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alphas-2019: Workshop on precision measurements of the QCD coupling constant

11-15 February 2019
ECT*, Villazzano Trento
published September 13, 2019
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The strong coupling constant alpha_S is the least well known of all constants of nature, which play a role in the Standard Model (SM) of
particle physics and related fields such as cosmology and astrophysics. For many searches for new physics beyond the SM as well as for some important precision tests of the SM using collider data the uncertainty on the value of ?? is a limiting factor. In recent years progress in theoretical predictions of Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD), and the availability of collider data at the highest energies has led to many improved determinations of alpha_S. The current world average quotes an uncertainty of less than 1%. However, there are noticeable discrepancies between different categories of
determinations of alpha_S, which may limit the ultimate precision of future world averages. We plan to bring together in this workshop the
leading experts on determinations of alpha_S from theory and experiment and all important categories. With presentations of the latest results and intense discussion by all participants we will focus on a global view of advantages and problems of each method.

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Overview and Introduction
$a_S$ from $e^+e^-$ hadronic and tau pair final states
$a_S$ from electroweak observables
$a_S$ at hadron colliders
$a_S$ from DIS & PDFs
$a_S$ from tau decays
$a_S$: Lattice OCD
Overview and Introduction
Pre-2019 summaries of $α_s$
PoS(ALPHAS2019)001 pdf S. Bethke
$a_S$ from $e^+e^-$ hadronic and tau pair final states
Old and new observables for $α_S$ from $e^+e^-$ to hadrons
PoS(ALPHAS2019)002 pdf G. Somogyi, A. Kardos, S. Kluth, Z. Trocsanyi, Z. Tulipant and A. Verbytskyi
$a_S$ from energy-energy correlations and jet rates in $e^+e^-$ collisions
PoS(ALPHAS2019)003 pdf A. Verbytskyi, A. Banfi, A. Kardos, S. Kluth, P.F. Monni, G. Somogyi, Z. Szőr, Z. Trocsanyi, Z. Tulipant and G. Zanderighi
The strong coupling from $e^+e^-$ to hadrons
PoS(ALPHAS2019)004 pdf M. Golterman, D. Boito, A. Keshavarzi, K. Maltman, D. Nomura, S. Peris and T. Teubner
$a_S$ from soft QCD jet fragmentation functions
PoS(ALPHAS2019)005 pdf R. Pérez Ramos and D. d’Enterria
$a_S$ from electroweak observables
The QCD coupling $αs$ (Q2)at all momentum scales and the elimination of renormalization scale uncertainties
PoS(ALPHAS2019)006 pdf S.J. Brodsky
Higgs-boson, tau-lepton, and Z-boson decay ratesin fourth order and the five-loop $β$ function of QCD
PoS(ALPHAS2019)007 pdf J. Kühn, P. Baikov and K. Chetyrkin
High-precision $α_S$ from W and Z hadronic decays
PoS(ALPHAS2019)008 pdf D. d’Enterria
$a_S$ at hadron colliders
$α_s$ from jets in $pp$ collisions
PoS(ALPHAS2019)009 pdf J.R. Pires
Jet substructure and a possible determination of the QCD coupling
PoS(ALPHAS2019)010 pdf F. Ringer
Extractions of the QCD coupling in ATLAS
PoS(ALPHAS2019)011 pdf F. Barreiro Alonso and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
$a_S$ determinations from CMS
PoS(ALPHAS2019)012 pdf K. Rabbertz and  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
$a_S$ extraction from inclusive W and Z cross sections in pp collisions at the LHC
PoS(ALPHAS2019)013 pdf A. Poldaru, D. d’Enterria and X. Weichen
Determination of $a_S(m_Z)$ from the Z-boson transverse momentum distribution
PoS(ALPHAS2019)014 pdf S. Camarda
$a_S$ from DIS & PDFs
$a_S$ from pdfs
PoS(ALPHAS2019)015 pdf J.W. Huston
$a_S$, ABM PDFs, and heavy-quark masses
PoS(ALPHAS2019)016 pdf S. Alekhin, J. Blümlein and S.O. Moch
$a_S$ from H1 jets
PoS(ALPHAS2019)017 pdf D. Britzger and  on behalf of the H1 and NNLOJET Collaboration
$a_S$ from tau decays
$a_S$ from non-strange hadronic tau decays
PoS(ALPHAS2019)018 pdf S. Peris, D. Boito, M. Golterman and K. Maltman
QCD coupling: scheme variations and tau decays
PoS(ALPHAS2019)019 pdf R. Miravitllas and M. Jamin
$a_S$: Lattice OCD
The 2019 lattice FLAG $a_S$ average
PoS(ALPHAS2019)020 pdf R. Sommer, T. Onogi and R. Horsley
Strong coupling constant from moments of quarkonium correlators
PoS(ALPHAS2019)021 pdf P. Petreczky
$a_S$ from the ALPHA collaboration (part I)
PoS(ALPHAS2019)022 pdf S. Sint
$a_S$ from the ALPHA collaboration (part II)
PoS(ALPHAS2019)023 pdf M. Dalla Brida
$a_S$ from the QCD static energy
PoS(ALPHAS2019)024 pdf N. Brambilla, A. Bazavov, X. Garcia i Tormo, P. Petreczky, J. Soto, A. Vairo and J.H. Weber
$a_S$ determination from static QCD potential with renormalon subtraction
PoS(ALPHAS2019)025 pdf H. Takaura
$\alpha_s$(2019) discussions summary
PoS(ALPHAS2019)026 pdf
D. d’Enterria, S. Alekhin, F. Barreiro Alonso, S. Bethke, N. Brambilla, D. Britzger, S.J. Brodsky, S. Camarda, M. Dalla Brida, M. Golterman, J.W. Huston, S. Kluth, J. Kühn, R. Miravitllas, R. Pérez Ramos, S. Peris, P. Petreczky, J.R. Pires, A. Poldaru, K. Rabbertz, F. Ringer, S. Sint, R. Sommer, G. Somogyi, H. Takaura and A. Verbytskyi