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Topical Workshop on Electronics for Particle Physics

TWEPP2019 - (other twepp conferences)
2-6 September 2019
Santiago de Compostela - Spain

The purpose of the workshop is:
- Present original concepts and results of research and development for electronics relevant to particle physics experiments as well as accelerator and beam instrumentation at future facilities;
- Review the status of electronics for running experiments and accelerators;
- Identify and encourage common efforts for the development of electronics;
- Promote information exchange and collaboration in the relevant engineering and physics communities.

Workshop topics:
- Highly integrated detectors and electronics
- Custom Analogue and Digital Circuits
- Programmable Digital Logic Applications
- Optoelectronic Data Transfer and Control
- Packaging and Interconnect Technologies
- Radiation and Magnetic Tolerant Systems
- Testing and Reliability
- Power Management and Conversion
- Grounding and Shielding
- Design Tools and Methods

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Optoelectronics and Links
Packaging and Interconnects
Power, Grounding and Shielding
Production, Testing and Reliability
Programmable Logic, Design Tools and Methods
Systems, Planning, Installation, Commissioning and Running Experience
Radiation Tolerant Components and Systems
CATIA: APD readout ASIC for the CMS phase 2 ECAL electronics upgrade
PoS(TWEPP2019)001 pdf O. Gevin, P. Baron, M. Dejardin, F. Guilloux and on behalf of the CMS collaboration
Design and test of current-mode DACs for threshold tuning of front-end channels for the High Luminosity LHC
PoS(TWEPP2019)002 pdf L. Gaioni, M. Manghisoni, L. Ratti, V. Re and G. Traversi
Measurement results for AARDVARC: Waveform Sampling System On Chip with Picosecond Timing Resolution
PoS(TWEPP2019)003 file missing I. Mostafanezhad
A Fault-tolerance Readout Network for High-Density Electrode Array Targeting Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay Search in TPC
PoS(TWEPP2019)004 pdf L. Xiao, B. You, X. Sun, Y. Mei and G. Huang
A 60μm2 HV-CMOS pixel with 0.5 ns timing resolution and 28 μW power consumption for high-density arrays
PoS(TWEPP2019)005 file missing S. Moreno
A 32-channel 1-10 GSa/s Flexible Waveform Recording System using the PSEC4A ASIC
PoS(TWEPP2019)006 file missing J. Porter
Simulation of new charge summing and hit allocation algorithm
PoS(TWEPP2019)007 pdf J. Jirsa, M. Havranek and J. Jakovenko
Analysis of Time of Arrival Measurement with Low-Gain-Avalanche-Diode Sensor
PoS(TWEPP2019)008 file missing G. Deptuch
Coming challenges for Photon Science detectors: an ASIC designer perspective
PoS(TWEPP2019)009 file missing A. Marras
ATLASpix3 : A high voltage CMOS sensor chip designed for ATLAS Inner Tracker
PoS(TWEPP2019)010 pdf M. Prathapan, R. Schimassek, M. Benoit, R. Casanova, F. Ehrler, A. Meneses, P. Pangaud, D.M.S. Sultan, E. Vilella, A.L. Weber, W. Wong, H. Zhang and I. Peric
A low-power mixed-signal ASIC for readout of SiPM at cryogenic temperature
PoS(TWEPP2019)011 pdf R. Kugathasan
Study of a Triggered, Full Event Zero-Suppressed Front-End Readout Chain operating up to 1 MHz Trigger Rate and Pileup of 300 for CMS Outer Tracker upgrade at HL-LHC
