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14th International Symposium on Radiative Corrections

RADCOR2019 - (other radcor conferences)
9-13 September 2019
Palais des Papes, Avignon, France
published February 18, 2020
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The conference is devoted to the applications of quantum field theory to particle physics phenomenology. Subjects will include precision calculations for colliders; progress in higher-loop and higher-multiplicity calculations in the Standard Model; cross sections for new physics; interpretations of experimental data; new techniques for calculations; advances in computer-algebra methods; and new theoretical developments.

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Gravitational Waves
B Decay
Mixed EW-QCD
PDFs and DIS
Infrared Resummation
Integral Techniques
Integral Results
Precision measurements at the LHC
PoS(RADCOR2019)001 pdf S. Amoroso and  on behalf of the ATLAS and CMS Collaborations
LHC observables with NNLOJET
PoS(RADCOR2019)002 pdf A. Gehrmann-De Ridder, R. Gauld, N. Glover, A. Huss and I. Majer
NNLO QCD Corrections for Higgs-plus-jet Production in the Four-lepton Decay Mode
PoS(RADCOR2019)003 pdf X. Chen, T. Gehrmann, N. Glover and A. Huss
Top-quark hadroproduction in NNLO QCD
PoS(RADCOR2019)004 pdf S. Devoto
Five-Point Two-Loop Amplitudes Beyond the Planar Limit
PoS(RADCOR2019)005 file missing B. Page
The two-loop five-gluon all-plus helicity amplitude
PoS(RADCOR2019)006 file missing D. Chicherin
Analytic Two-Loop Five-Parton QCD Amplitudes from Numerical Unitarity
PoS(RADCOR2019)007 file missing V. Sotnikov
On the two-loop amplitude for $\mathbf{gg\to ZZ}$ production with full top-mass dependence
PoS(RADCOR2019)008 pdf B. Agarwal and A. von Manteuffel
Two loop QCD amplitudes for di-pseudoscalar Higgs production
PoS(RADCOR2019)009 file missing P. Mathews
Two-Loop QCD Helicity Amplitudes for Higgs Production Associated with a Vector Boson through Bottom Quark Annihilation
PoS(RADCOR2019)010 pdf A. Taushif, A.H. Ajjath, L. Chen, P.K. Dhani, P. Mukherjee and V. Ravindran
Second order QCD corrections to the $g + g \rightarrow H + H$ four-point amplitude
PoS(RADCOR2019)011 pdf P. Banerjee, S. Borowka, P.K. Dhani, T. Gehrmann and V. Ravindran
Four-Loop Higgs- and Z-Decay and the Five-Loop Beta-Function
PoS(RADCOR2019)012 file missing J. Kühn
Heavy quark form factors at three loops
PoS(RADCOR2019)013 pdf P. Marquard, J. Blümlein, N. Rana and C. Schneider
On the four-loop form factors of massless QCD
PoS(RADCOR2019)014 file missing R. Schabinger
Matter dependence of the four-loop cusp anomalous dimension
PoS(RADCOR2019)015 file missing M. Stahlhofen
The four-loop slope of the Dirac form factor
PoS(RADCOR2019)016 pdf S. Laporta
Probing the scalar potential via double Higgs boson production at hadron colliders
PoS(RADCOR2019)017 file missing A. Shivaji
Shape analysis in Higgs boson pair production
PoS(RADCOR2019)018 pdf G. Heinrich and M. Capozi
Di-Higgs production in bottom quark annihilation at NNLO QCD
PoS(RADCOR2019)019 file missing V. Ravindran
Top mass effects in HJ and HH production
PoS(RADCOR2019)020 pdf M. Kerner
CP even and odd Higgs boson production in electron-photon collisions
PoS(RADCOR2019)021 pdf T. Uematsu and K. Sasaki
NNLO real corrections to $gg$ → $HH$ in the large- $m_t$ limit
PoS(RADCOR2019)022 pdf J. Davies, F. Herren, G. Mishima and M. Steinhauser
N3LO predictions for the decay of the Higgs boson to bottom quarks
PoS(RADCOR2019)023 file missing R. Mondini
Top-quark effects in diphoton production through gluon fusion at NLO in QCD
PoS(RADCOR2019)024 pdf X. Zhao
Cross section ratios as a precision tool for ttgamma at the LHC
PoS(RADCOR2019)025 file missing M. Worek
Photon pair production in gluon fusion: Top quark effects around threshold
PoS(RADCOR2019)026 pdf L. Chen, G. Heinrich, S. Jahn, S. P. Jones, M. Kerner, J. Schlenk and H. Yokoya
Gravitational Waves
