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Austrian Citizen Science Conference 2022

ACSC2022 - (other acsc conferences)
28 - 30 June, 2022
Dornbirn, Austria
published January 02, 2023

No other time has so clearly highlighted the importance of science, research and the communication of results and data as the last few months. Being able to actively address crises as a society is one of the core competencies of citizen science. Committed citizens work hand in hand with researchers to find answers to the current and future challenges of society.

From 28 to 30 June 2022, everything centers around the question "Citizen Science - Why not (actually)?" The focus will be on interested citizens and already active citizen scientists.

The following questions will be examined from different perspectives.

The focus is on the opportunities and challenges of collaborative research, on examples of concrete projects and initiatives.

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Austrian Citizen Science Conference 2022
Citizen Science - Why not (actually)?
PoS(ACSC2022)029 pdf D. Dörler, S. Hecker and F. Heigl
Why citizen science cannot answer the question of the democratisation of science
PoS(ACSC2022)001 pdf M. Strähle and C. Urban
Counting lights for Sustainability – Insights from the Citizen Science Project Nachtlicht-BüHNE
PoS(ACSC2022)003 pdf M. Zschorn and J. Mattern
Why and how is the Zentralbibliothek Zürich involved in citizen science?
PoS(ACSC2022)004 pdf S. Wiederkehr
Motivation of Austrian researchers for conducting citizen science and assumed added value for participants
PoS(ACSC2022)005 pdf B. Heinisch
A different kind of dictionary – Collecting lexemes used in Austria together with citizens
PoS(ACSC2022)006 pdf B. Heinisch, R. Stocker and E. Topitz
The Significance of Human Weather- and Impact- Reports from a National and International Perspective
PoS(ACSC2022)007 pdf T. Krennert, R. Kaltenberger and A. Schaffhauser
Project PATIO: Towards an improved quality of life through lived patient and caregiver engagement in oncology
PoS(ACSC2022)009 pdf A. Dorn, S. Moldovan, E. Büchler, N. Fribék, M. Niederleithinger and M. Mitterhauser
Fostering citizen engagement with the PATIO health guide
PoS(ACSC2022)010 pdf S. Moldovan, M. Mitterhauser, N. Fribék, M. Niederleithinger, E. Büchler and A. Dorn
Scaling Up: First insights into the accompanying research "Plastic Pirates - Go Europe!"
PoS(ACSC2022)011 pdf V. Knapp, V. van den Bogaert and J. Wirth
Benefits and Challenges of Participatory Design in Agriculture: The Example of the FieldMApp
PoS(ACSC2022)012 pdf S. Truckenbrodt, M. Enderling, E. Borg, C.C. Schmullius and F. Klan
What do we know about the effects of Citizen Science on Participants' Knowledge?
PoS(ACSC2022)014 pdf L. Finger, V. van den Bogaert, K. Sommer and J. Wirth
Honey bees and beekeepers as environmental researchers: Results, limits, opportunities
PoS(ACSC2022)015 pdf R. Brodschneider and K. Gratzer
Research on the GOOD LIFE. Citizens ask questions, collect needs, outline solutions.
PoS(ACSC2022)016 pdf G. Hagendorfer-Jauk and M. Gruber
Supporting Citizen Science in Research Performing Organisations: which institutional changes can facilitate this process and how can they be monitored?
PoS(ACSC2022)018 pdf T. Schaefer, B. Kieslinger and C.M. Fabian
On a digital journey into yesterday's future: Zeit.shift – preserving Tyrol's cultural text heritage
PoS(ACSC2022)019 pdf J. Walcher, A. Abel, J. Andresen, P. Brasolin, I. Dissertori, E. Eberwein, G. Franzini, S. Gstrein, H. Maritta, C. Kössler, B. Laner, V. Lyding, K. Pircher and E. Stemle
Knowledge should not be lost! Interview with a volunteer
PoS(ACSC2022)020 pdf N. Graf and T. Pfister
"I have good news and bad news too". Motivation and Manipulation in Citizen Science Projects
PoS(ACSC2022)022 pdf attachments N. Moczek
Open Public Humanities – towards linked open local history
PoS(ACSC2022)023 pdf C. Erlinger
SelEe- Rare diseases citizen science research
PoS(ACSC2022)024 pdf M.C. Neff, J. Schaaf, J. Scheidt, A. Khouri, T. Zerr and H. Storf
The 10 Swiss Citizen Science Principles
PoS(ACSC2022)025 pdf J. Six and T. Stämpfli
The potential of making competences acquired through Citizen Science visible
PoS(ACSC2022)026 pdf attachments O. Höhener and T. Stämpfli
Adapting public funding schemes for participatory research: Managing expectations, overcoming structural constraints
PoS(ACSC2022)027 pdf M. Ilse, B. Kieslinger, S. Stefanie and T. Schaefer
Trails of hidden life - Involving Citizen Scientists to show the biodiversity at Viennese cemeteries
PoS(ACSC2022)028 pdf T. Filek, D. Nagel, V. Frey and R. Zink
The booklet “Citizen Science - Research with Schools” – Does it withstand the critical eyes of the citizen science community?
PoS(ACSC2022)030 pdf attachments D. Frigerio, M. Cieslinski, F. Westreicher, M. Scheuch and M. Ernst