PoS(TWEPP2019)012 pdf S. Scarfi', G. Bergamin, A. Caratelli, L. Caponetto, D. Ceresa, G. Galbit, S. Jain, K. Kloukinas, Y. Leblebici, B. Nodari, S. Viret and on behalf of the CMS Tracker Group
A CANopen based prototype chip for the Detector Control System of the ATLAS ITk Pixel Detector
PoS(TWEPP2019)013 pdf A. Walsemann, R. Ahmad, S. Kersten, P. Kind, N. Lehmann, S. Scholz, C. Zeitnitz, A. Beer, T. Fröse, M. Karagounis, P. Ledüc and S. Yilmaz
COLDATA Architecture, Design and Verification
PoS(TWEPP2019)014 file missing J. Hoff
Low-power SEE hardening techniques and error rate evaluation in 65nm readout ASICs
PoS(TWEPP2019)015 pdf A. Caratelli
A SiPM Readout Front-end with Fast Pulse Generation and Successive-Approximation Register ADC
PoS(TWEPP2019)016 pdf T. Townsend
A Monolithic Active Pixel Sensor for CEPC vertex detector
PoS(TWEPP2019)017 file missing T. Wu
A Monitoring 12-bits Fully Differential Second Order Incremental Delta Sigma Converter ADC for TimePIx4
PoS(TWEPP2019)018 pdf R. Casanova Mohr
ALTIROC2, a readout ASIC for the High Granularity Timing Detector in ATLAS
PoS(TWEPP2019)019 file missing R. Casanova Mohr
The eTx line driver and the eRx line receiver: two building blocks for data and clock transmission using the CLPS standard
PoS(TWEPP2019)020 file missing D. Guo
Analog front-end characterization of the RD53A chip
PoS(TWEPP2019)021 pdf N. Emriskova
The first ASIC prototype of a 28 nm time-space front-end electronics for real-time tracking
PoS(TWEPP2019)022 pdf L. Piccolo
FAST: a front-end readout ASIC for a 30 ps time resolution with 6 pF UFSD sensors
PoS(TWEPP2019)023 pdf F. Fausti
The ETROC Project: ASIC development for CMS Endcap Timing Layer (ETL) upgrade
PoS(TWEPP2019)024 file missing T.T. Liu
VMM3a, an ASIC for tracking detectors
PoS(TWEPP2019)025 pdf C. Bakalis
The lpGBT: a radiation tolerant ASIC for Data, Timing, Trigger and Control Applications in HL-LHC
PoS(TWEPP2019)026 file missing P. Moreira
A multi-channel multi-data rate circuit for phase alignment of data in the lpGBT
PoS(TWEPP2019)027 file missing S. Kulis
Continuous Integration of FPGA Designs and Automation of the Development Environment
PoS(TWEPP2019)028 pdf R. Glein
An lpGBT sub-system for environmental monitoring and control of experiments
PoS(TWEPP2019)029 file missing M. Firlej
The lpGBTIA, a 2.5 Gbps Radiation-Tolerant Optical Receiver for InGaAs photodiodes
PoS(TWEPP2019)030 pdf M. Menouni
The lpGBTIA, a 2.5 Gbps Radiation-Tolerant Optical Receiver for InGaAs photodiodes
PoS(TWEPP2019)031 file missing R. De Oliveira Francisco
The lpGBTIA, a 2.5 Gbps Radiation-Tolerant Optical Receiver for InGaAs photodiodes
PoS(TWEPP2019)032 file missing J. Troska
The lpGBTIA, a 2.5 Gbps Radiation-Tolerant Optical Receiver for InGaAs photodiodes
PoS(TWEPP2019)033 file missing P. Rodrigues Simoes Moreira
The lpGBT PLL and CDR Architecture, Performance and SEE Robustness
PoS(TWEPP2019)034 pdf S. Biereigel
Downlink Equalization and Eye Opening Monitor in the lpGBT
PoS(TWEPP2019)035 file missing Q. Sun
SALT, a 128-channel readout ASIC for Upstream Tracker in the LHCb Upgrade
PoS(TWEPP2019)036 file missing M. Idzik
Development of ultra-low power 10-bit SAR ADC in 65 nm CMOS technology
PoS(TWEPP2019)037 file missing J. Moron
Depleted monolithic active pixel prototypes for MIP detection and photon counting
