid Structure of Double Field Theory
PoS(CORFU2018)132 pdf A. Chatzistavrakidis, L. Jonke, F.S. Khoo and R. Szabo
String Theory and Nonrelativistic Gravity
PoS(CORFU2018)134 pdf E. Bergshoeff and C. Simsek
Space-filling branes and gaugings
PoS(CORFU2018)136 pdf F. Riccioni
Orbifolds and Orientifolds as O-folds
PoS(CORFU2018)137 pdf C. Blair
Exotic Branes in M-Theory
PoS(CORFU2018)138 pdf R. Otsuki, D. Berman and E. Musaev
Dynamics of branes in Double Field Theory
PoS(CORFU2018)139 pdf E. Musaev
AdS$_3$ vacua and surface defects in massive IIA
PoS(CORFU2018)142 pdf N. Petri and G. Dibitetto
O(D, D) completion of the Einstein Field Equations
PoS(CORFU2018)145 pdf J.H. Park
BRST symmetry of doubled membrane sigma-models
PoS(CORFU2018)147 pdf A. Chatzistavrakidis, C.J. Grewcoe, L. Jonke, F.S. Khoo and R. Szabo
A new construction of rational electromagnetic knots
PoS(CORFU2018)149 pdf O. Lechtenfeld and G. Zhilin
Session: The Critical Point and Onset of Deconfinement Conference
Matter And Gravitation In Collisions of heavy ions and neutron stars: equation of state
PoS(CORFU2018)150 pdf H. Stoecker, A. Motornenko, J. Steinheimer, V. Vovchenko and S. Schramm
Beam Energy Scan Program at RHIC (BES I and BES II) – Probing QCD Phase Diagram with Heavy-Ion Collisions
PoS(CORFU2018)151 pdf G. Odyniec and  on behalf of the STAR collaboration
New results on spectra and fluctuations from NA61/SHINE
PoS(CORFU2018)152 pdf K. Grebieszkow and  on behalf of the NA61/SHINE Collaboration
Recent results from proton intermittency analysis in nucleus-nucleus collisions from NA61/SHINE at CERN SPS
PoS(CORFU2018)154 pdf N. Davis, N. Antoniou, F.K. Diakonos and  on behalf of the NA61/SHINE Collaboration
Benchmark values for net proton number fluctuations
PoS(CORFU2018)155 pdf B. Tomasik, I. Melo, L. Lafférs and M. Bleicher
QCD matter with a crossover and a first-order phase transition
PoS(CORFU2018)157 pdf C. Plumberg, T. Welle and J. Kapusta
Fluid dynamical phenomena in QGP and its recent experimental signatures
PoS(CORFU2018)158 pdf L. Csernai
Lattice-based Equation of State of QCD matter with a critical point
PoS(CORFU2018)161 pdf C. Ratti
Critical end points in (2+1)-flavor QCD with imaginary chemical potential
PoS(CORFU2018)162 pdf J. Goswami, F. Karsch, A. Lahiri, M. Neumann and C. Schmidt
Critical behavior and net-charge fluctuations from lattice QCD
PoS(CORFU2018)163 pdf F. Karsch
Off-diagonal cumulants of net-charge, net-proton and net-kaon multiplicity distributions in Au+Au collisions at √sNN=7.7-200 GeV from STAR
PoS(CORFU2018)164 pdf A. Chatterjee and  on behalf of the STAR collaboration
Bottomonia physics at RHIC and LHC
PoS(CORFU2018)165 pdf G. Wolschin
Recent measurements of identified hadron spectra and multiplicities in Ar+Sc and Be+Be collisions at SPS energies
PoS(CORFU2018)166 pdf M. Lewicki
Strange matter and kaon to pion ratio in SU(3) PNJL model
PoS(CORFU2018)167 pdf A. Friesen, Y.L. Kalinovsky and V. Toneev
Production of Entropy at the Chiral Phase Transition from Dissipation and Noise
