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7th Symposium on Prospects in the Physics of Discrete Symmetries, DISCRETE 2020-2021

29 November - 3 December, 2021
Bergen, Norway

This is the 7th Symposium on Prospects in the Physics of Discrete Symmetries, DISCRETE 2020-2021, the latest of the DISCRETE conference series (for information on previous years see: DISCRETE 2008, DISCRETE 2010, DISCRETE 2012, DISCRETE 2014, DISCRETE 2016, DISCRETE 2018), which this year will take place in Bergen.

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Plenary session
Parallel sessions Monday
Parallel sessions Tuesday
Parallel sessions Thursday
Plenary session
Hints for New Physics in Rare B Decays
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)001 file missing W. Altmannshofer
Challenges in supersymmetric cosmology
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)002 pdf attachments I. Antoniadis and A. Chatrabhuti
Quantum correlations in neutrino oscillations
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)003 pdf M. Blasone, S. De Siena and C. Matrella
Vector-like Quarks
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)004 pdf G.C. Branco and M.N. Rebelo
Underground tests of Quantum Mechanics at Gran Sasso
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)005 pdf
C. Curceanu, F. Napolitano, S. Bartalucci, S. Bertolucci, M. Bazzi, M. Bragadireanu, C. Capoccia, M. Cargnelli, A. Clozza, L. De Paolis, R. Del Grande, C. Fiorini, C. Guaraldo, M. Iliescu, M. Laubenstein, J. Marton, M. Miliucci, E. Milotti, K. Piscicchia, A. Porcelli, A. Scordo, F. Sgaramella, H. Shi, D. Laura Sirghi, F.C. Sirghi and J. Zmeskal
The muon magnetic moment: a precision test shaking the Standard Model
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)006 pdf M. Davier
The flavour puzzle as a vacuum problem
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)007 pdf F. Feruglio
CP violation in non-leptonic B decays as a portal to New Physics
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)008 pdf R. Fleischer
The Future Circular Collider (FCC) at CERN
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)009 pdf R. Gonzalez Suarez
A natural mechanism for a SM-like Higgs boson in the 2HDM without decoupling
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)010 pdf H. Haber
New ideas on quantum mechanics related to entanglement
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)011 file missing B. Hiesmayr
Searches for Charged Lepton Flavor Violation
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)012 file missing D. Hitlin
Dark matter searches at future $e^+ e^-$ linear colliders
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)013 pdf J.H. Kalinowski, W. Kotlarski and A.F. Zarnecki
On the large-field equivalence between Starobinsky and Higgs inflation in gravity and supergravity
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)014 pdf S. Ketov
Dark Matter Searches and Implications for Theory
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)015 file missing M. Lindner
Going beyond the Standard paradigm of Cosmology: Torsion, gravitational anomalies and inflation without inflaton fields
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)016 pdf attachments N. Mavromatos
MoEDAL, MAPP and future endeavours
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)017 pdf V. Mitsou and  on behalf of the MoEDAL Collaboration
On naturalness and UV infinities in perturbative QFT
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)018 file missing S. Mooij
Antihydrogen hyperfine structure
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)019 file missing D.J. Murtagh
B-$\bar{\rm B}$ mixing: decay matrix at high precision
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)020 pdf U. Nierste
Fermion mass hierarchies from residual modular symmetries
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)021 pdf P. Novichkov, J. Penedo and S. Petcov
Rare b decays and tests of lepton flavour universality at LHCb
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)022 file missing M. Pepe-Altarelli
Higgs-Sector Predictions from Maximally Symmetric multi-Higgs Doublet Models
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)023 pdf A. Pilaftsis, N. Darvishi and M.R. Masouminia
Neutrinos: recent phenomenological developments
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)024 file missing A. Smirnov
Discreteness and Determinism in Quantum Mechanics
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)025 file missing G. t Hooft
Floquet Time Crystals
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)026 file missing F. Wilczek
Search for the neutron Electric Dipole Moment at the Paul Scherrer Institute
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)027 file missing J. Zejma
