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10th International Workshop on Charm Physics

31 May - 4 June, 2021
Mexico City, Mexico (online)

The 10th International Workshop on Charm Physics (CHARM 2020), was held from 31 May 2021 to 4 June 2021 in Mexico City (virtually). Its purpose was to bring together particle and nuclear physicists working in the field related to physics of the charm quark to discuss recent results in this area, including the impact on and from theory as well as projections for results to be expected from upcoming experimental facilities.


We dedicate this meeting to the memory of Simon Eidelman, who was a fundamental and enthusiastic participant in this CHARM conference series and was -unfortunately- unable to attend this workshop. We ended the event wishing having him back in the next CHARM conference in Shanghai, and it is terribly sad to realize now this will not be possible.

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Plenary programme
Parallel programme
Plenary programme
Exotics interpretation
PoS(CHARM2020)001 file missing E. Braaten
Reliably estimating the statistical significance of a new signal by exploiting GPUs
PoS(CHARM2020)002 file missing A. Pompili
Charm (-onium) physics at PANDA
PoS(CHARM2020)004 pdf F. Nerling and  on behalf of the PANDA Collaboration
Charm at CMS
PoS(CHARM2020)005 pdf J. Mejía and  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
Recent charm results at Belle
PoS(CHARM2020)006 pdf L. Li
Experimental Program for Super Tau-Charm Facility in China
PoS(CHARM2020)007 pdf X. Zhou and  on behalf of the STCF working group
Charm at KEDR
PoS(CHARM2020)008 pdf
T. Kharlamova, V.V. Anashin, O.V. Anchugov, A. Andrianov, K. Astrelina, V.M. Aulchenko, E.M. Baldin, G.N. Baranov, A.K. Barladyan, A.Y. Barnyakov, M.Y. Barnyakov, S.E. Baru, I.Y. Basok, E.A. Bekhtenev, O. Belikov, D.E. Berkaev, A.E. Blinov, V.E. Blinov, M. Blinov, A.V. Bobrov, V.S. Bobrovnikov, A.V. Bogomyagkov, D.Y. Bolkhovityanov, A.E. Bondar, A.R. Buzykaev, P.B. Cheblakov, V.L. Dorohov, S.I. Eidelman, F. Emanov, V.V. Gambaryan, S.A. Glukhov, D.N. Grigoriev, V.V. Kaminskiy, S.E. Karnaev, S.V. Karpov, G.V. Karpov, K.Y. Karukina, D.P. Kashtankin, P.V. Kasyanenko, A.A. Katcin, V.A. Kiselev, S.A. Kononov, K.Y. Kotov, A. Krasnov, E. Kravchenko, V.N. Kudryavtsev, V.F. Kulikov, G.Y. Kurkin, I.A. Kuyanov, E.B. Levichev, P.V. Logachev, D.A. Maksimov, Y.I. Maltseva, V.M. Malyshev, A.L. Maslennikov, O.I. Meshkov, S.E. Mishnev, I.I. Morozov, N.Y. Muchnoi, D. Nikiforov, S.A. Nikitin, I.B. Nikolaev, I.N. Okunev, A.P. Onuchin, S.B. Oreshkin, V.V. Oreshonok, A.V. Osipov, I.V. Ovtin, A.V. Pavlenko, S.V. Peleganchuk, V.V. Petrov, P.A. Piminov, S.G. Pivovarov, N.A. Podgornov, V.G. Prisekin, O.L. Rezanova, A.A. Ruban, G.A. Savinov, A.G. Shamov, L.I. Shekhtman, D.A. Shvedov, B.A. Shwartz, E.A. Simonov, S.V. Sinyatkin, A.N. Skrinsky, A.V. Sokolov, E.V. Starostina, D.P. Sukhanov, A.M. Sukharev, A.A. Talyshev, V.A. Tayursky, V.I. Telnov, Y.A. Tikhonov, K.Y. Todyshev, A. Tribendis, G.M. Tumaikin, Y.V. Usov, A.I. Vorobiov, V.N. Zhilich, A.A. Zhukov, V.V. Zhulanov and A.N. Zhuravlev
