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Westerbork Telescope 50th Anniversary

13 September 2018
Westerbork, The Netherlands
published May 20, 2019
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 In September 2018 we celebrate fifty years since the completion of the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope (WSRT). In 1968 it hailed a new era of astronomy, joining the One-Mile Telescope located at Cambridge UK, exploring the new technique of dish-based interferometry. Over its lifetime, WSRT has been used for a wide range of high-resolution centimetre wave radio astronomy, from studying our solar system to probing galaxies at the edge of the Universe.

A clear theme emerges from this retrospective. The continuing success of this instrument relies on the extensive teamwork of scientists and engineers. Right from the start, this team delivered the WSRT with a clear vision to provide the Netherlands, and the wider international astronomical community, with a telescope of exceptional dynamic range and stability of operations. Throughout its 50-year lifetime, the WSRT has continually evolved, driven by this ongoing engineering-science interlink, testing and maturing novel concepts to deliver world-class capabilities. Moreover, the longevity of the WSRT as a system, underpinned by the collaborative esprit de corps, demonstrates not only the instrument's performance, but also the high level of expertise passed on through generations of astronomers and engineers.

This collection of papers on the WSRT's history, discoveries, current and future promise provides a fitting tribute to the ambitious engineers and scientists of the 1960's who brought this array to the Dutch and international landscape.

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Main session
PoS(Westerbork)001 pdf C.A. Jackson
Historical Introduction
PoS(Westerbork)002 pdf R. Strom
Concept, Design and Metrology of the WSRT Antennas
PoS(Westerbork)003 pdf J. Baars, J. Buiter and R. Kiers
The first 10 years of Discovery
PoS(Westerbork)004 pdf W. Brouw, R. Strom, J. Hamaker, J.E. Noordam, A. van Ardenne, J. Casse, H. Van Someren Greve and M. Garrett
WSRT Observations of Radio Source Structure in the 1970s
PoS(Westerbork)005 pdf G.G.K. Miley
Exploring the time-varying Universe
PoS(Westerbork)006 pdf R. Strom, L. Voûte, B. Stappers, G. Janssen and J. Hessels
An Ever more penetrating View
PoS(Westerbork)007 pdf J.E. Noordam and J. Hamaker
Very Long Baseline Interferometry: the EVN, WSRT, and JIVE
PoS(Westerbork)008 pdf H. Van Langevelde, R. Schilizzi, A. van Ardenne, L. Sondaar and A.J. Boonstra
Preparing for LOFAR
PoS(Westerbork)009 pdf J.A. Bregman, S.J. Wijnholds and M. Brentjens
The Magnetic Universe
PoS(Westerbork)010 pdf M. Haverkorn and M. Brentjens
Ever growing sensitivities
PoS(Westerbork)011 pdf J.A. Bregman, B. Schipper, W. Beerekamp, A. van Ardenne, T. Grit, M. De Vos, G. Han Tan, N. Ebbendorf, J.P. De Reijer, J. Morawietz, A.J. Boonstra, J.H. Pragt, J. Idserda, E. Elswijk and A. Gunst
Cosmology with the WSRT
PoS(Westerbork)012 pdf R.H. De Ruiter, G.G.K. Miley and M. Garrett
The Westerbork Telescope and Neutral Hydrogen (HI) in the Universe
PoS(Westerbork)013 pdf T. Van der Hulst, T. Oosterloo and R. Morganti
HII region studies with the WSRT
PoS(Westerbork)014 pdf F. Israel
The Solar System
PoS(Westerbork)015 pdf I. De Pater and J.A. Bregman
Apertif; the next stage
PoS(Westerbork)016 pdf T. Oosterloo, J. van Leeuwen, W. Van Cappellen, G. Kruithof and C.A. Jackson
Radio Astronomy and Innovation
PoS(Westerbork)017 pdf A. van Ardenne, C.A. Jackson, D. Kant and P. Patel
Observations outside Radio Astronomy
PoS(Westerbork)018 pdf O. Scholten, J. Bacelar, S. Buitink, H. Falcke, H. van der Marel, H. van der Marel, R. Klees, A. van Ardenne, M. Mevius, M. Bentum, K. Kegel and A. Bos
Fifty WSRT highlights
PoS(Westerbork)019 pdf R. Strom, T. Van der Hulst and A. van Ardenne