PoS(TWEPP2019)038 file missing S. Grinstein
CLICTD: A monolithic HR-CMOS sensor chip for the CLIC silicon tracker
PoS(TWEPP2019)039 pdf I. Kremastiotis
A Reconfigurable Monolithic Active Pixel Sensor for Digital Electromagnetic Calorimetry
PoS(TWEPP2019)040 pdf S. Benhammadi
First experimental results on TOFHIR readout ASIC of the CMS Barrel Timing Layer
PoS(TWEPP2019)041 file missing T.S. Niknejad
ALTIROC1, a 25 pico-second time resolution ASIC for the ATLAS High Granularity Timing Detector (HGTD)
PoS(TWEPP2019)042 pdf N. Seguin-Moreau
picoTDC: A 3ps bin bize 64 channel TDC for HEP experiments
PoS(TWEPP2019)043 file missing M. Horstmann
The analog readout channel for the Si(Li) tracker of the GAPS experiment
PoS(TWEPP2019)044 file missing E. Riceputi
Development of RD50-MPW2: a high-speed monolithic HV-CMOS prototype chip within the CERN-RD50 collaboration
PoS(TWEPP2019)045 pdf C. Zhang
A Clock and Data Recovery Circuit for the ALTAS/CMS HL-LHC Pixel Front End Chip in 65 nm CMOS Technology
PoS(TWEPP2019)046 pdf K. Moustakas
Electronics readout for the CGEM - Inner Tracker: TIGER ASIC and electronics chain
PoS(TWEPP2019)047 file missing A. Bortone
A 4-Channel 10-Gbps/ch CMOS VCSEL Array Driver with on-chip Charge Pumps
PoS(TWEPP2019)048 pdf J. Ye
Performance of LAUROC1, ATLAS Liquid Argon Upgrade ReadOut Chip
PoS(TWEPP2019)049 pdf C. De La Taille
Optoelectronics and Links
Key Building Block Upgradation and Optimization for High-performance Transceivers: Multimode Interferometers from Conventional to Sub-wavelength Regime
PoS(TWEPP2019)050 pdf Y. Zhang
Design and operation of radiation hard 65 nm drivers for Silicon Photonics based optical links
PoS(TWEPP2019)051 file missing G. Ciarpi
Design and operation of radiation hard 65 nm drivers for Silicon Photonics based optical links
PoS(TWEPP2019)052 file missing G. Magazzu
First 10Gb/s Transmission with radiation-hardened Silicon Photonic Mach-Zehnder Modulators in a Full Transmission System
PoS(TWEPP2019)053 pdf M. Schneider
Readout and Trigger Electronics for the Triple-GEM Detectors of the CMS GE2/1 System
PoS(TWEPP2019)054 pdf M. Matveev
Versatile Link+ Transceiver Production Readiness
PoS(TWEPP2019)055 pdf L. Olantera
A Precision Pure Clock Distribution System
PoS(TWEPP2019)056 pdf R. Rusack
TCLink: A Timing Compensated High-Speed Optical Link for the HL-LHC experiments
PoS(TWEPP2019)057 pdf E. Brandao De Souza Mendes
Packaging and Interconnects
Development of an Optical Readout Hybrid for the CMS Outer Tracker Upgrade
PoS(TWEPP2019)058 pdf N. Rasevic
Power hybrids for silicon modules with macro-pixel and strip sensors for the CMS Phase-2 tracker upgrade
PoS(TWEPP2019)059 pdf K. Klein
Prototyping of Hybrid Circuits for the CMS Phase Two Outer Tracker Upgrade at the HL-LHC
PoS(TWEPP2019)060 pdf G. Blanchot
Prototyping of Hybrid Circuits for the CMS Phase Two Outer Tracker Upgrade at the HL-LHC
PoS(TWEPP2019)061 file missing N. Rasevic
Power, Grounding and Shielding
Upgrade of the ATLAS TileCal High Voltage system
PoS(TWEPP2019)062 pdf A. Da Silva Gomes
The powering concept of the CBM Silicon Tracking System
PoS(TWEPP2019)063 pdf P. Koczon
RD53A chip susceptibility to electromagnetic conducted noise
PoS(TWEPP2019)064 pdf A. Pradas
