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Computational Tools for High Energy Physics and Cosmology

22-26 November 2021
Institut de Physique des 2 Infinis (IP2I), Lyon, France
published July 14, 2022
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Computational Tools for High Energy Physics and Cosmology workshop is a hybrid in-person/online event at the Institut de Physique des 2 Infinis de Lyon (IP2I), Lyon, France, from Nov 22-26, 2021.

This workshop aims to review the state-of-the-art tools for high energy physics and cosmology.
The workshop consists of short sessions over 5 days together with software demo and several discussion sessions.

The following themes will be covered at the workshop:

The program will consist of both invited talks and contributed talks.


Editorial Board

session Dark Matter
session Higgs, Flavour and Precision
session Cosmology
session Collider
session General tools
session Dark Matter
Review of Dark Matter computational tools
PoS(CompTools2021)001 pdf A. Goudelis
Photon-ALP oscillations with ELMAG
PoS(CompTools2021)002 pdf M. Kachelriess and J. Tjemsland
PoS(CompTools2021)003 file missing N. Rodd
Studying dark matter with MadDM: Lines and loops
PoS(CompTools2021)004 file missing D. Massaro
Estimating QCD uncertainties on antiproton spectra from dark-matter annihilation
PoS(CompTools2021)005 pdf A. Jueid, J. Kip, R. Ruiz de austri and P. Skands
PoS(CompTools2021)006 file missing H. Liu
SuperIso Relic
PoS(CompTools2021)007 file missing A. Arbey
An introduction to micrOMEGAs
PoS(CompTools2021)037 pdf A. Pukhov
DarkSUSY 6.3 – Freeze-in, out-of-equilibrium freeze-out, cosmic-ray upscattering and further new features
PoS(CompTools2021)038 pdf T. Bringmann and J. Edsjo
session Higgs, Flavour and Precision
Review on Higgs Tools
PoS(CompTools2021)008 pdf H. Rzehak
GM2Calc - 2 for the 2HDM
PoS(CompTools2021)009 pdf P. Athron, C. Balazs, A. Cherchiglia, D. Jacob, D. Stöckinger, H. Stoeckinger-Kim and A. Voigt
Flavour Physics Phenomenology with SuperIso
PoS(CompTools2021)010 pdf S. Neshatpour and F. Mahmoudi
Likelihood analysis of the general 2HDM with Gambit's FlavBit
PoS(CompTools2021)011 pdf P. Athron, C. Balazs, T. Gonzalo, D. Jacob, F. Mahmoudi and C.F. Sierra Fonseca
EOS – A Software for Flavor Physics Phenomenology
PoS(CompTools2021)012 pdf M. Reboud
HiggsTools: a toolbox for BSM scalar phenomenology
PoS(CompTools2021)013 file missing J. Wittbrodt
Improvements in Higgs-mass predictions with $\texttt{FeynHiggs}$
PoS(CompTools2021)014 pdf S. Paßehr
session Cosmology
Review on Tools for Cosmological Phase Transitions
PoS(CompTools2021)015 file missing G. White
Overview on CMB Codes
PoS(CompTools2021)016 file missing A. Lewis
Beyond the Standard Model with BlackHawk v2.0
PoS(CompTools2021)017 pdf J. Auffinger and A. Arbey
MiMeS, the Misalignment Mechanism Solver
PoS(CompTools2021)018 pdf D. Karamitros
A new Monte Carlo muon generator for cosmic-ray muon applications
PoS(CompTools2021)019 pdf N. Zurlo, G. Bonomi, A. Donzella, D. Pagano, A. Zenoni and G. Zumerle
PoS(CompTools2021)020 file missing N. Schöneberg
session Collider
Review on NNLO matching and parton showers
PoS(CompTools2021)021 file missing M. Wiesemann
Review on LHC Recasting Tools
PoS(CompTools2021)022 file missing S. Kraml
Recasting long-lived particle searches at the LHC with CheckMATE 2
PoS(CompTools2021)023 file missing Z.S. Wang
Probing long-lived particles with SModelS v2
PoS(CompTools2021)024 file missing G. Alguero
Rivet and Contur
PoS(CompTools2021)025 file missing L.D. Corpe
Collider Phenomenology & LHC Recasting with MadAnalysis 5
PoS(CompTools2021)026 file missing J. Araz
Automated Collider Event Selection, Plotting, & Machine Learning with AEACuS, RHADAManTHUS, & MInOS
PoS(CompTools2021)027 pdf J. Walker
Implementation and benchmarking of a columnar analysis framework for searches of the Higgs boson decays into two muons
PoS(CompTools2021)028 file missing D. Kondratyev
session General tools
Review on Statistical Tools and Samplers
PoS(CompTools2021)029 file missing W. Handley
Nested sampling for frequentist computation: fast estimation of small p-values
PoS(CompTools2021)030 file missing A. Fowlie
The MARTY user interface for the calculation of general Wilson coefficients
PoS(CompTools2021)031 pdf G. Uhlrich
Review on EFT Tools
PoS(CompTools2021)032 file missing I. Brivio
Global fits beyond the standard Beyond-the-Standard-Model models
PoS(CompTools2021)033 pdf A. Kvellestad and  on behalf of the Gambit Community
scikinC: a tool for deploying machine learning as binaries
PoS(CompTools2021)034 pdf L. Anderlini and M. Barbetti
FlexibleDecay: An automated calculator of scalar decay widths
PoS(CompTools2021)035 file missing W. Kotlarski
NPointFunctions: a calculator of amplitudes and observables in FlexibleSUSY
PoS(CompTools2021)036 pdf U. Khasianevich, W. Kotlarski and D. Stöckinger