Calculating the static gravitational two-body potential to fifth post-Newtonian order with Feynman diagrams
PoS(RADCOR2019)027 pdf S. Foffa, P. Mastrolia, R. Sturani, C. Sturm and W.J. Torres Bobadilla
Orbital dynamics from the double copy and effective field theory
PoS(RADCOR2019)028 file missing M. Zeng
The Gravitational Potential of Two Point Masses at Five Loops
PoS(RADCOR2019)029 pdf J. Blümlein, A. Maier and P. Marquard
Binary Black Holes and Scattering Amplitudes
PoS(RADCOR2019)030 file missing M. Solon
B Decay
Completing the four-body contributions to $\bar{B}\rightarrow X_s \gamma$ at NLO
PoS(RADCOR2019)031 pdf L.T. Moos and T. Huber
Non-leptonic B-decays at two loops in QCD Factorization
PoS(RADCOR2019)032 pdf G. Bell, M. Beneke, T. Huber and X.Q. Li
On charm-mass dependent NNLO corrections to $\mathcal{B}(\bar{B} \rightarrow X_s \gamma)$
PoS(RADCOR2019)033 pdf A. Rehman, M. Misiak and M. Steinhauser
Quark and gluon jet functions at three loops in QCD
PoS(RADCOR2019)034 pdf P. Banerjee, P.K. Dhani and V. Ravindran
Threshold resummation at next-to-leading power
PoS(RADCOR2019)035 file missing R. Szafron
Violation of the Kluberg-Stern-Zuber theorem and operator mixing in SCET
PoS(RADCOR2019)036 file missing M. Beneke
Scale-dependence of the $B$-meson LCDA beyond leading order from conformal symmetry
PoS(RADCOR2019)037 pdf V. Braun, Y. Ji and A. Manashov
Factorisation and resummation for double differential cross-section in tau_1 and tau_0
PoS(RADCOR2019)038 file missing G. Das
Next-to-leading power threshold factorization for Drell-Yan production
PoS(RADCOR2019)039 pdf S. Jaskiewicz
Mixed EW-QCD
NNLO mixed EW-QCD corrections to single vector boson production
PoS(RADCOR2019)040 pdf R. Bonciani, F. Buccioni, N. Rana and A. Vicini
Mixed EW-QCD corrections to the Higgs decay into bottom quarks
PoS(RADCOR2019)041 file missing U. Schubert
Mixed QCD-EW two-loop corrections to Drell-Yan production
PoS(RADCOR2019)042 pdf M. Heller, A. von Manteuffel, R. Schabinger and H. Spiesberger
Mixed QCD x QED Corrections to Drell-Yan Z Production
PoS(RADCOR2019)043 file missing I. Fabre
Recent developments in $q_T$ subtraction: EW corrections and power suppressed contributions
PoS(RADCOR2019)044 pdf L. Buonocore
QED challenges at FCC-ee precision measurements
PoS(RADCOR2019)045 file missing S. Jadach
Revisiting the $O(\alpha^2)$ Initial State QED Corrections to e+ e- Annihilation into a Neutral Boson
PoS(RADCOR2019)046 pdf J. Blümlein, A. De Freitas, C.G. Raab and K. Schönwald
PDFs and DIS
The Polarized Three-Loop Anomalous Dimensionsfrom a Massive Calculation
PoS(RADCOR2019)047 pdf J. Blümlein, A. Behring, A. De Freitas, A. Goedicke, S. Klein, A. von Manteuffel, C. Schneider and K. Schönwald
Heavy meson hadroproduction:open issues
PoS(RADCOR2019)048 pdf M.V. Garzelli, S. Alekhin, M. Benzke, B. Kniehl, S.O. Moch and O. Zenaiev
Master integrals for all unitarity cuts of massless 4-loop propagators
PoS(RADCOR2019)049 pdf V. Magerya and A. Pikelner
Infrared Resummation
The High-Energy Limit of 2 to 2 Partonic Scattering Amplitudes
PoS(RADCOR2019)050 pdf E. Gardi, S. Caron-Huot, J. Reichel and L. Vernazza
Soft-gluon effective coupling and cusp anomalous dimension
PoS(RADCOR2019)051 file missing M. Grazzini
Soft gluon resummation for the associated top-pair quark production at the LHC
PoS(RADCOR2019)052 file missing A. Kulesza
The role of soft quarks in next-to-leading power threshold effects
PoS(RADCOR2019)053 pdf M. van Beekveld, W. Beenakker, E. Laenen, A. Misra and C.D. White
Threshold effects at next-to-leading power
PoS(RADCOR2019)054 file missing J. Sinninghe Damsté
Wilson-line geometries and the relation between IR singularities of form factors and the large-x limit of DGLAP splitting functions
PoS(RADCOR2019)055 pdf C. Milloy, G. Falcioni and E. Gardi
Precision Event Shapes at the LHC: the Transverse Energy-Energy Correlator in the Back-to-Back Limit
PoS(RADCOR2019)056 file missing H. Zhu
