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Volume 358 - 36th International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC2019) - NU - Neutrino
All Sky Time-Integrated Point Source Searches using 10 years of IceCube Data.
T. Carver
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Pre-published on: 2019 July 22
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These proceedings present the results of point-like neutrino source searches using ∼ 10 yrs of IceCube data from Apr. 6, 2008 to Jul. 10, 2018. We evaluate the significance of an astrophysical signal from a point-like source looking for an excess of clustered neutrino events with energies above ∼ 1 TeV among the background of atmospheric muons and neutrinos. We perform a full sky scan, a search based on a selected source catalog, and a catalog population study. The most significant location in the Northern hemisphere from the full-sky scan is compatible with the Seyfert galaxy NGC 1068. This object had also been identified in the source catalog search which finds a 2.9σ excess after accounting for statistical trials. The combination of this result along with excesses observed at the coordinates of three other sources, including TXS 0506+056, suggests that collectively correlations with sources in the Northern catalog are inconsistent with background at the level of 3.3σ . These results motivate further interest in such point-like sources which should become observable or ruled out after accumulation of more data or with future detectors
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