PoS - Proceedings of Science

International Conference on Precision Physics and Fundamental Physical Constants

9-14 June, 2019
Tihany, Hungary
published February 18, 2020

The Conference follows the series of workshops on Precision Physics and Fundamental Physical Constants (2008-2017). This year it is organized as part of the Eötvös Year of Hungary with a special session devoted to Eötvös-type and other experiments on gravity

Editorial Board

Session 1: Precision spectroscopy of atoms and ions
Session 2: High energy physics: experiment
Session 3: Exotic atoms
Session 4: QED tests on atoms and molecules
Session 5: Beyond the Standard Model
Session 6: Magnetic moment, g factor
Session 7: Fundamental constants, atomic properties
Session 8: The gravity experiment of Roland Eötvös
Session 9: Gravitational waves
Session 10: Gravity, new measurements
Session 11: Miscellaneous
Poster session
Session 1: Precision spectroscopy of atoms and ions
Spectroscopy of HD+ and the Rydberg constant
PoS(FFK2019)001 file missing V. Korobov
Improving the hyperfine structure theory in hydrogen molecular ions
PoS(FFK2019)002 file missing J.P. Karr
m(alpha)^6 order spin-averaged effective Hamiltonian of hydrogen molecular ions
PoS(FFK2019)003 file missing Z.X. Zhong
Calculation of higher order corrections to positronium energy levels
PoS(FFK2019)004 pdf G. Adkins, B. Akers, M.F. Alam, L.M. Tran and X. Zhang
Session 2: High energy physics: experiment
Precision tests of the Standard Model at the LHC with the ATLAS and CMS detectors
PoS(FFK2019)005 pdf G. Pásztor and  on behalf of the ATLAS and CMS Collaborations
Precision measurements in Higgs sector at ATLAS and CMS
PoS(FFK2019)006 pdf A. Sopczak and  on behalf of the ATLAS and CMS Collaborations
CP Violation and CKM Matrix Measurements
PoS(FFK2019)007 file missing J. Brodzicka
High-precision tests of the Standard Model at future e+e- colliders
PoS(FFK2019)008 file missing A. Arbuzov
New States in Charmonium and Bottomonium Families
PoS(FFK2019)009 file missing G. Pakhlova
Session 3: Exotic atoms
Precision measurements of antiproton and antihydrogen properties at CERN
PoS(FFK2019)010 file missing E. Widmann
Muonic atoms and proton size
PoS(FFK2019)011 file missing R. Pohl
The virtual-Delbruck-scattering potential for light muonic atoms
PoS(FFK2019)012 file missing E. Korzinin
FAMU: latest results in the measurement of the transfer rate from $mu$p to oxygen
PoS(FFK2019)013 pdf C. Pizzolotto and  on behalf of the FAMU Collaboration
Present status of muonium hyperfine splitting in J-PARC
PoS(FFK2019)014 file missing K. Shimomura
Session 4: QED tests on atoms and molecules
Testing fundamental interactions with the helium atom
PoS(FFK2019)015 file missing K. Pachucki
Testing QED with precision spectroscopy of the helium atom
PoS(FFK2019)016 file missing Y. Sun
Quantum Electrodynamics of the hydrogen molecule
PoS(FFK2019)017 file missing M. Puchalski
Hyperfine cross-over resonances producing Lamb-dips and Lamb-peaks in the saturation spectrum of HD
PoS(FFK2019)018 file missing M. Diouf
Energy levels of deuterium molecule
PoS(FFK2019)019 file missing J. Komasa
Determination of the dissociation energy of para-H2
PoS(FFK2019)020 file missing J. Hussels
Session 5: Beyond the Standard Model
Highlights of searches for new physics at ATLAS and CMS
PoS(FFK2019)021 file missing O.V. Boeriu
Super-weak force
PoS(FFK2019)022 pdf Z. Trocsanyi
Towards testing physics beyond the Standard Model with the g factor of bound electrons
PoS(FFK2019)023 file missing V. Debierre
Isotope shift and atomic parity violation in the search for new physics
PoS(FFK2019)024 file missing A. Viatkina
Session 6: Magnetic moment, g factor
Theory of the g factor of few-electron ions
PoS(FFK2019)025 file missing Z. Harman
A New Experiment for the Measurement of the g-factors of 3He2+ and 3He+
PoS(FFK2019)026 file missing A. Schneider
The ALPHATRAP g-factor experiment
PoS(FFK2019)027 file missing A. Egl
Many-body study of g factor of boron-like argon
PoS(FFK2019)028 file missing D.E. Maison
e+e- annihilation into hadrons and muon g-2
PoS(FFK2019)029 file missing S. Eydelman
Measurement of muon's g-2 and EDM
PoS(FFK2019)030 file missing T. Mibe
The muon g-2 and the MuonE project
PoS(FFK2019)031 file missing F. Piccinini
Session 7: Fundamental constants, atomic properties
New quantum SI units and fundamental constants
PoS(FFK2019)032 file missing S. Karshenboim
