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Volume 353 - International Conference on Precision Physics and Fundamental Physical Constants (FFK2019) - Session 11: Miscellaneous
Paving the way for fundamental physics tests with singly-ionized helium
J.J. Krauth,* L.S. Dreissen, C. Roth, E.L. Gründeman, M. Collombon, M. Favier, K.S.E. Eikema
*corresponding author
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Pre-published on: 2019 October 15
Published on: 2020 February 18
High-precision laser spectroscopy of atomic hydrogen has led to an impressive accuracy in tests of bound-state quantum electrodynamics (QED). At the current level of accuracy many systematics have to be studied very carefully and only independent measurements provide the ultimate cross-check. This has been proven recently by measurements in muonic hydrogen, eventually leading to a significant shift of the CODATA recommended values of the proton charge radius and the Rydberg constant.
We aim to contribute to tests of fundamental physics by measuring the 1S-2S transition in the He$^+$ ion for the first time. Combined with measurements in muonic helium ions this can probe the value of the Rydberg constant, test higher-order QED terms, or set benchmarks for ab initio nuclear polarizability calculations. We extend the Ramsey-comb spectroscopy method to the XUV using high-harmonic generation in order to excite a single, trapped He$^+$ ion.
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