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7th Annual Conference on High Energy Astrophysics in Southern Africa

HEASA2019 - (other heasa conferences)
28 - 30 August 2019
Swakopmund, Namibia
published April 02, 2021
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HEASA 2019 was the seventh conference in the annual series "High Energy Astrophysics in Southern Africa".
Its goal was to bring together scientists from the southern African region, the African continent, and around the world, with an interest in high-energy astrophysical phenomena. Topics discussed include theoretical and multi-wavelength and multi-messenger observational aspects of active galactic nuclei, galaxy systems, gamma-ray bursts, X-ray/gamma-ray binaries, supernovae and supernova remnants, neutron stars, pulsars and pulsar wind nebulae, cataclysmic variables, and modern aspects of astro-particle physics.

HEASA2019 was hosted by the University of Namibia and took place at the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources Auditorium in Swakopmund, August 28 - 30, 2019. It was sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology and the National Research Foundation of South Africa through the South African Gamma-Ray Astronomy Programme (SA-GAMMA) and the University of Namibia‘s Office of the Pro-Vice Chancellor Research, Innovation and Development.

Conference website: https://fskbhe1.puk.ac.za/people/mboett/SAGAMMA/HEASA2019/HEASA2019.html

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Front Matter
Modelling I (Chair: Markus Böttcher)
Modelling II (Chair: Markus Böttcher)
Multi-Wavelength (Chair: Michael Backes)
GRBs and Supernovae (Chair: David Buckley)
AGN I (Chair: Garret Cotter)
AGN II (Chair: Eli Kasai)
Large Magellanic Cloud (Chair: Eli Kasai)
Community Engagement (Chair: Soebur Razzaque)
Pulsars, Neutrons stars, XRBs I (Chair: Soebur Razzaque)
Pulsars, Neutrons stars, XRBs II (Chair: Rhodri Evans)
Dark Matter and Fundamental Physics (Chair: Hartmut Winkler)
Instruments (Chair: Nukri Komin)
Front Matter
7th Conference on High Energy Astrophysics in Southern Africa (HEASA2019)
PoS(HEASA2019)001 pdf M. Backes, M. Böttcher, D. Buckley, A. Chen, P. Meintjes and S. Razzaque
Welcome by Chair: LOC
PoS(HEASA2019)005 file missing M. Backes
Welcome by University of Namibia
PoS(HEASA2019)006 file missing F.P.L. Kavishe
Welcome by Chair: SA-GAMMA
PoS(HEASA2019)007 file missing M. Böttcher
Welcome by Ministry of Higher Education, Training and Innovation
PoS(HEASA2019)008 file missing L.C. Mundia
Modelling I (Chair: Markus Böttcher)
Broad-band spectra and variability of AGN jets (INVITED)
PoS(HEASA2019)009 file missing G. Cotter
Modelling the Spectral Energy Distribution and Spectropolarimetry of Blazars
PoS(HEASA2019)010 file missing H. Schutte
Effects of the gamma-ray absorption in the broadline region and secondary cascade emission on blazar spectra
PoS(HEASA2019)011 file missing M. Ntshatsha
Radiation from relativistic particles accelerated at shear layers in relativistic jets
PoS(HEASA2019)012 file missing T.B. Chand
Monte-Carlo Simulations of Compton Polarization in Astrophysical Sources
PoS(HEASA2019)013 pdf L. Dreyer and M. Böttcher
Modelling II (Chair: Markus Böttcher)
Modelling of synchrotron emission from galaxies and extragalactic radio background
PoS(HEASA2019)014 pdf N. Motha and S. Razzaque
Time-scale of Ergosphere Depletion Around a Kerr Black Hole Due to Energy and Angular Momentum Extraction by the Blandford-Znajek Process
PoS(HEASA2019)015 file missing O. Teixeira
Shaken, not stirred: Test particles in binary-black-hole mergers
PoS(HEASA2019)016 file missing P. van der Merwe
Multi-Wavelength (Chair: Michael Backes)
The ThunderKAT programme and Synergies with MeerLICHT (INVITED)
PoS(HEASA2019)017 file missing P.A. Woudt
Multi-wavelength study of large-scale outflows from the Circinus galaxy
PoS(HEASA2019)018 pdf R. Ebrahim, A. Chen, D.A. Prokhorov, K. Thorat, G. I.G. Jozsa and P. Serra
GRBs and Supernovae (Chair: David Buckley)
GRBs' Rosseta stone - the sub-TeV emission observed in GRB 190114c (INVITED)
PoS(HEASA2019)019 file missing T. Piran
New insights from early spectra of the bright Nova Vela 1999
PoS(HEASA2019)020 pdf H. Winkler and A.M.A. Moeng
Exploiting Morphological Data from Pulsar Wind Nebulae via a Spatio-Temporal Leptonic Transport Code
PoS(HEASA2019)021 file missing C. van Rensuburg
The Coalescence Rate of Neutron Star-White Dwarf Binaries