Precision hyperon physics at J/$\psi$ and $\psi'$ factories
PoS(CHARM2020)009 pdf A. Kupsc
Charm hadron spectroscopy @ LHCb
PoS(CHARM2020)010 file missing M. Mikhasenko
Charm spectroscopy from amplitude analyses in B(s) decays @ LHCb
PoS(CHARM2020)011 file missing M.M. Cruz Torres
Heavy Quark Masses (from QCD Sum Rules) and their impact on the muon g-2
PoS(CHARM2020)012 pdf P. Masjuan, J.P.A. Erler and H. Spiesberger
$m_c$ (and $m_b$) from lattice QCD
PoS(CHARM2020)013 file missing A. Lytle
Charm (and bottom) baryons and charmonium excitations from the lattice
PoS(CHARM2020)014 pdf P. Madanagopalan
Quarkonium production in pNRQCD: the P-wave case
PoS(CHARM2020)015 pdf A. Vairo
Charmed baryon decays at BESIII
PoS(CHARM2020)016 pdf X.R. Lyu and  On behalf of the BESIII collaboration
Rare semileptonic charm D decays and possible new physics in charm
PoS(CHARM2020)017 pdf S. Fajfer
Charmonium in media: an experimental overview
PoS(CHARM2020)018 file missing E. Scomparin
Open charm experimental overview
PoS(CHARM2020)019 file missing B. Trzeciak
QCD-based estimates of direct CP asymmetry in charm decays
PoS(CHARM2020)020 pdf A. Khodjamirian
Tau Physics @ SCTF (experimental perspective)
PoS(CHARM2020)021 file missing A. Lusiani
Parallel programme
XYZ States at BESIII
PoS(CHARM2020)022 pdf W. Song
Charm baryon production and fragmentation fractions in pp collisions with ALICE
PoS(CHARM2020)023 pdf J. Seo and  on behalf of the ALICE collaboration
A combined description of D+ --> K-pi+pi+ and D_s --> pi-K+K+ decays
PoS(CHARM2020)024 pdf P. Sanchez-Puertas
Heavy-meson chiral Lagrangians, effective flavored couplings, SU(4) flavor breaking and their consequences
PoS(CHARM2020)025 pdf B. El-Bennich and F. Serna
Study of baryon pair production at BESIII
PoS(CHARM2020)026 pdf X. Wang
Triangle singularities in the production of X(3872)
PoS(CHARM2020)027 pdf L. He, K. Ingles, E. Braaten and J. Jiang
Charmonium production in pp and p–Pb collisions with ALICE
PoS(CHARM2020)028 pdf J.A. Saetre and  on behalf of the ALICE collaboration
Novel description of $P_c(4312)^+$, $P_c(4380)^+$, and $P_c(4457)^+$ with double triangle cusps
PoS(CHARM2020)029 pdf S. Nakamura
Charm baryons at LHCb
PoS(CHARM2020)030 pdf D. Bobulska and  on behalf of the LHCb collaboration
Charming bound states in a symmetry preserving contact interaction
PoS(CHARM2020)031 pdf M.A. Bedolla
Hadronic charm meson decays at BESIII
PoS(CHARM2020)032 pdf Y. Fan
Renormalisation scale setting for D-mixing
PoS(CHARM2020)033 pdf C. Vlahos
Mixing and indirect CP violation in charm decays at LHCb
PoS(CHARM2020)034 pdf G.M. Pietrzyk
Study of $\tau^- \to\nu_{\tau} \pi^{-}\pi^{0}\ell^{+}\ell^{-}$ decays in the framework of Resonance Chiral Theory
PoS(CHARM2020)035 pdf J.L. Gutiérrez Santiago
Beyond the Standard Model invisible particle searches in tau lepton decays
PoS(CHARM2020)036 file missing A. de Yta
$J/\psi$ production in Au+Au collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 54.4$ GeV