Control and Monitoring for a serially powered pixel demonstrator for the ATLAS Phase-II upgrade
PoS(TWEPP2019)065 file missing C. Troncon
Powering of the CMS Phase-2 Upgraded Tracker
PoS(TWEPP2019)066 pdf A. Cassese
Stabilization and Protection of the Shunt-LDO regulator for the HL-LHC pixel detector upgrades
PoS(TWEPP2019)067 pdf J. Kampkoetter
63U ATCA rack thermal performance and its integration in the undergound areas
PoS(TWEPP2019)068 pdf M.T. Kalinowski
Results of the Powerboard for ATLAS ITk Strip Barrel Modules
PoS(TWEPP2019)069 file missing K. Krizka
Progress in bringing the bPOL12V DCDC converter to production readiness
PoS(TWEPP2019)070 pdf F. Faccio
2.5V step-down DCDCs: a radiation-hard solution for power conversion
PoS(TWEPP2019)071 pdf G. Ripamonti
Production, Testing and Reliability
Automated assembly of large double-sided microstrip detectors of the CBM Silicon Tracking System at FAIR
PoS(TWEPP2019)072 pdf P. Pfistner
Calibration of Active Pixel Sensor based on TowerJazz 0.18 μm Technology with X-ray
PoS(TWEPP2019)073 file missing L. Li
KARATE - a setup for high rate tests on the CMS Outer Tracker 2S module readout chain
PoS(TWEPP2019)074 pdf S. Maier
A custom FPGA mezzanine card for crosstalk measurements of low-mass cables for the high luminosity upgrade of the ATLAS Pixel detector.
PoS(TWEPP2019)075 file missing K. Dunne
Overview of Electronics Developed by ISE for the European Spallation Source Project
PoS(TWEPP2019)076 file missing I. Rutkowski
LpGBT Tester: an FPGA based test system for the lpGBT ASIC
PoS(TWEPP2019)077 file missing J.M. Mendez
GE1/1 Sustained Operations Investigations
PoS(TWEPP2019)078 file missing E.R. Starling
Qualification of the final LHCb VELO electronics
PoS(TWEPP2019)079 file missing E. Lemos Cid
Production, Quality Control and Performance of VFAT3 Front-end Hybrids for the CMS GE1/1 Upgrade
PoS(TWEPP2019)080 pdf A. Irshad
The Engineering, Production and Quality Assurance of the Inner Barrel Staves for the Upgrade of the ALICE Inner Tracking System
PoS(TWEPP2019)081 pdf A. Junique
A High Throughput Production Scale Front-End Hybrid Test System for the CMS Phase-2 Tracker Upgrade
PoS(TWEPP2019)082 pdf M.I. Kovacs
Programmable Logic, Design Tools and Methods
Implementation of a CANbus interface for the Detector Control System in the ALICE ITS Upgrade
PoS(TWEPP2019)083 pdf S.V. Nesbo
Methods for Clock Signal Characterization using FPGA Peripherals
PoS(TWEPP2019)084 file missing S. Biereigel
Throttling Studies for the CBM Self-triggered Readout
PoS(TWEPP2019)085 pdf X. Gao
The Firmware for the European Spallation Source Cavity Simulator
PoS(TWEPP2019)086 file missing M. GrzegrzÌ_âka
Readiness of the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter link daughterboard for the High Luminosity LHC era
PoS(TWEPP2019)087 pdf E. Valdes Santurio
Readiness of the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter link daughterboard for the High Luminosity LHC era
PoS(TWEPP2019)088 file missing R. Jin
Multi-threaded TCP hardware stack for pixel detector readout on 10 Gigabit Ethernet
PoS(TWEPP2019)089 file missing J. Zhang
Development of Readout Electronics for a Digital Tracking Calorimeter
PoS(TWEPP2019)090 pdf O.S. Groettvik
Versatile firmware for the Common Readout Unit (CRU) of the LHC ALICE experiment.
