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Volume 358 - 36th International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC2019) - CRI - Cosmic Ray Indirect
The Performance of the Laser Systems in the Calibration System of LHAASO-WFCTA
N. Xie, H. Liu, Y. Hu, W. Long, H. Jia, F. Zhu,* Q. Chen
*corresponding author
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Pre-published on: 2019 July 22
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Wide Field view of Cherenkov Telescope Array(WFCTA of LHAASO,consisting of 18 telesopes, has been proposed to mount at Daocheng County, Sichuan Province, China, to probe the galactic cosmic rays with the energies from 3×1013eV-1017eV together with WCDA and KM2A of LHAASO.2 N2 laser systemsand 2YAG lasersystems will bebuilt to calibrate the detection effeciency of WFCTA and monitoring atmosphere. The laser beam in N2 laser systems, originally the rectangle facula with 3mmtimes7mm, are bound the circular facula with the radius not more than 10mm at the 20cm to the N2 laser head. The N2 laser systems are relatively simple to run normally in our testing, at LHAASO base and the campus of Southwest Jiaotong University. To keep a relatively constant temperature condition,an auto-heating belt is fixed outside of the YAG laser head. In this paper the performance of the 4 laser systems will be reported in detail.
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