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Volume 358 - 36th International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC2019) - CRI - Cosmic Ray Indirect
Silicon Photomultipliers for Orbital Ultra High Energy Cosmic Ray Observation
W. Painter, A. Haungs,* T. Huber, M. Karus, A. Menshikov, M. Oehler, M. Renschler, J.e. Collaboration
*corresponding author
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Pre-published on: 2019 July 22
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Development of the Silicon photomultiplier Elementary Cell Add-on camera (SiECA) has provided extensive information regarding the use of SiPMs for future cosmic ray detection
systems. We present the technical aspects of sensor readout development utilizing Citiroc ASIC chips from Weeroc controlled by a Xilinx FPGA to process and package events
from four 64 channel Hamamatsu MPPC S13361 arrays generating 128 frame events with an integration time of 2.5 µs (parameters are based on JEM-EUSO geometry but can be easily adjusted). With single photon counting capability, SiECA proves SiPM are viable sensors to replace Multi-Anode PhotoMultiplier Tubes in future devices, especially when high luminosity exposure is possible potentially damaging MAPMT based systems. Complementary to the technical aspects, computational and analysis methods for sensor array characterization and in depth device flat-fielding are presented. Provided channel by channel biasing, in comparison to uniform biasing with MAPMTs, fine tuning of operating
parameters with MPPC arrays allows for substantial improvements in detector and signal uniformity.
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