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Volume 347 - Corfu Summer Institute 2018 "School and Workshops on Elementary Particle Physics and Gravity" (CORFU2018) - Session: Workshop on the Standard Model and Beyond
Exotics and BSM in ATLAS and CMS (non DM searches)
P. Zalewski* on behalf of the ATLAS and CMS Collaborations
*corresponding author
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Published on: 2019 September 19
Search for new physics Beyond Standard Model (BSM) is one of the major goals of the~ATLAS and the~CMS experiments at
the~LHC. Search for phenomena other than motivated by mainstream supersymmetry is commonly referred to as exotica.
Analyses directly related to search for dark matter particles was scheduled for other talks. What remains could be subdivided
into searches for promptly decaying particles and for long lived once. Few representative examples of such analyses
finished by ATLAS and CMS collaboration by the summer of 2018 are presented.
No significant excess of signal event over predicted background was found in any analysis.
More and more stringent exclusion limits are presented.
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