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Volume 357 - The New Era of Multi-Messenger Astrophysics (Asterics2019) - Main session
Astrophysical Online Data Analysis powered by provenance data model
V. Savchenko,* A. Neronov, A. Tramacere, M.T. Meharga, C. Ferrigno
*corresponding author
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We present the architecture of the Online Data Analysis (ODA) platform, developed at Common Data Center Infrastructure of University of Geneva Department of Astronomy to facilitate reduction and analytics of astronomical data. The currently publicly available version allows to effortlessly explore and exploit observations of ESA\'s INternational Gamma-Ray Laboratory (INTEGRAL) as well as Polar GRB polarization detector. The platform can be accessed through a simple on-line interface, suitable for researchers not familiar with INTEGRAL data reduction but interested in astrophysical phenomena. More evolved configuration of the analysis can be achieved through detailed formulation of the requests to the service through an HTTP API. Our goal is to combine both quick-look in-browser analysis (providing robust but simple results) and fine-grained control through the API for the domain experts (allowing interoperability and integration in federated data analysis workflows)
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