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Volume 367 - XXIX International Symposium on Lepton Photon Interactions at High Energies (LeptonPhoton2019) - Parallel Sessions
Beam test results of 3D pixel detectors constructed with poly-crystalline CVD diamond
M.P. Reichmann,* A. Alexopoulos, M. Artuso, F. Bachmair, L. Bäni, M. Bartosik, H.P. Beck, V. Bellini, V. Belyaev, B. Bentele, A. Bes, J.M. Brom, M. Bruzzi, G. Chiodini, D. Chren, V. Cindro, G. Claus, J. Collot, J. Cumalat, A. Dabrowski, R. D'Alessandro, D. Dauvergne, W. de Boer, C. Dorfer, M. Dunser, G. Eigen, V. Eremin, G. Forcolin, J. Forneris, L. Gallin-Martel, M.L. Gallin-Martel, K.K. Gan, M. Gastal, M. Goffe, J. Goldstein, A. Golubev, A. Gorišek, E. Grigoriev, J. Grosse-Knetter, A. Grummer, M. Guthoff, B. Hiti, D. Hits, M. Hoeferkamp, T. Hofmann, J. Hosselet, F. Hügging, C. Hutton, J. Janssen, H. Kagan, K. Kanxheri, R. Kass, M. Kis, G. Kramberger, S. Kuleshov, A. Lacoste, S. Lagomarsino, A.L. Giudice, I. Lopez Paz, E. Lukosi, C. Maazouzi, I. Mandić', C. Mathieu, M. Menichelli, M. Mikuž, A. Morozzi, J. Moss, R. Mountain, A. Oh, P. Olivero, D. Passeri, H. Pernegger, R. Perrino, F. Picollo, M. Pomorski, R. Potenza, A. Quadt, F. Rarbi, A. Re, S. Roe, D.A. Sanz Becerra, M. Scaringella, C.J. Schmidt, S. Schnetzer, E. Schioppa, S. Sciortino, A. Scorzoni, S. Seidel, L. Servoli, D.J.B. Smith, B. Sopko, V. Sopko, S. Spagnolo, S. Spanier, K. Stenson, R. Stone, B. Stugu, C. Sutera, M. Traeger, W. Trischuk, M. Truccato, C. Tuve, J. Velthuis, N. Venturi, S.J. Wagner, R. Wallny, J.X. Wang, N. Wermes, M. Yamouni, J. Zalieckas, M. Zavrtanik on behalf of the RD42 Collaboration
*corresponding author
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Pre-published on: 2019 November 12
Published on: 2019 December 17
As a possible candidate for extremely radiation tolerant tracking devices we present a novel detector design - namely 3D detectors - based on poly-crystalline CVD diamond sensors with a pixel readout. The fabrication of recent 3D detectors as well their results in recent beam tests are presented. We measured the hit efficiency and signal response of two 3D diamond detectors with 50 × 50 μm cell sizes using pixel readout chip technologies currently used at CMS and ATLAS. In all runs, both devices attained efficiencies >98 % in a normal incident test beam of minimum ionising particles. The highest efficiency observed during the beam tests was 99.2 %.
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