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High Energy Astrophysics in Southern Africa 2021

HEASA2021 - (other heasa conferences)
13 - 17 September, 2021
published May 30, 2022
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HEASA 2021 was the eighth conference in the annual series "High Energy Astrophysics in Southern Africa". Its goal was to bring together scientists from the southern African region, the African continent, and around the world with an interest in high-energy astrophysical phenomena. Topics discussed included theoretical, multi-wavelength, and multi-messenger observational aspects of astrophysical sources (e.g. active galactic nuclei (AGNs), galaxy systems, gamma-ray bursts (GRBs), X-ray/gamma-ray binaries, supernovae and supernova remnants, neutron stars, pulsars and pulsar wind nebulae, cataclysmic variables (CVs)) as well as modern aspects of astro-particle physics. HEASA 2021 was held during the period of 13-17 September, as an online conference with half-day sessions. In addition to invited, contributed, and poster presentations, recent Ph.D. graduates (Ph.D. thesis submitted after August 2019) may present an extended dissertation talk.

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Session: Active Galactic Nuclei
Session: X-ray Binaries
Session: Multi-Messenger and Astro-Particle
Session: Pulsars
Session: Posters
Session: Active Galactic Nuclei
Comprehensive power spectral density analysis of the Fermi-LAT gamma-ray light curves of selected blazars
PoS(HEASA2021)008 pdf N. Żywucka, M. Tarnopolski, V. Marchenko and J. Pascual-Granado
Optical Spectropolarimetry Observations of the BL Lac-type object PKS 0537-441 after a period of quiescence
PoS(HEASA2021)009 pdf J. Barnard, B. van Soelen, J. Cooper, R. Britto, J.P. Marais, I. van der Westhuizen, D. Buckley, H. Schutte, M. Böttcher, B. Vaidya, S. Acharya and A. Martin-Carrillo
RX J0818.2+0122 - an AGN with an unusually broad Keplerian rotator line profile
PoS(HEASA2021)013 pdf A.M.A. Moeng, H. Winkler and F. van Wyk
A study of the lobes of the radio galaxy Hydra A using MeerKAT observations
PoS(HEASA2021)017 pdf M. Naidoo, D.A. Prokhorov, P. Marchegiani, A. Chen, S. Makhathini, P. Serra and E. de Blok
Session: X-ray Binaries
A decade of black hole X-ray binary transients
PoS(HEASA2021)024 pdf P. Charles, D.A.H. Buckley, E. Kotze, M.M. Kotze, J.K. Thomas, P. Gandhi, J.A. Paice, J.P. Lasota, J.H. Matthews and J.F. Steiner
Considering the importance of gamma-gamma absorption in gamma-ray binaries
PoS(HEASA2021)028 pdf B. van Soelen and D. du Plooy
Hercules X-1 (Her X-1): New results from the past decade of observations
PoS(HEASA2021)032 pdf D. Leahy
Session: Pulsars
Modeling globular clusters as multi-wavelength emitters
PoS(HEASA2021)042 pdf H. Davids, C. Venter and M. Backes
Low power pulsed emission at the spin period of the white dwarf in AR Scorpii?
PoS(HEASA2021)045 pdf Q. Kaplan, P. Meintjes and D.H.J. van Heerden
The detection of pulsed emission at the spin period of the white dwarf in AE Aquarii in MeerKAT and Fermi-LAT data
PoS(HEASA2021)046 pdf S.T. Madzime, P. Meintjes, H. van Heerden, K.K. Singh, D. Buckley, P.A. Woudt and R. Fender
Pulsar high-energy emission models
PoS(HEASA2021)047 pdf A.K. Harding
Session: Posters
Spectral analysis of S5 1803+784 in the recent flaring state
PoS(HEASA2021)055 pdf J. Omojola, A. Chen and  on behalf of the Fermi-LAT Collaboration
Development of tools for SALT/RSS spectropolarimetry reductions: application to the blazar 3C279
PoS(HEASA2021)056 pdf J. Cooper, B. van Soelen and R. Britto
Results from the O3 observing run of the LIGO/VIRGO collaboration
PoS(HEASA2021)060 pdf R. Poggiani and  on behalf of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration and the Virgo Collaboration