PoS(HEASA2019)022 pdf L. Nyadzani and S. Razzaque
Gamma-Ray Bursts and Gravitational Waves in the Fermi-LIGO/Virgo era
PoS(HEASA2019)023 file missing J. Racusin
AGN I (Chair: Garret Cotter)
High-energy neutrinos from blazar flares (INVITED)
PoS(HEASA2019)024 pdf F. Oikonomou
Investigating neutrino productions in Swift J1644+57
PoS(HEASA2019)025 file missing O. Rabyang
Hadronic Synchrotron Mirror Model for blazars - Application to 3C279
PoS(HEASA2019)026 file missing L.L. Oberholzer
Search for high-redshift blazars with Fermi/LAT
PoS(HEASA2019)027 pdf M. Kreter, A. Gokus, M. Kadler, F. Krauss, S. Buson, R. Ojha,  on behalf of the Fermi-LAT Collaboration, J. Wilms and M. Böttcher
Highlights from the H.E.S.S. Extragalactic Science Programme
PoS(HEASA2019)028 file missing M. Böttcher
AGN II (Chair: Eli Kasai)
Morphological stury of the TeV emission from 1ES 0414+009 and Centaurus A with H.E.S.S. data (DISSERTATION)
PoS(HEASA2019)029 file missing N. Żywucka
The optical and X-ray properties of a sample of Seyfert galaxies that have undergone significant spectral change
PoS(HEASA2019)030 pdf D.T.M. Makope, H. Winkler and F. van Wyk
Analysis of optical Fe II emission with the X-ray properties of a selected sample of I Zw 1 type objects
PoS(HEASA2019)031 pdf B. Paul, H. Winkler and S. Potter
Large Magellanic Cloud (Chair: Eli Kasai)
Search for Point-Like TeV Sources in the Large Magellanic Cloud
PoS(HEASA2019)032 file missing N. Komin
Community Engagement (Chair: Soebur Razzaque)
Reaching out to our youth
PoS(HEASA2019)033 pdf J.S. Verrall and S. Razzaque
Pulsars, Neutrons stars, XRBs I (Chair: Soebur Razzaque)
Transitional millisecond pulsars (INVITED)
PoS(HEASA2019)034 file missing F. Coti-Zelati
Phase-resolved polarimetry constraints for the white dward pulsar
PoS(HEASA2019)035 file missing L. Du Plessis
Pulsars, Neutrons stars, XRBs II (Chair: Rhodri Evans)
The Mysterious Magnetospheres of Magnetars (INVITED)
PoS(HEASA2019)036 pdf M. Baring, Z. Wadiasingh, P.L. Gonthier, A.K. Harding and K. Hu
The Neutron Star Population of the SMC
PoS(HEASA2019)037 file missing J. van Jaarsveld
Observations of X-ray binaries from the SALT transient programme
PoS(HEASA2019)038 file missing D. Buckley
Periodic X-ray and Gamma-ray Emission from Spider Binaries
PoS(HEASA2019)039 file missing C. van der Merwe
Disk reflection Spectroscopy of Black Hole Binaries using AstroSat, Swift and NuSTAR
PoS(HEASA2019)040 file missing S. Chandra
Dark Matter and Fundamental Physics (Chair: Hartmut Winkler)
Extragalactic Background Light Inhomogeneities and Lorentz-Invariance Violation in gamma-gamma absorption (DISSERTATION)
PoS(HEASA2019)041 file missing H. Abdalla
Probing dark matter via neutrino-gamma-ray correlations
PoS(HEASA2019)042 pdf G. Beck
Light to intermediate mass nuclei model for ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays
PoS(HEASA2019)043 file missing S. Razzaque
Imaging black hole shadows with the Event Horizon Telescope (INVITED)
PoS(HEASA2019)044 file missing R. Deane
Instruments (Chair: Nukri Komin)
The Africa Millimetre Telescope (INVITED)
PoS(HEASA2019)045 file missing R. Evans
The ASTRI-Horn Dual-Mirror Small-Size Cherenkov Telescope: recent updates, first results and outlook
PoS(HEASA2019)046 pdf C. Arcaro and C.A. "for the CTA ASTRI project"
Prospects for X-ray Polarimetry (INVITED)
PoS(HEASA2019)047 file missing H. Marshall
Probing the strength of the intergalactic magnetic field through high-energy gamma ray observations and modelling of hard and non-variable blazar sources
PoS(HEASA2019)048 pdf B. Bisschoff, B. van Soelen, P. Meintjes and K.K. Singh
Search for gamma-ray emission from the white dwarf pulsar system AR Sco using the Pass 8 Fermi-LAT data
PoS(HEASA2019)049 pdf Q. Kaplan, P. Meintjes, K.K. Singh and H. van Heerden
SALT Redshift Determination of BL Lacs
PoS(HEASA2019)050 file missing E. Kasai
Search for gamma-ray emission from the nova-like variable AE Aquarii using the Fermi-LAT Pass 8 data Archive
PoS(HEASA2019)051 pdf S.T. Madzime, P. Meintjes, K.K. Singh and H. van Heerden
The Study of the KAT-7-Discovered Giant Radio Galaxy
PoS(HEASA2019)052 file missing T. Mashile
Multi-wavelength variability studies of flaring Fermi-LAT blazars
PoS(HEASA2019)053 file missing T.S.S. Mbonani
Gamma-gamma absorption in gamma-ray binary systems
PoS(HEASA2019)054 pdf D. du Ploy and B. van Soelen
Correlations and lags between X-ray and radio emission of Cyg X-1
PoS(HEASA2019)055 pdf J.N.S. Shapopi and A. Zdziarski