Parallel sessions Monday
Inflaton Dark Matter
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)028 pdf J.H. Yoon
Does antimatter fall like matter? -- the GBAR experiment (CERN)
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)029 file missing O. Rousselle
CPT violation and neutrino oscillation experiments
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)030 pdf C.A. Ternes
Belle II experiment: status and prospects
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)031 pdf E. Waheed
A decade of dark sector and light dark matter searches at BABAR
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)032 file missing B. Echenard
On the measurement of the muon anomalous magnetic moment
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)033 file missing A. Ioannisyan
Lepton $g-2$ anomalies in general flavour conserving two Higgs doublets models
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)034 pdf M. Nebot, F.J. Botella, F. Cornet-Gomez and C. Miro
SUSY $g-2$ with and without neutralino dark matter
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)035 file missing K. Sakurai
Diagonal reflection symmetries and universal four-zero texture
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)036 pdf M. Yang
Horizontal Symmetry and Large Neutrino Magnetic Moments
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)037 pdf S. Jana
Brane-Higgs fields
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)038 file missing G. Moreau
Anomalies, CPT and Leptogenesis
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)039 pdf S. Sarkar
Generalized Hall current from index theorem for gapless edge fermions
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)040 file missing S. Sen
Parity from SO(7, 1) and SO(7, 7) gauge symmetries
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)041 pdf F. Nesti and A. Maiezza
A model for cobimaximal neutrino mixing
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)042 pdf B. Karmakar
Parallel sessions Tuesday
Testing CPT symmetry in ortho-positronium decays with J-PET facility
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)043 file missing S. Niedziecki
CP symmetry test at J-PET with angular coleration of photons from ortho-positronium annihilation
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)044 file missing J. Raj
CP-violation studies of hyperon-antihyperon pairs with BESIII
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)045 pdf P. Adlarson, K. Schönning and  On behalf of the BESIII collaboration
Probing the nature of electroweak symmetry breaking with Higgs boson pair-production at ATLAS
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)046 pdf M.D. Hank and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Searching for new symmetries in the Higgs sector at ATLAS
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)047 file missing Y. Fan
Measurements of multi-boson production including vector-boson scattering at ATLAS
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)048 pdf X. Liu and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Top-quark couplings, cross sections and SMEFT interpretations
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)049 file missing L. Mince
Measurement of CP violation in ${B_s^0}$ decays at CMS
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)050 pdf A. Bragagnolo and  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
Natural supersymmetric dark matter in Twin Higgs models
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)052 file missing M. Badziak
Neutrino phenomenology in NMSSM with $\mathbb{D}_{4}$ flavor symmetry
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)053 pdf M.A. Ouahid
Additional Baryons and Mesons
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)054 file missing P. Frampton
New measurement of radiative decays at the NA62 Experiment at CERN: $K_{e3\gamma}$
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)055 pdf C. Biino
Search for $K^+$ decays to a lepton and invisible particles
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)056 pdf R. Volpe
Searches for baryon number violation via neutron conversions at the European Spallation Source
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)057 file missing S.C. Yiu
Lepton Flavour Violation with the MEG-II Experiment
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)058 pdf F. Renga
Measurement of the CP violation in $B_s^0 \to J/\psi$ phi decays in $pp$ collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 13$ TeV with the ATLAS detector
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)059 file missing M. Smizanska
Measurements of the Higgs boson properties and its interpretations with the ATLAS experiment
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)060 file missing S. Zhang