PoS(TWEPP2019)091 file missing O. Bourrion
Development of the Compact Processing Module for the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter Phase-II Upgrad
PoS(TWEPP2019)092 pdf F. Carrió Argos
Multi-channel time-tagging module for fast-timing Resistive Plate Chamber detectors
PoS(TWEPP2019)093 pdf X. Chen
Highly-linear FPGA-based Data Acquisition System for Multi-channel SiPM Readout
PoS(TWEPP2019)094 pdf T. Townsend
Implementation of a RD53A readout chain using FELIX system and the PiLUP board
PoS(TWEPP2019)095 file missing N. Giangiacomi
Systems, Planning, Installation, Commissioning and Running Experience
FELIX ‰ÛÒ Commissioning the new detector interface for ATLAS trigger and readout
PoS(TWEPP2019)096 file missing K. Chen
Evaluation of embedded Linux distributions suitable for control and monitoring CMS phase 2 custom electronics
PoS(TWEPP2019)097 file missing P. Zejdl
MARTA's DAQ system
PoS(TWEPP2019)098 pdf R. Luz
Hardware production quality control for the ATLAS Phase-I readout upgrade
PoS(TWEPP2019)099 pdf F. Alfonsi
CaRIBOu – A versatile data acquisition system based on programmable hardware
PoS(TWEPP2019)100 pdf T. Vanat
Back-end firmware for the LHCb VELO upgrade phase I
PoS(TWEPP2019)101 pdf A. Fernandez Prieto
First results of CIC data aggregation ASIC for the future CMS Tracker
PoS(TWEPP2019)102 pdf B. Nodari
New Quench Detection System to Enhance Protection of the Individually Powered Magnets in the Large Hadron Collider
PoS(TWEPP2019)103 pdf S. Haas
Development of a high bandwidth PCIe card for the ATLAS HL-LHC Upgrade and DUNE experiment
PoS(TWEPP2019)104 file missing K. Chen
Design of the Back end card for the JUNO experiment
PoS(TWEPP2019)105 file missing Y. Yang
PoS(TWEPP2019)106 file missing J. Jeglot
Test results of a Flexible Printed Circuit for the ATLAS High Granularity Timing Detector
PoS(TWEPP2019)107 pdf M. Robles Manzano
The VRP - a Versatile Readout Platform for the nuclear experiments at HIRFL-CSR
PoS(TWEPP2019)108 file missing C. Zhao
Commissioning High-speed readout for the LHCb VELO Upgrade
PoS(TWEPP2019)109 pdf K. Hennessy
High-Precision Luminosity Instrumentation for the CMS Experiment at the HL-LHC
PoS(TWEPP2019)110 pdf A. Ruede
First measurements with the CMS DAQ and Timing Hub prototype-1
PoS(TWEPP2019)111 pdf J. Hegeman
The upgraded readout electronics of the CMS ECAL: system overview
PoS(TWEPP2019)112 pdf S. Cometti
Integration, Commissioning and First Experience of ALICE ITS Control and Readout Electronics
PoS(TWEPP2019)113 pdf A. Velure
First lpGBT-based prototype of the End-of-Substructure (EoS) card for the ATLAS Strip Tracker Upgrade
PoS(TWEPP2019)114 file missing C. Wanotayaroj
The OBDT board: A prototype for the Phase 2 Drift Tubes on detector electronics
PoS(TWEPP2019)115 pdf J. Javier Sastre-Álvaro
A Muon Telescope as Demonstrator of the JUNO Top Tracker Detector
PoS(TWEPP2019)116 pdf A. Triossi
Electronics system of the CMS GE1/1 Muon upgrade and performance of the Slice Test during the 2017-18 LHC Run
PoS(TWEPP2019)117 file missing G. De Lentdecker
Electronics system of the CMS GE1/1 Muon upgrade and performance of the Slice Test during the 2017-18 LHC Run
PoS(TWEPP2019)118 pdf E.R. Starling
The Digitizer ReAdout Controller (DIRAC) of the Mu2e electromagnetic calorimeter at Fermilab
PoS(TWEPP2019)119 pdf E. Elena Pedreschi
The APOLLO ATCA Platform
PoS(TWEPP2019)120 pdf E.S. Hazen
The APOLLO ATCA Platform
PoS(TWEPP2019)121 file missing R. Glein
Module and System Test Development for the Phase-2 ATLAS ITk Pixel Upgrade
PoS(TWEPP2019)122 pdf L. Meng
40 MHz Level-1 Trigger Scouting for CMS