High-Precision Measurement of the Deuteron’s Atomic Mass
PoS(FFK2019)033 file missing S. Rau
Precision measurements of the (anti)proton mass and magnetic moment by the BASE collaboration
PoS(FFK2019)034 file missing W.P. Quint
Precise determinations of the strong coupling in lepton collisions
PoS(FFK2019)035 pdf Z. Trocsanyi
Study of the valence electronic density distribution in Z=112-120 atoms
PoS(FFK2019)036 pdf M.Y. Kaygorodov, Y.S. Kozhedub, I. I. Tupitsyn and V. M. Shabaev
High-precision calculations of hydrogen molecule
PoS(FFK2019)037 file missing M. Siłkowski
The hydrogen n=2 Lamb shift (and the proton size) and helium n=2 fine structure (and the fine-structure constant)
PoS(FFK2019)038 file missing E.A. Hessels
Session 8: The gravity experiment of Roland Eötvös
The Eötvös Paradox: The Enduring Significance of Eötvös' Most Famous Experiment
PoS(FFK2019)039 pdf E. Fischbach and D. E. Krause
My time with Bob Dicke; the beginning of experimental gravitational physics in university research
PoS(FFK2019)040 file missing J.E. Faller
Preparations for the remeasurement of the Eötvös Experiment
PoS(FFK2019)041 pdf L. Völgyesi, G. Szondy, G. Tóth, G. Péter, B. Kiss, G.G. Barnaföldi, L. Deák, C. Égető, E. Fenyvesi, G. Gróf, L. Somlai, P. Harangozó, P. Levai and P. Ván
Remeasurement of the Eötvös experiment - status and first results
PoS(FFK2019)042 pdf G. Tóth, L. Völgyesi, G. Szondy, G. Péter, B. Kiss, G.G. Barnaföldi, L. Deák, C. Égető, E. Fenyvesi, G. Gróf, L. Somlai, P. Harangozó, P. Levai and P. Ván
$G^{\epsilon\epsilon}$ Lab's Equivalence Principle Experiment
PoS(FFK2019)043 pdf K.R. Wagoner, R. Cowsik, D. Huth, M. Jeyakumar, T. Madziwa-Nussinov, M. Abercrombie, A. Archibald and N. Krishnan
Session 9: Gravitational waves
Gravitational waves and the Einstein Telescope
PoS(FFK2019)044 file missing P. Ván
Session 10: Gravity, new measurements
Determination of G with time-of-swing method by using high-Q silica fibers
PoS(FFK2019)045 pdf Q. Li, J.P. Liu, S.Q. Yang, C.G. Shao, X. Hao and L. Jun
Determination of G with Angular-Acceleration-Feedback Method
PoS(FFK2019)046 file missing C. Xue
Newtonian Gravitation Constant: History of Measurement and New Results
PoS(FFK2019)048 file missing V. Milyukov
Session 11: Miscellaneous
Paving the way for fundamental physics tests with singly-ionized helium
PoS(FFK2019)049 pdf J.J. Krauth, L.S. Dreissen, C. Roth, E.L. Gründeman, M. Collombon, M. Favier and K.S.E. Eikema
Proton CT - a novel imaging tool in hadron therapy
PoS(FFK2019)050 file missing M. Varga-Kőfaragó
Testing Quantum Calculations with Measurements on Radioactive Molecular Hydrogen Isotopologues
PoS(FFK2019)051 file missing K.F. Lai
QED with heavy ions: on the way from strong to supercritical fields
PoS(FFK2019)052 pdf V. Shabaev, A. Bondarev, D. Glazov, Y. Kozhedub, I. Maltsev, A. Malyshev, R. Popov, D. Tumakov and I. Tupitsyn
Poster session
Two-loop self-energy corrections to the g-factor of bound electrons
PoS(FFK2019)053 file missing B. Sikora
Two-photon spectroscopy of H2+
PoS(FFK2019)054 file missing J.P. Karr
Prospects of precision measurements with thorium ions trapped inside Coulomb crystals of 40Ca+
PoS(FFK2019)055 file missing A. Viatkina
Algorithm for calculating Bethe logarithm and the adiabatic correction for atoms and two-centered molecules
PoS(FFK2019)056 pdf E. Palikot and M. Stanke
Correlation trends in the nuclear anapole moment interaction of the Be atom in BeCl
PoS(FFK2019)057 pdf Y. Hao, M. Iliaš and A. Borschevsky
Quadropole transitions of the hydrogen molecular ion HD+
PoS(FFK2019)058 pdf A.K. Bekbaev, D. T.Aznabayev and V. I.Korobov
Generating Sub-Millidegree Thermal Stability over Large Volumes for Precision Experiments
PoS(FFK2019)059 pdf N. Krishnan, S.M. Pereira and A. Vaidyanathan
Nonrelativistic energy levels of the helium atom
PoS(FFK2019)060 pdf D. Aznabayev, A.K. Bekbaev and V. Korobov
Relativstic corrections to the hyperfine structure of hydrogen molecular ions
PoS(FFK2019)061 file missing M. Haidar
Bohr-Weisskopf effect in the thallium atom
PoS(FFK2019)062 file missing S.D. Prosnyak
Two-loop QED corrections to the bound-electron g factor involving the magnetic loop
PoS(FFK2019)063 file missing V. Debierre
Measurement system of the new Eötvös experiment
PoS(FFK2019)064 file missing G. Szondy
Eötvös balance operation presentation
PoS(FFK2019)065 file missing L. Völgyesi