Local analytic sector subtraction for final state radiation at NNLO
PoS(RADCOR2019)057 pdf S. Uccirati, L. Magnea, E. Maina, G. Pelliccioli, C. Signorile-Signorile and P. Torrielli
The $R^*$-method: Recent applications and developments
PoS(RADCOR2019)058 file missing F. Herzog
Infrared structure of $N$ =4 SYM and Leading trancendentality principle in gauge theory
PoS(RADCOR2019)059 pdf A. Chakraborty, T. Ahmed, P. Banerjee, V. Ravindran, S. Seth and P.K. Dhani
Towards $2 \rightarrow 3$ NNLO QCD calculations
PoS(RADCOR2019)060 file missing R. Poncelet
Integral Techniques
Simple differential equations for Feynman integrals associated to elliptic curves
PoS(RADCOR2019)061 pdf S. Weinzierl
Syzygies for no-numerator or no-dot relations between Feynman integrals
PoS(RADCOR2019)062 file missing A. von Manteuffel
On the choice of variables in IBP reductions
PoS(RADCOR2019)063 pdf J.A.M. Vermaseren
Decomposition of Feynman Integrals on the Maximal Cut by Intersection Numbers
PoS(RADCOR2019)064 pdf M.K. Mandal, H. Frellesvig, F. Gasparotto, S. Laporta, P. Mastrolia, L. Mattiazzi and S. Mizera
Diagrammatic Coaction of Two-Loop Feynman Integrals
PoS(RADCOR2019)065 pdf S. Abreu, R. Britto, C. Duhr, E. Gardi and J. Matthew
Intersection Theory and Higgs Physics
PoS(RADCOR2019)066 pdf H. Frellesvig
Generalized hypergeometric functions and intersection theory for Feynman integrals
PoS(RADCOR2019)067 pdf S. Abreu, R. Britto, C. Duhr, E. Gardi and J. Matthew
Integral Results
Two-loop non-planar master integrals for top-pair production in the quark-annihilation channel
PoS(RADCOR2019)068 pdf M. Becchetti, R. Bonciani, V. Casconi, A. Ferroglia, S. Lavacca and A. von Manteuffel
Planar Master Integrals for the two-loop light-fermions electroweak corrections to Higgs plus jet production
PoS(RADCOR2019)069 pdf V. Casconi, M. Becchetti, R. Bonciani, F. Moriello and V. Del Duca
From sum-integrals to continuum integrals and back
PoS(RADCOR2019)070 file missing Y. Schröder
Hidden Analytic Structure of Higgs Amplitudes and Maximal Transcendentality Principle
PoS(RADCOR2019)071 pdf G. Yang and Q. Jin
Systematic integration of higher loop gauge theory amplitudes in position space
PoS(RADCOR2019)072 file missing M. Borinsky
A new formulation of the loop-tree duality at higher loops
PoS(RADCOR2019)073 pdf R. Runkel, Z. Szőr, J.P. Vesga and S. Weinzierl
Loops from trees in four space-time dimensions
PoS(RADCOR2019)074 file missing W.J. Torres Bobadilla
QFT with FDR
PoS(RADCOR2019)075 pdf R. Pittau
Renormalization schemes for mixing angles in extended Higgs sectors
PoS(RADCOR2019)076 pdf A. Denner, S. Dittmaier and J.N. Lang
Analytic multi-loop results using finite fields and dataflow graphs with FiniteFlow
PoS(RADCOR2019)077 pdf T. Peraro
A refined machinery to calculate large moments from coupled systems of linear differential equations
PoS(RADCOR2019)078 pdf C. Schneider, J. Blümlein and P. Marquard
Padé approach to top-quark mass effects in gluon fusion amplitudes
PoS(RADCOR2019)079 pdf J. Davies, R. Gröber, A. Maier, T.J.G. Rauh and M. Steinhauser
Non-factorizable QCD Effects in Higgs Boson Production via Vector Boson Fusion
PoS(RADCOR2019)080 pdf A. Penin
Rational terms in two-loop calculations
PoS(RADCOR2019)081 pdf M.F. Zoller, S. Pozzorini and H. Zhang
Elastic neutrino-electron scattering within the effective field theory approach
PoS(RADCOR2019)082 file missing O. Tomalak
Off-shell renormalization of spontaneously broken effective gauge theories
PoS(RADCOR2019)083 pdf A. Quadri and D. Binosi
Quark condensate and spectral density from renormalization group optimized perturbation
PoS(RADCOR2019)084 file missing J.L. Kneur
ISR and IFI in Precision AFB Studies with KKMC-hh
PoS(RADCOR2019)085 pdf S.A. Yost, J. Stanislaw, W. B.F.L. and W. Zbigniew
Role of IR-improvement in Precision LHC/FCC Physics and in Quantum Gravity
PoS(RADCOR2019)086 pdf B. Ward, S. Jadach, W. Placzek, M. Skrzypek, Z. Was and S. Yost