PoS(CHARM2020)037 pdf K. Shen and  on behalf of the STAR collaboration
Constraints on Intrinsic Charm from the SeaQuest Experiment
PoS(CHARM2020)038 pdf R. Vogt
In medium Langevin dynamics of heavy quarkonium
PoS(CHARM2020)039 pdf P. Vander Griend
Finite-temperature effects on D-meson properties
PoS(CHARM2020)040 pdf J. Torres-Rincon, G. Montaña, A. Ramos and L. Tolos
Charmonium in nuclear matter and nuclei
PoS(CHARM2020)041 pdf J. Cobos Martinez, K. Tsushima, G. Krein and A.W. Thomas
Tau Physics prospects for Belle-II
PoS(CHARM2020)042 file missing T. Kraetzschmar
Isospin-breaking corrections to $\tau \to \pi \pi \nu_\tau$ decays and the muon $g-2$
PoS(CHARM2020)043 pdf J.A. Miranda Hernández
Probes of non-standard interactions from exclusive hadronic tau decays
PoS(CHARM2020)044 pdf S. Gonzàlez Solís
Non-standard interactions and the τ→(Kπ) ντ decays
PoS(CHARM2020)045 pdf J. Rendón Castañeda
Observation of the $Z_{cs}(3985)^{-}$ and studies on the $Z_{c}$ states at BESIII
PoS(CHARM2020)046 pdf Z. Wang and  On behalf of the BESIII collaboration
Light Cone Distribution Amplitudes of Heavy-Light Mesons and Quarkonia
PoS(CHARM2020)047 pdf F. Serna
(Semi-) leptonic charmed meson decays at BESIII
PoS(CHARM2020)048 pdf H. Li and  On behalf of the BESIII collaboration
A Study of J/$\psi$ Decays into baryon-antibaryon pairs
PoS(CHARM2020)049 pdf N. Kivel
Charm status and prospects at Belle II
PoS(CHARM2020)050 pdf J. Kumar and  On behalf of the BELLE II collaboration
Null test searches for BSM physics with rare charm decays
PoS(CHARM2020)051 pdf M. Golz
Rare and forbidden decays of the D0 meson
PoS(CHARM2020)052 pdf D.N. Brown and  on behalf of the BABAR collaboration
Measurement of open charm production in heavy ion collisions with ALICE
PoS(CHARM2020)053 file missing R. Bala
Quarkonium production and polarization in high-energy collisions
PoS(CHARM2020)054 pdf V. Cheung and R. Vogt
Evolution of open charm production with event multiplicity with ALICE
PoS(CHARM2020)055 pdf M. Giacalone and  on behalf of the ALICE collaboration
Decay of the scalar charmonium state $\chi_{c0}(IP)$ in the extended Linear Sigma Model
PoS(CHARM2020)056 pdf W.I. Eshraim
Radiative production of the hidden-charm pentaquarks
PoS(CHARM2020)057 pdf E. Ortiz Pacheco and R. Bijker
Revisiting X(3872) at Belle II Experiment
PoS(CHARM2020)058 pdf Y. Yook, H. Hirata, Y. Kato, T. Iijima and  On behalf of the BELLE II collaboration
Direct CPV in Charm decays at LHCb
PoS(CHARM2020)059 pdf L. Pica
Charm quark transport within viscous QCD medium : colliding and radiating
PoS(CHARM2020)060 pdf A. Shaikh, M. Kurian, S.K. Das, V. Chandra, S. Dash and B.K. Nandi
Towards a measurement of charm production induced by 400 GeV/c protons on a thick target at CERN SPS
PoS(CHARM2020)061 pdf N. Owtscharenko
Charm jet and correlation measurements with ALICE in pp and p -- Pb collisions at the LHC
PoS(CHARM2020)062 pdf A. Palasciano and  on behalf of the ALICE collaboration
Revisiting the Charm-meson lifetimes
PoS(CHARM2020)063 file missing A. Rusov

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