PoS(CORFU2018)169 pdf A. Kittiratpattana, A. Limphirat and C. Herold
Directed flow and freeze-out in relativistic heavy-ion collisions at NICA and FAIR energies
PoS(CORFU2018)171 pdf L. Bravina, Y. Kvasiuk, D. Sachenko, S. Y. Sivoklokov, O. Vitiuk and E. E. Zabrodin
Quantized first-order phase transition and two sets of critical end point in droplet quark matter
PoS(CORFU2018)172 pdf K. Xu and M. Huang
QCD Phase Diagram with a Critical Point from Holography
PoS(CORFU2018)174 pdf I. Portillo Vazquez
Extracting the strangeness freeze-out temperature from net-Kaon data at RHIC
PoS(CORFU2018)175 pdf J. Noronha-Hostler, R. Bellwied, P. Parotto, C. Ratti, J. Stafford and I. Portillo Vazquez
Nuclear correlations and modifications of the nucleon-nucleon potential due to the QCD critical mode
PoS(CORFU2018)176 pdf J. Torres-Rincon and E. Shuryak
Finite-size scaling, Intermittency and the QCD critical point
PoS(CORFU2018)178 pdf F.K. Diakonos and N. Antoniou
Finite size effects on cumulants of the critical mode
PoS(CORFU2018)179 pdf M. Agah Nouhou, M. Bluhm, A. Borer, M. Nahrgang, T. Sami and N. Touroux
Strangeness Neutrality and the QCD Phase Diagram
PoS(CORFU2018)182 pdf F. Rennecke, W.j. Fu and J.M. Pawlowski
First NA61/SHINE results on Bose-Einstein correlation function
PoS(CORFU2018)184 pdf B. Porfy and  on behalf of the NA61/SHINE Collaboration
Gribov horizon, Polyakov loop and finite temperature
PoS(CORFU2018)185 pdf F. Canfora, D. Dudal, I. Justo, P. Pais, L. Rosa and D. Vercauteren
Prospects for the study of baryon-rich matter at new facilities
PoS(CORFU2018)186 pdf V. Friese
Studies of baryonic matter in the BM@N and MPD experiments at Nuclotron/NICA
PoS(CORFU2018)188 pdf M. Kapishin
High density matter physics at J-PARC-HI
PoS(CORFU2018)189 pdf T. Sakaguchi and  on behalf of the J-PARC-HI collaboration
Electromagnetic effects and the longitudinal evolution of the system at CERN SPS energies
PoS(CORFU2018)193 pdf N. Davis, A. Rybicki, A. Szczurek, I.A. Sputowska, A. Marcinek, V. Ozvenchuk, M. Kielbowicz and S. Bhosale
Event Shape Sorting: prospects and femtoscopy applications
PoS(CORFU2018)194 pdf J. Cimerman and B. Tomasik
Forward hadron calorimeter (PSD) of NA61/SHINE for heavy ion studies and its upgrade for experiments beyond 2020
PoS(CORFU2018)195 pdf S. Morozov, F. Guber, A. Ivashkin, M. Golubeva and  on behalf of the NA61/SHINE Collaboration
QCD equation of state at finite baryon density with fugacity expansion
PoS(CORFU2018)199 pdf V. Vovchenko, J. Steinheimer, O. Philipsen and H. Stoecker
Evolution of multiplicity fluctuations in heavy ion collisions
PoS(CORFU2018)200 pdf R. Sochorová and B. Tomasik
Open charm measurements at CERN SPS energies in the NA61/SHINE experiment - status and plans
PoS(CORFU2018)202 pdf A. Merzlaya and  on behalf of the NA61/SHINE Collaboration
K*(892)0 production in p+p interactions at 158 GeV/c from NA61/SHINE
PoS(CORFU2018)203 pdf A.M. Tefelska and  on behalf of the NA61/SHINE Collaboration
Theory Summary
PoS(CORFU2018)206 pdf L. McLerran