Dark CP-violation
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)061 file missing V. Keus
Two dark matter candidates in three-Higgs-doublet models with $S_3$ symmetry
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)062 pdf A. Kuncinas, O.M. Ogreid, P. Osland and M.N. Rebelo
Models with (broken) $Z_2$ symmetries
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)063 pdf T. Robens
Light states from weak CP violation in the aligned Weinberg 3HDM
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)064 file missing R. Plantey
Model-independent test of T violation in neutrino oscillations
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)065 pdf A. Segarra and T. Schwetz
Parallel sessions Thursday
Search for lepton number and flavour violation in $K^+$ and $\pi^0$ decays
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)066 pdf S. Kholodenko
What can we learn from genuine S/P-wave interference observables of the $B^0\to K^+\pi^-\ell^+\ell^-$ decay
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)067 file missing M. Algueró
Searching for New Physics in Rare $K$ and $B$ Decays without $|V_{cb}|$ and $|V_{ub}|$ Uncertainties
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)068 file missing E. Venturini
Status of the $K_L^0 \to \pi^0 \nu \overline{\nu}$ Search at the KOTO Experiment
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)069 pdf C. Lin
Measurement of the very rare $K^+ \to \pi^+ \nu \bar\nu$ decay
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)070 pdf M. Zamkovsky
Tests of Lepton Flavour Universality and searches for Lepton Flavour Violation at LHCb
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)071 pdf A. Gioventu
$e^\pm\mu^\mp$ Lepton Flavour Violation and $\tau^\pm\mu^\mp$ Lepton Flavour Universality Studies at the $\Upsilon(3S)$ with BaBar
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)072 file missing N. Tasneem
An eclectic approach to the flavor (symmetry) problem
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)073 file missing S. Ramos-Sanchez
Anatomy of a top-down approach to discrete and modular flavor symmetry
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)074 pdf A. Trautner
Multiple modular symmetries as the origin of flavour
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)075 file missing I. de Medeiros Varzielas
A common origin of CKM and PMNS phases within 2HDM
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)076 pdf F. Cornet-Gomez
Latest results from the CUORE experiment
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)077 file missing C. Capelli
Extending the Reach of Leptophilic Boson Searches at DUNE with Bremsstrahlung and Resonant Production
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)078 pdf F. Capozzi, B. Dutta, G. Gurung, W. Jang, A. Thompson, J. Yu and I. Shoemaker
Pulsed Production of Antihydrogen in AEgIS
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)079 pdf
N. Zurlo, C. Amsler, M. Antonello, A.S. Belov, G. Bonomi, R.S. Brusa, M. Caccia, A. Camper, R. Caravita, F. Castelli, P. Cheinet, D. Comparat, G. Consolati, A. Demetrio, L. Di noto, M. Doser, M. Fanì, R. Ferragut, J. Fesel, S. Gerber, M. Giammarchi, A. Gligorova, L.T. Glöggler, F. Guatieri, S. Haider, A. Hinterberger, A. Kellerbauer, O. Khalidova, D. Krasnický, V. Lagomarsino, C. Malbrunot, S. Mariazzi, V. Matveev, S. Müller, G. Nebbia, P. Nedelec, L. Nowak, M. Oberthaler, E. Oswald, D. Pagano, L. Penasa, V. Petracek, L. Povolo, F. Prelz, M. Prevedelli, B. Rienäcker, O. Røhne, A. Rotondi, H. Sandaker, R. Santoro, G. Testera, I. Tietje, V. Toso, T. Wolz, P. Yzombard, C. Zimmer and  AEgIS collaboration
Cutting rules on a cylinder and simplified diagrammatic approach to $CP$ violation in quantum kinetic theory
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)080 pdf attachments P. Maták and T. Blažek
Long-lived highly charged particles at Run 3 and High Luminosity LHC
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)081 pdf R. Maselek, M.M. Altakach, P. Lamba, K. Sakurai and V. Mitsou
Spontaneous dark matter stability from a fermiophobic U(1)' gauge symmetry
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)082 pdf B. Fu
PeV Sterile Masses via Parametric Suppressions: comments on realizing (non-) perturbative Neutrino Options
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)083 file missing J. Talbert
The limits of the strong CP problem
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)084 pdf W.Y. Ai, J.S. Cruz, B. Garbrecht and C. Tamarit
$T_{13}$ Flavor Symmetry for Quarks and Leptons
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)085 file missing M. Rahat
Design, Status and Physics Potential of JUNO
PoS(DISCRETE2020-2021)086 pdf H. Steiger

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