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Volume 347 - Corfu Summer Institute 2018 "School and Workshops on Elementary Particle Physics and Gravity" (CORFU2018) - Session: Dualities and Generalized Geometries
Born Geometry in a Nutshell
F. Rudolph,* D. Svoboda
*corresponding author
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Published on: 2019 September 19
We give a concise summary of the para-Hermitian geometry that describes a doubled target space fit for a covariant description of T-duality in string theory. This provides a generalized differentiable structure on the doubled space and leads to a kinematical setup which allows for the recovery of the physical spacetime. The picture can be enhanced to a Born geometry by including dynamical structures such as a generalized metric and fluxes which are related to the physical background fields in string theory. We then discuss a generalization of the Levi-Civita connection in this setting -- the Born connection -- and a twisting of the kinematical structure in the presence of fluxes.
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