PoS(TWEPP2019)123 file missing D. Rabady
SRS VMM and SRS Timepix3 as platforms for particle detectors
PoS(TWEPP2019)124 file missing M. Lupberger
Radiation Tolerant Components and Systems
X-ray measurements of the effects of radiation damage in the miniMALTA DMAPS prototype
PoS(TWEPP2019)125 file missing L. Simon Argemi
Study of SEU effects in circuits developed in 110 nm UMC technology
PoS(TWEPP2019)126 pdf D. Calvo
Design of a radiation hardened TDC with a resolution of 4 ps and an improved interpolation technique
PoS(TWEPP2019)127 pdf B. Van Bockel
Radiation Hardness Tests Done on KINTEX-7 FPGA for High Energy Physics Experiments
PoS(TWEPP2019)128 file missing V.M. Placinta
Design of Finite State Machines for SRAM-based FPGAs operated in radiation field
PoS(TWEPP2019)129 pdf M. Lupi
20 Mrad-TID Effects on Time over Threshold performance of GEMINI chip
PoS(TWEPP2019)130 file missing L. Mangiagalli
Triple-Modular Redundancy Deployment Optimization in the Sensor Readout System of the CBM Micro Vertex Detector
PoS(TWEPP2019)131 pdf Y. Zhao
Innovative and Expandable Physical Implementation Method for High-Speed Triple Modular Redundant Digital Integrated Circuits in Radiation-Hard Designs
PoS(TWEPP2019)132 file missing B. Van Bockel
Radiation damage of Silicon Photomultipliers by irradiated fast neutrons
PoS(TWEPP2019)133 file missing B. Topko
Proton-Induced Radiation Effects in MAROC3, a full readout 0.35 åµm SiGe ASIC
PoS(TWEPP2019)134 file missing L.N. Cojocariu
Effects Of Gamma Irradiation On Leakage Current In CMOS Readout Chips For Atlas Upgrades Silicon Strip Tracker
PoS(TWEPP2019)135 file missing G. Rosin
External scrubber implementation for the ALICE ITS Readout Unit
PoS(TWEPP2019)136 pdf M.R. Ersdal
Increased radiation tolerance of CMOS sensors with small collection electrodes through accelerated charge collection
PoS(TWEPP2019)137 pdf V. Dao
Radiation Tolerance Specification & Testing Campaign For the Mu2e Experiment at Fermilab
PoS(TWEPP2019)138 file missing G. Drake
ATLAS Level-0 Endcap Muon Trigger for HL-LHC
PoS(TWEPP2019)139 pdf Y. Kano
The trigger system for the electromagnetic calorimeter of the COMET experiment.
PoS(TWEPP2019)140 file missing L. Epshteyn
The hardware demonstrator of the Phase II ATLAS Level-0 MDT Trigger processor
PoS(TWEPP2019)141 pdf D. Cieri
EureKA-Maru: an ATCA board for the CMS Phase 2 Tracker Upgrade with centralized slow control and board management solution based on a Zynq Ultrascale+ System-on-Chip
PoS(TWEPP2019)142 file missing L.E. Ardila-Perez
Processing of the Liquid Xenon Calorimeter‰Ûªs Signals for Timing Measurements
PoS(TWEPP2019)143 file missing L. Epshteyn
Triggering on electrons, photons, tau leptons, jets and energy sums with the CMS Level-1 trigger
PoS(TWEPP2019)144 pdf S. Laurila
Realization of a state machine based detection for Track Segments in the Trigger System of the Belle II Experiment
PoS(TWEPP2019)145 pdf K.L. Unger
Upgrade of the ATLAS MDT Readout and Trigger for the HL-LHC
PoS(TWEPP2019)146 pdf R. Richter
Overview of the HL-LHC Upgrade for the CMS Level-1 Trigger
PoS(TWEPP2019)147 pdf S. Bologna
eFEX preproduction module design and test
PoS(TWEPP2019)148 file missing W. Qian
FPGA implementation of a histogram-based parent bunch-crossing identification for the Drift Tubes chambers of the CMS experiment
PoS(TWEPP2019)149 pdf N. Pozzobon
A multi-channel trigger and acquisition board for TDC-based readout: application to the cosmic rays detector of the PolarQuEEEst 2018 project.
PoS(TWEPP2019)150 pdf R. Travaglini

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